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February 22, 2014

Hisana started drawing about ten years ago. At the age of eight she got the encouragement to continue drawing from a school teacher that she had at the time when he seen one that she had drawn. It is because of him that she continues to draw today

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Michelle and Olivia Cella

Michelle and Olivia are two amazingly talented young ladies who are currently in LA showing them just what two east coast beauties can really do

Menglan Ho

          Menglan is a very cute young lady out to start making her mark in acting and singing. She has not been at it for very long, but she is getting a great start. Menglan is very kind and sweet. She likes doing things that helps others in some way. She […]

Miranda Mendi “Light of Love”

The new project Satellite, Light of Love Movement is led by spokesperson Miranda Mendi who accompanied Marco Antonio Regil to promote a new citizens’ movement that aims to bring a message of peace, harmony and love to the world.

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