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Brayden Ryle(0)

March 9, 2014

Even though Brayden is a rocker at heart his very first recording was a gospel song called, “We Know What We Do”. Then soon after he asked his dad if he would write a song with him and together they wrote his very first original, “Eye On You

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Colin Chandler

If you are ever down around Pigeon Forge and smell something burning it’s not a fire in the mountains, its Colin Chandler burning up the strings on that fiddle of his

Brady Shattan “Mini Elvis”

Brady is an amazing entertainer from Oklahoma, he is a true Mini Elvis. He was and still is a big fan of the Wiggles and they are huge fans of Elvis,

South Six 5 “Rocks the Teen Nation Tour”

Jake and Andrew make up South Six 5 and they have always been amazing entertainers and turning heads everywhere. South Six 5 joined the Teen Nation Tour and they didn’t just entertain, they rocked the house from start to finish leaving South Six 5 stuck in everyone’s mind along the way

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