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Karoline Rhett, “Brave”(0)

November 14, 2015

The anticipation is finally behind us, Karoline’s new EP “Brave” has now been released. Waiting was tough, but it was well worth it

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Anastasia Lee, What A Grand Voice!

Anastasia Lee has been pleasing people around the country and the globe with her grand voice. The beauty Anastasia has flows through her voice, her performance, her presence giving the audience an elegant evening.

Maggie Baugh, Out Midnight Muddin

Roll down your windows, crank up the stereo, put the pedal to the metal and let’s do a little, Midnight Muddin! That is just what Maggie is doing in her brand new video, Midnight Muddin. In her new video there are AVTs and monster trucks tearing up a mud hole with everyone having a good ole time. And Maggie right in the middle of it jamming her new song, getting down and dirty.

Hailee Faith Squires

There is nothing better than finding a new star right at the very beginning of their career. It is a pleasure to introduce, Hailee Faith Squires. This little cutie is a pure ball of energy, but when it’s time to sing, she is all business.

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