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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Michelle and Olivia Cella

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Michelle and Olivia Cella at stars2come




Michelle and Olivia are two amazingly talented young ladies who are currently in LA showing them just what two east coast beauties can really do. Both of these girls can do it all sing, dance, and act and they are on their way to becoming big stars. Both Olivia and Michelle have great personalities, they’re funny and very likable; LA along with the rest of  America will love them both.

Michelle and Olivia lives in New Jersey and in January 2008 their mom registered them into a local music academy where they took piano, music theater and vocal lessons. In the spring of 2008 the academy had their spring recital and this became their first singing performance. After this they both new they really loved performing and continues to perform for charity events. In 2009 they joined a local singing group where they performed regularly at retirement homes through-out New Jersey. They would wear costumes  and put on some great theater performances. They have also been on stage together when they were part of the tween pop group, the PS Dolls.

Michelle and Olivia have won some great awards for their amazing voices. They both have competed in the MAMTG competitions in East Hanover NJ and this has also become one of their favorite performances. In 2011 Michelle placed 2nd in the musical theater category and this year placed 4th in solo pop. For Olivia in 2012 she came in 1st place for classical voice, she sang a classic German song for this. She said this was totally different from what she usually sings. Then this past spring she came in 3rd place for pop vocal in the competition. They loved the experience, it was a huge event spanning 3 days and students came from all over to compete.

They both do love to perform every chance they get and they each have their own artists they like and enjoy covering when on stage. For Olivia she likes Lady Gaga. She says she likes her because she writes her own music and she is real. However she does not really like all the costumes she wears, but does feel they show her personality. For Michelle she just loves everybody. She says she doesn’t really have a favorite, she loves so many like, Justin Bieber, Sammy Adams, Emblem 3, and many more. These two might be a little different here and there, but one thing for sure is when they get on stage you will enjoy everything they do.

While they love to be on stage singing, they also love the camera and have appeared in front of one many times. They have been in everything from commercials to feature films and everything in between and their career grows more everyday. For Michelle this year alone she has had the principle role in 5 commercials (4 of them national) and has played the principle role in a Celebrity Ghost Stories segment on the Biography Channel. She has also played young Samantha Harris, (Dancing With The Stars host) and had the principle role in two web series. Michelle can currently be seen in a National IKEA commercial and the Norwegian Cruse Line. Olivia has been in several commercials and TV shows as well, and her acting goes back quite sometime with her first film shot at one and a half years old. This was a short film where she played the youngest daughter to a family, the film is called Bodies. Form here she moved into modeling and has appeared in Parents magazine a few times. From 2004 to 2007 they moved to Switzerland, while there they were ice skaters for a insurance commercial. Once they were back in the states Olivia landed her first role in a feature film titled, “They’re Out of the Business”. In this film she had several lines and she knew then she loved the entertainment business, she was seven years old. So far for this year she has worked on TV shows such as, Deadly Sins, Stalked, and Celebrity Ghost Stories. One of the accomplishments she is proud of, is of her supporting role in a upcoming feature film called Blowtorch, directed by Kevin Breslin, and starring Billy Baldwin, Armande Assanti, and Kathy Nijimy. Lois Robbins plays her mom and Jared Abrahamson plays her older brother. She said they were all so nice and made it a great experience.

They are both great girls and Michelle says she is a caring person that really loves the art of performing, particularly acting. She will also be starting high school this year. Olivia has many interests like water skiing, ice skating, and even sew in her free time, not to mention she loves spending time just being a kid. They both hope to continue with their careers and to hopefully land a lead role in a feature film or become a regular on a TV show. These two girls are in LA right now, and you can bet they are going to turn LA upside down with all the charm and talent they have. Both Olivia and Michelle are amazing with any project they do on stage or on film, making for great additions for the entire entertainment industry.


Michelle Cella

Michelle Cella

Olivia Cella

Olivia Cella





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