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Chloe  Channell

  • Watch this YouTube channel:

    This should really be one of the links on here... this kid has some serious talent, vocals, piano/keyboard playing, producing skills, flute playing... lots of amazing work and a solid video portfolio that he seems to add to every week. Everyone has to see this guy!

  • stars2come

    Thanks your right he is awesome...I will try and talk with him

  • Margaritka_ta

    ever have the opportunity to work in such a project. I will tell you about Alan Wheeler Ayala. He was 12 of Monterrey, Mexico. Playing bass guitar, sings and writes his rock songs. There are a great stage presence and knows how to communicate with the audience. Neveoroyaten is! Listen to it:
    myspace: alanwheelera
    myspace: alanwheelermusic
    youtube: alanwheelermusic
    twitter: alanwheelera # p/u/7/xe567pVR5MA

  • Luck!

    Watch This Youtube Account Please:

    He Really is good almost and he has improved a lot since he started even if he can't do that well at singing and people tell him he is bad he still keeps on singing check him out and try talking with him please he writes his own songs also but he never posted any of em on his channel and he adds a new video every week .

  • Am Mail77

    Very nice site, I love it. ^^

  • Great site for future stars... another good one to get noticed is

  • Dina

    HI!!!! Can you post something about Lidushik??? I couldn't find her name in your list.

  • Ann

    Can you post information on Tess Marie & her single "America's Sweetheart" it's one of my favorite songs. I found her on tweenpopradio, but want to learn more. Thanks

  • shaelyn britney

    come here me i am 12 years old country singer shaelyn britney

  • Lilc-1997
  • Photosbyjohn

    ello tommy! thanks for all you do!!!! john

  • A

    how do we apply for this?

  • caro

    dag laura

    hoe is het

    hoe veel jaar zijt gij

    heb je al veel nieuwe liedjes
    groetjes ccaarroo