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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Avery Johnston

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 Avery Johnston at stars2come     Avery is one amazing guitarist, he can get in there and jam with the best of them. This young man will be big someday, and everyone will be wanting to be just like “him”. He picked up his first guitar when he was four, and has done nothing, but leave everyone in his wake. He got interested in the guitar from where his dad would play to him and his sister at night when camping. One day they visited a small town in Mexico and Avery saw a six string acoustic at a street vendor’s booth, and while he ate lunch his dad went back and got it for him. Avery could not put the guitar down. The first song he learned to play was Louie Louie. His dad worked with him and his sister on this song for weeks. They were going to join in with a group of other guitarist to attempt a world record of 1,000 guitars playing Louie Louie. They attended Louie fest the summer of 2007, and had a blast. They never did set the record, but he will not forget the new Line 6 amp he won in the raffle. He also played this song with his dad, and sister at his school’s talent show, this was the first time he played a guitar solo. It was just something he made up , but it was a real awesome experience for him being in front of all those people.

Since all this began he has had the pleasure to perform with several adult bands around the Puget Sound area. One of these performances was at a charity event in November 2010. He was invited to play with Nashville recording artist, Aces Up. This was to raise money to save a local business hit by the economy. He loved doing this they played for about three hours, and they even gave him some lead and solo parts. His latest performance was at the Western Washington Fair. This is the fourth largest fair in the country. He became a member of the Puget Sound Music for Youth Association, and was a walk on guitarist with a group of other youth musicians with in the group that did not have a band. They call their selves Birds of a Feather and came up with a fourteen song set list of electric and acoustic songs. They learned the songs in six weeks and performed  thirteen shows on stage on the fairs grounds. This has led to many opportunities for him and the band. The band is eleven members strong, and they continue to practice weekly. This group has now been together for about five months now.

For Avery, Jimi Hendrix is one person he would pick for inspiration. It was his style and sound that captured his ear at a very early age. He also looks up to Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Randy Rhodes. He loves Blues the most, but he says he will always have ties to classic rock. He credits his parents for this, it was their music style and genre when they were younger, and he latched on to that. The guitar will always be his passion. He certainly has a love for the guitar, and can play anything as if he had been playing for thirty years. He is a very amazing young man with a very bright future ahead of him. He has a lot of class and style in his performances, and he is someone you can listen to for hours, and be amazed all the way through.

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  • Oldtownpgm

    I have put on a couple of new years eve partys and have had live bands. several times they have let avery play with them and always amazes the crowd. what a great player and best of all what a great kid

    scott and amy

  • Mrksern2000

    Avery is our Nephew and although we live out of state and have not had the pleasure of seeing him perform, we sure know talent when we hear it! He’s on the his way up. We can’t wait to see him go straight to the top! You Go Avery!

    Uncle Mark and Aunt Erin

  • Its kids like Avery who will form the next Deep Purple…etc. Playing so good at such a young age …one can only imagine how wizardly he will become as he keeps working on his guitar skills