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   Carson, a singer/songwriter from Washington State. This handsome young man with his shinny blond hair will certainly entertain you. When  he performs, he will do his very best to make sure, you have a smile on your face when the performance is over.  Carson is a delight to watch and listen to. He handles himself  like a pro, and at only nine years old.

 Carson started out at a ripe old age of four, playing a Toy`s R Us guitar. His parents noticed that  he could keep good rhythm. At his 5th birthday he received a three quarter guitar and soon began private lessons. He is currently taking lessons at the CDA Rock school from Kent Nelson.  He has picked up on it so well that he is now teaching his dad.  Soon after Carson  began playing guitar, he discovered that it was more fun to sing along as he played, and he has not stopped. He has had an orthopedic steal bar put in the roof of his mouth, which is temporary, but is has not slowed him down one bit.  At his first Christmas recital, he was the only one who sang and played, which made his performance more enjoyable to listen to. Carson`s voice is getting better and better and continues to expand his range.


Carson Lueders at stars2come  Every year Carson`s school and church would have talent shows. At age five Carson was asked to participate and was the only kindergarten asked to perform. He dressed as Elvis and performed Hound Dog. He was a big hit at both, and his performance is still talked about today. This past October 2010, Carson opened for Sammy Eubanks at the Spokane Knitting Factory, this is one of the biggest concert stages in Spokane. This was exciting for Carson, Sammy opens for some of the biggest names in country music. Sammy invited Carson after hearing his original song “Big Mouth Bass” played on KIXZ96.1 radio. Everyone was impressed with this because very few kids get to take the stage here. One of Carson`s most memorable performance was when he got to play for America`s Got Talent. He didn`t make all the way through , but he had a lot of fun doing it. At age six he was invited to play on the country radio station KIXZ96.1, and has been a guest on the radio each year after.  DJ Coyote loves Carson and has given him an open invitation to come and play anytime. His last performance on the radio was for the Children`s Miracle Network, to raise money for local hospitals.

 Carson has a great way with words when it comes to songwriting. He has already three originals, “My Dog Buddy”, “Big Mouth Bass”, and “Motocross High”. His talent for writing has not gone unnoticed, he was the winner for the 2010 August Colgate Country Showdown songwriting contest. When he writes, he writes about his true loves, his dog, fishing, and motocross, things of this nature. He was invited to take a college songwriting class when he was eight. He worked on “Big Mouth Bass” during this class. “Motocross High” was inspired by his love of racing motorcycles.

 Carson has many people from which he gets his inspiration from, but one of his biggest inspiration is Keith Urban. When he was four he would stand in front of the TV watching the CMA`s. Once he said, “Mom when I grow up I am going to learn to jam on my guitar like Keith Urban”.  He learned some Keith Urban songs and has performed them in competitions on the radio. He has also gotten two guitars signed by Keith and the privilege of meeting him in 2009.

 Carson believes his talent is a gift from God. He wants his music to bring  joy to others. How ever he is not wrapped up in becoming famous, he says, “it would be nice to make some money”. His mom would like his generation of music to influance people in a postive way. As far as Carson goes, if his music career doesn`t work out then he would like to be a doctor like his dad. Maybe even a doctor by day and a rock star by night.

  • Jan Vetter

    Carson has true talent and he works hard at his passion. It has been a true blessing to watch him grow in his young music career – but even more enjoyable is to see his heart through all of this attention and busyness of contests and performances. I see a young man who is genuine and fun and still a boy. It seems to me that He is representing the Lord well with the talent he has been given!

    • Jennifer

      I love you carson

  • Susan

    What I really appreciate about Carson is he is humble and such a nice young man. He doesn’t walk around acting like he is better than the other kids. Keep up the good work, Carson. You will be a
    shining example of what God wants us to do with the talent He gives us.

  • Writing his own songs at such a young age is a great start. Loved his “Big Mouth Bass” ! Way to to Carson

  • Carson you aree really going great with your guitar lpaying and your song writing you just keep reaching for your Dreams God bless

  • Emilie_stabak

    Carson, you are a very good singer and you play very good at the gitar!<3
    I wish you was 2  or 3 years older;-)

  • Aeg077

    I love your age im you age but you should come to Texas i wanna meet you SOOOO BADD i love you keep up the good work!!!! i love yopur voice and the way you constantly learn new instruments i love you since i was at least 6 yrs old and im 10 now i can not go a day with ouy getting on youtube and watchin you sing !!!!!!!<3<3

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    think your my fav singer. Im nearly listening to you everyday keep it upxx

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  • Amaris

    I’m ur number 1 fan

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  • deimena

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  • Felix

    If Carson actually reads this, “thank you for the music. Please do some EDM and maybe a blues solo on an overdriven tube amp? Your music makes me happy.”

    To his devoted fans: Carson is awesome at least partly because he is a real person and not all about himself. Look at what he cares about: he is into helping special needs kids. I am sure Carson would rather you worship God than him.

  • Nicole may

    I love you can we date please