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Elena House a very beautiful and elegant twelve year old vocalist from Georgia. This girl puts some real class into her music making for some very enjoyable listening. Elena has a great gift of putting just the right expressions and emotions in the songs she sings. She does not slack on anything, everything she does is 100%, and this has paid off in many ways. Elena has other talents be sides singing, she plays piano, dances, and a black belt martial artist.

Elena`s wonderful singing career started just a short year and a half ago. She began taking vocal lessons in October 2010, at the “New School of Music”. With her short time in singing she has not yet done any public performances other than recitals at the New School of Music, but it will not be long before you will see her performing all over. Her talent will take her many places, and you can bet her music will take you to another world. She has how ever performed in plays and events at the Commerce Opera House. She was in the Phantom of the Opera Haunted House. She loved doing this because her character was an illusion, and she got to scare people.

Elena gets a lot of her inspiration from Selena Gomez and Samantha Barks. She likes Selena because she sings and acts the way Elena wants to do. Samantha because she loved her in “Les Miserables”, which she would love to be in some day and play Eponine. It is possible she might get to be on a show like that. She is currently taking acting lessons at, Company Acting Studio. Elena has also been taking dance, martial arts, and gymnastics for many years, and she is sensational. Get ready for something special to come from her soon, and that is she is almost finished her first fantasy novel. This should be great reading.

Elena is working very hard toward a acting or singing career and well on her way. It takes a lot of work and a drive to do anything worth while and Elena has all this. With a little time you just might catch her on your favorite pop radio, or TV channel.

  • Jeffdelong51

    she is one amazing singer

  • Anonymous

    Another nice article Tommy. Elena is very sweet and polite  and a multi talented young girl with some exciting times ahead….. Of that I am sure!! I look forward to seeing her progress.


    • Anonymous

      Yes she is very sweet, I am sure there will be a lot of exciting times coming her way

  • John

    That was a wonderful article. Elana has so many talents and is a truly incredible young singer. Elana is as nice and charming as they come. I am just getting to know her, and I am just so impressed by her sensitivity as well as how much emotion she puts into her singing. Thank you Tommy for putting the spotlight on this beautiful girl who brings joy into so many lives. John

  • Elena House

    Thank you so much for the great article, nice comments and encouragement!


  • Raymond

                 Such a  BEAUTIFUL  overly talented girl.

  • Raymond

                  Such a  BEAUTIFUL   TALENTED  young lady.

  • Raymond

       ELENA  HOUSE  is so multi-talented it’s just  WONDERFUL.   Her family must be so  HAPPY  and  PROUD,   plus she’s such a  BEAUTIFUL  young lady.