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Kristyn Harris

There are many people who talk about throw back days, well that describes the amazing voice Kristyn has. Kristyn’s voice has the old traditional country/western voice that pioneered the music industry

Trinity Campbell

We have another beautiful and amazingly talented cowgirl coming from Texas and this is none other than, Trinity Campbell. This girl has some serious pipes on her and she knows how to use them

Olivia Kay

Olivia is a tremendously talent singer, and at just ten years old she has captured the hearts of the nation. In a very short time Olivia has become a star.

Rachel Arianna

There is one thing about this great world we live in and that is, if we ever feel a bit down it is assured that a child can and will brighten your day, and with Rachel, she will make everyday, “bright”!

Jenna Rose

The next time you hear someone say that they cannot get enough of something, they are talking about the amazing pop sensation, Jenna Rose. She has become the talk of the town and internet

Samantha LaPorta

Introducing Samantha LaPorta another amazing artist coming out of Florida. Samantha is very refreshing, she has a nice sweet innocent voice which helps to make her music more believable.

Ellie Occleston

Introducing Ellie Occleston who is originally from Liverpool, but is currently living in Madrid Spain and she is spreading beauty throughout the region. Ellie is a beautiful young lady, but she also carries a beautiful voice as well

Olivia Ooms

Olivia Ooms, what an incredible new pop star. Olivia has an amazingly powerful and controlled voice which she uses to perfection and the proof is in her latest release, “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.