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Clay Mobley

People have always said they grow things bigger in Texas, and what they were talking about was, Clay Mobley. Clay towers above most everyone, even Blake Shelton is going to have to look up to him

Samantha LaPorta

Introducing Samantha LaPorta another amazing artist coming out of Florida. Samantha is very refreshing, she has a nice sweet innocent voice which helps to make her music more believable.

Annika Rose

Annika has always been exposed to music, her mom had moved to LA when she was young to follow her dream of becoming a singer. So it was only natural that Annika would grow to be a singer too. (Wow! what a singer she has become).

Sara Rowe

Ten year old Sara Rowe has been amazing people with her talent in acting and singing while out chasing her dream of being on Disney or Nickelodeon

Tegan Thomas

Tegan is a person that everyone needs to see and hear, she is amazing! Tegan may be small, but there is nothing small about her voice and she can use it very well

Cammie Lester

Cammie is an amazing new country/pop artist from Florida and she is making a lot of waves in music. The sound this girl has is so refreshing, her voice just flows so nice

Jenn Connor

Canada must certainly have something in the water up there it just continually produces amazing voices and Jenn is right in there with the very best of them. There has been a lot of great artists to come out of Canada

Art Of Play

Art Of Play is one of the greatest pop groups to come along. These great artists are on their way to take over the east coast, then the country. One Direction currently has the attention of the teen world, but AOP is about to bring that to an end