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Annika Rose

Annika has always been exposed to music, her mom had moved to LA when she was young to follow her dream of becoming a singer. So it was only natural that Annika would grow to be a singer too. (Wow! what a singer she has become).

Brayden Ryle

Even though Brayden is a rocker at heart his very first recording was a gospel song called, “We Know What We Do”. Then soon after he asked his dad if he would write a song with him and together they wrote his very first original, “Eye On You

Cammie Lester

Cammie is an amazing new country/pop artist from Florida and she is making a lot of waves in music. The sound this girl has is so refreshing, her voice just flows so nice

Jenn Connor

Canada must certainly have something in the water up there it just continually produces amazing voices and Jenn is right in there with the very best of them. There has been a lot of great artists to come out of Canada

Carmen Brandy

Carmen is a wonderful new artist that has made her way to Music City and now she calls it home.

Jordyn Pepper

Jordyn is an artist with a lot of character and a unique voice that will take her a long way in music. It is always great to be somewhere and hear an artist sing, and the first thing you think is, wow, who is that

Calista Quinn – New Jersey’s Queen Of Pop

Calista is only ten years old and has an amazing amount of power in her voice and controls it better than most adults. When she sings and let’s go with that power behind those notes,

Alexis Chapa “La Voz Kids”

Alexis is one amazing singer and this small town girl from Texas found herself front and center of a huge stage on La Voz Kids, and she rocked it! On the show she sang, “I Knew You Were Trouble”