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Rachel Arianna

There is one thing about this great world we live in and that is, if we ever feel a bit down it is assured that a child can and will brighten your day, and with Rachel, she will make everyday, “bright”!

Michelle and Olivia Cella

Michelle and Olivia are two amazingly talented young ladies who are currently in LA showing them just what two east coast beauties can really do

Alana Jo Beckman

Introducing a wonderful young actress, Alana Jo Beckman. Alana is making quite a name for herself with seven projects under her belt and a eighth film soon to be released. Her very first project was a featured extra in, “Dark Fields”

Amber Barbell “I’m An Angel”

Amber Barbell, the new up and coming “pop sensation”! Amber from Hollywood California has done it again with a brand new song coming out December 17, titled “I’m An Angel”.

Kaelynn Wright

Kaelynn is a very bright and talented young actress. She can bring her character to life very well, and it does not matter what role she plays. Some people when it comes to acting can only play certain parts such as, only comedy or action,

Lauren Owens

Lauren is a awesome singer, actress,and writer. Her songs can take you away from where ever you are, and take you to a whole different place. She has the perfect rock/pop voice, it is just spectacular.

Amber Barbell

This little curly top cutie is Amber Barbell. She is a great singer and actress from Florida. She not only sings well, but she is a fantastic writer, and can really bring her stories to life. She has been a part of some amazing TV shows,

Kailey Nicole Swanson

Now here is someone you don`t want to miss out on. Kailey is a fantastic singer and actress. She has made a lot of great music and the tone she has is one of the best around,