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Mya Lynn and Kurk Phillips

Mya and Kurk are a brother and sister act that could rival Donnie and Marie. There’s a great deal of similarities between the super stars Donnie and Marie, and Mya and Kurk. One of Donnie and Marie’s most famous songs from their younger years was, ” A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock N Roll”

Country Pop Rock Tour

Country Pop Rock Tour is made up of some amazing talent, they are taking on eight cities in eleven days. This wonderful group of young artists are putting their talents together in a big way to help stomp out bullying. The group is made up of, Dalton Cyr, Tristan Blaine, Riley Roth, Branden Mendoza and his band, Tyler Layne, and Celeste Kellogg. They each have a special talent that they bring to this concert and their performances are phenomenal.

C-Boyz Starz

C-Boyz are a fantastic trio of brothers that are taking Las Vegas by storm. These guys have great timing, from their harmonies to their movements. C-Boyz have been singing together since they were very little and this has created their excellent timing.

Fusion Beat

Fusion Beat is a great band that brings a full sound to their music. This eight member band was formed while most of them were in Jr. High School, and they are rocking every venue they perform at. Their music ranges from the present time to decades past capturing audiences everywhere

One Step Away

One Step Away coming to you from out of Boston. This band is awesome! These guys really have it together.

Little Ladiez

What a fabulous quartet we have here. The harmony these girls have is amazing, there voices fit perfect together. Introducing Kelsey, Hayley, Molly, and Lindsay together they are the Little Ladiez. They are the next pop sensation

Ready Set Go

Now here is one hot group, Ready Set Go. They are quickly making a name for themselves in music and soon to come TV. This group is made up of all siblings, and together they make some awesome music.

Michael and Marisa

This fabulous duo is a brother and sister team. Michael twelve years and Marisa thirteen years. They are truly rising stars , their popularity is skyrocketing , every where they go people love them