stars2come new 3   Stars2come, is a site that was created to review the amazing young artists that is coming up in the world today and hopefully an extra leg up to their dreams. These young artists are amazing and need to be recognized for their talents. Stars2come is dedicated to bring the best artists out to one easy to find location. By bringing these great artists here, people will have easy access to find out a little more about their favorite artist. More importantly this will give anyone in the industry looking for new talent for music or acting a place where they know they will find some of the very best. Stars2come will assist any industry person with any person they find of interest.

Anyone that would like a review done on them, or know of someone you would like to see here, please contact Stars2come and leave the YouTube address, or the name they go by and we will take a look. The artists must be under eighteen years of age, and sorry, but I only do rock , pop , country, and gospel. There are approximately 300 young talents here with more added each week. Please look through them and you find some wonderful artists and actors, some of them you may already know.

Tommy Neal the owner of Stars2come has always been able to tell what was a hit or flop with TV and radio, but had never put it to use or even thought there were a use until a few years ago. Since Stars2come began has been pretty accurate in who’s dreams will come true and continues to see more coming true each day. Tommy has particular ear when it comes to music and knows when someone has stardom in their future or the potential to be.

Stars2come has had the pleasure to work with and do articles for many producers and managers around the country, and has also assisted  with shows like America’s Got Talent. Stars2come is not just your average web magazine. Stars2come is here to assist any industry people as well as help the artist. Stars2come can help with production and videos to help make an artist look and sound good to the industry. Stars2come has also helped with filling talent for various venues and events around the country. For anyone with an event, festival, charity ect. Stars2come can help with booking your next event, just lets us know when and where and we will see if we can help.

Let Stars2come be part of your journey. Contact

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