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Introducing a wonderful young actress, Alana Jo Beckman. Alana is making quite a name for herself with seven projects under her belt and a eighth film soon to be released. Her very first project was a featured extra in, “Dark Fields”. Later she was cast in a cool film, “White Lake”, her character was, Chloe one of the daughters. She said, this film was a lot of fun, especially the drowning scene. In this scene she got to get into a full tub in her pajamas.

Alana’s biggest project to date was, “Conviction”. This was directed by Tony Goldwyn, starring Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell. She had a principle role in this film, she was the little neighborhood girl cheering on the young Betty Anne Walters in a fight scene with her brother in a barn. She loved being on the set of a really big movie. Alana’s newest project is a film called, “After Visiting Hours”. This is a film about elderly residents disappearing from nursing homes all over the country. This is an age old enemy from Grimm’s Fairy Tales on the prowl for aged meat. Harvey a modern day monster slayer goes undercover and stakes out a nursing home but, the monster is too deadly, so he enlists the help of his two nieces, Kylie and Laurel. Alana played, Laurel in this film. She said, it was totally awesome bringing this character to life. She is the super intelligent one in this film. Alana says, the cast and crew all worked well together, and was like one big happy family.

 Alana Jo Beckman at stars2comeAlana hopes to one day be the lead character in a really huge box office hit. She has already achieved one of her goals, and that was winning an award for her acting. She won Best Supporting Actress in a short film called, “The Lost and Found Shop”, this was at the Detroit Independent Film Festival in 2011. Alana is doing very well with her acting career but, she would like to someday play the role of a child vampire, she thinks vampires are really cool. Acting is her favorite thing to do, she loves meeting and making new friends. She loves being in front of the camera, and she says that sometimes she will even kiss the camera for good luck. Alana has a great attitude going forward in her career, she says that there are a lot of talented people all over the world waiting to be noticed, these talented individuals will someday get that opportunity if they continue to believe in themselves. Alana is a believer!

Alana is  truly amazing and has a great future ahead of her in acting. She has a wonderful start and not afraid to go after any part no matter how big or small it is. This is what it takes, you have to take what ever comes your way. It is important to be seen and heard, and for Alana she is doing just that. If she continues the way she is going her break will come, and you will see her name on movie theaters across the country. You can keep track of Alana and her projects at IMDB