Bella Thorne “Shake It Up”

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 Bella Thorne a very beautiful young actress, currently playing in Disney`s new smash hit “Shake It Up”. Here she plays Ce Ce Jones. Ce Ce and her best friend Rocky (Zendaya) are dancers and they auditioned for a Chicago TV show called “Shake It Up Chicago” in the first episode. In this episode Ce Ce talks Rocky into auditioning for the show, at first Rocky was very excited about it, but later her nerves kicked in and was unsure of her self especially after seeing the big kids at the audition. Ce Ce then gets Rocky some what under control, and she ends up performing very well. Then came Ce Ce`s turn, the one who was all raring to go, got on stage and froze, with Rocky coming to her rescue.  Ce Ce is the one who usually makes things happen, she all in for about anything, and poor Rocky ends up caught in her master plans. Bella is a very talented young actress, she is very funny as Ce Ce, and plays off of Zendaya so well, it is almost like they were sisters. This show would not be the same without Bella, she is the perfect person for this character.

 Bella living in California is originally from Florida. She has had a wonderful career, starting at an early age of six weeks old as a child model. At six weeks she had her first pictorial for a magazine, and from here she has gone know where, but up. Since her first pictorial, she has been in many print ads from Ralph Lauren to Target. She has also been in over forty commercials, and appearances in twenty TV shows and movies. How ever that number is soon to change with three films currently in pre-production. One of the shows she was on that was really cool was on, The Wizards Of Waverly Place, where she played Max`s secret girlfriend Nancy Lukey. In this episode she was a delight to watch, just as much as Ce Ce. Bella has so much to give as an actress, and not just beauty, she is sensational with expression and her timing with comedy couldn`t be any better. She has been at this for so long, that everything  just seems to come natural, and her wit and charm come across so well.

Bella Thorne at stars2come   Bella out in the real world has a big heart, she is a big supporter of the Humane Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and The Nomad Organization. It is good to see more and more young people taking part in various organizations across the country that benifits people and animals. Bella gets an A+ for all her efforts. Afert following her for a while on twitter it is evident that she is a super nice person, and just as witty off screen as she is on. How ever, where TV and film has been very kind to her, the schools have not. In one of the episodes, Ce Ce  was having problems with math, and was discovered that she has dyslexia, and so she does in real life. Having any type of disorder is not a laughing matter, but unfortunately there are people that believe because someone is a bit different in some way than them, it is something to laugh at or a target for abuse. This is exactly what happened to Bella, she was abused to the point to where  she is now home-schooled. This is also Bullying which has plagued young people for many years. This is a very painful and emotionally damaging act. The awareness of this has grown tremendously, with young people now taking a stand against these bullies, and are beginning to turn this around in some places. Bella may have been a victim of this, but it has not stopped her from living her dream. Bella has passion and determination for what she does. When she won her role as Ce Ce, she did not have any professional dance experience, but this didn`t stop her, she attended three dance classes per night to learn what she needed to play the part.  She is a true fighter, she has not let nothing stand in her way, not dyslexia, not knowing how to dance, she is someone that would be a great role model for anyone. Bella may play many characters, but more importantly, She Has Character!  Be-sure to catch Bella on the Disney Channel`s  “Shake It Up”, she will definitely make you laugh.

For anyone wanting information or that would like to take a stand against bullying here is a great organization to be apart of, and remeber you are not alone and neither is Bella there are many just like her and some of them have been featured right here:

Pacer Center`s Teens Against Bullying