Chloe Moretz

chloe moretz at stars2come Chloe Moretz is one brilliant! ,  young actress and is taking over the silver screen. Chloe originally from Atlanta Georgia , thirteen years old and already a major star and soon from what I can see ,  she will be the biggest thing to ever hit Hollywood. She has something that many people have lost or never had and that is , she has great imagination.  While there are many good actors and actresses that play their parts well , they lack the imagination to bring the character alive.  Chloe has this ability and not just through imagination , but she has kept her head out of the clouds and remained real. After watching several interviews of her , I can see she is a sweet down to earth person and this comes through on her performances. If  person a is real it will show through no matter what the role. Another thing I noticed about her is , that she is great with her eyes letting you see right into her character. Not many young actors and actresses can do this very well for her it seems to come natural. In the interviews I have seen , she is a very charming person , witty and seems to be having a blast with what she is doing.

 I discovered her thanks to a friend of mine telling me to check out this movie “ Kick Ass ” it`s awesome! , he said. I got it and watched , and about thirty minutes into the movie to my surprise this little girl comes out of know where and kick`s butt.  Not only have I not seen anything like that before , but once she appeared , the movie then became hers. Hit Girl  is who you wanted to see and  wondering what she was going to do next. Chloe has a unique ability to capture an audience with the charisma she holds in her personality. This really shows through on her performances even when she is jumping around killing bad guys , it still captures you.  Matthew Vaughn the producer and writer for this movie couldn`t have picked anyone better for the role of  Hit Girl than Chloe and in my opinion she should have had top billing.  During an interview on the Ellen Show   Chloe said , she wanted to be like  Angelina Jolie on the billboard , an action hero. Chloe in my opinion ,  is the perfect action hero and thanks to her and Matthew an action hero is no longer an adult role. Chloe put so much excitement and realism in her role , proving , that a young person can do these types of roles and lure in all ages to the box office. She will for sure be the role model now for future young action heroes , she has now opened the door to a whole new idea. Chloe is a great example that young people can have far more talent than many adults and that being young should not limit a person to just comedies or coming of age movies.

chloe moretz at stars2come

 After being so impressed with her performance in ” Kick Ass ” I wanted to see what else she might have been in and found she has a large resume and people tripping over each other to get her to do their movies. I can see that Chloe knows exactly what she wants to do and she is going after it. She is one amazing actress taking on about every kind of movie there is from comedy to action and supernatural. She has a very good instinked for choosing the right roles and movies. All these things will make Chloe a mega star.  There has been many mega star actresses like Demi Moore , Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie. Now it is Chloe`s turn to take on that title and I believe she will have it very soon.

 Although I have not seen all her movies yet , but the ones I have seen , it is obvious she loves what she does and every character is brought to life very well.  According to   Wikipedia ,  Chloe has been in twenty movies thus far with a new one coming out in October ” Let Me In “  ( which I will not miss ) playing Abby a vampire. There is currently five more movies to come and even talk of  ” Kick Ass II “ . Chloe has certainly come a long way since her first movie in 2005 ” Heart of the Beholder “ . She has been nominated for several awards and why she has not won , I truly don`t understand. Her role as Hit Girl was sensational not to mention this type of part has never been played by a young girl before. There are many young actors and actresses that I like and appreciate their talents , but Chloe by far is the best young actress I have seen. She is brilliant with the parts she plays.