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Dalton Gray is another great actor coming our way in film. He has been cast in three films and three TV shows since he began two years ago. His first break in acting was just that! In June 2010, he broke his collar bone while he was riding his motorcycle, and  was unable to ride for eight weeks. He couldn’t ride, and while he was off he was asked to read for a featured film called, “Ilack”. They needed a blonde thirteen year old, he read for it and got the part, and this is how he got started in acting. “Ilack”, being his first film he was a bit intimidated because all the other kids were seasoned actors, but they welcomed him and were very helpful, and treated him like he had been doing this for years. He said, this was so much fun!

Since his beginning he has been doing quite well. He continues to train with his acting coach, John Lansch in Houston, and has worked with many casting directors in LA. All this work has landed him in films like Spy Kids 4, and Too Calm a Rage. In Too Calm a Rage, he played a teen that was being bullied, and the bully pushes him too far and he fights back, and he then went too far! Dalton just finished shooting a film that will soon be out called, No One Lives. In this film he plays the son of a rich family that gets killed when they come home from vacation and their home is being robbed. He says, this was a fun set working with the effects of getting shot and all the blood was awesome.

Dalton is one amazing actor working hard on a career that was in away an accident, but he also works very hard at Motocross. Dalton loves to race, and has over 100 wins, and many championships under his belt. He got his first bike a TTR90 for his eighth birthday on June 4, by mid-June he had entered his first race. After this he was hooked! His goal is to win a national championship race, but at this point he continues to come in, in the top 10. His other goal is to get to Loretta’s, this is the Superbowl of motocross. He tried this year, but crashed and got run over by 6 bikes putting him in serious condition for sometime, with two broke hips. Dalton does not let set backs get him down, he keeps striving for his goals. He says, the first time he won money from racing was awesome. He was so excited about winning money that he wanted to do something for his mom because she has been such a major supporter. He ended up taking some of the money to tile her bathroom.  She is his number one fan. He just loves motocross, the speed, the flying through the air, he can get on his bike and nothing else matters.

Dalton does not do anything half way, he puts everything into what he does whether it is motocross or acting. The hard work and training that he puts into his careers is what has taken him so far. He has been very successful, and there is no reason for him not to reach all his goals with the attitude he has. Be sure to keep up with Dalton and his film career on IMDB.

Dalton Gray at stars2comeDalton Gray at stars2come