Davis Cleveland “Shake It Up”

Davis Cleveland at stars2come Davis is nine years old, a fantastic young actor currently staring in “Shake It Up”. Davis is originally from Texas, but now residing in LA. He plays the role of Flynn Jones on “Shake It Up” a hot new Disney show that is about two girls Rocky Blue ( Zendaya) and his sister Ce Ce (Bella Thorne)  that made it on to a Chicago TV dance show called “Shake It Up Chicago”. This is a very funny and entertaining show. Flynn`s character is more of a care free person with an outgoing personality. No matter what happens nothing seems to bother him in the least, and anything can happen when he is around. In one episode he found a energy drink on the table “Bang Pow Zoom!” he zoomed alright, all around the apartment non stop for hours, causing Rocky and Ce Ce not to get any sleep before thier dance marathon. In all the episodes he does amazingly well and always very funny. He is hysterical, you never know what he is going to say or do. Davis is certainly the perfect person for this role, Disney gets two thumbs up for choosing Davis. His talent far exceeds his age.

 When watching Davis, another great actor comes to mind, Kurt Russel. He is similar to Kurt when he was at his age. Kurt started out on Disney as well, beginning his career on the Mickey Mouse Club, then went on to star in many TV shows and movies. Davis how ever didn`t start with the Mickey Mouse Club, he began his career  in commercials from McDonald’s to Nintendo along with many others.  Davis has not appeared in any movies yet, but he is racking up the TV shows with nine under his belt so far, not to mention he stared in the pilot of “Sons Of Tucson”. With Davis gaining so much experience at a young age, and his love of acting,  he is sure to rise up to be a great actor taking his place along side other actors who started at a young age, like Kurt.

 After following him on twitter for a while, and watching some interviews of him, it is easy to see that he is a very intelligent and witty person. From the interviews he seems to be the happiest kid on the planet, and not just that, there is something about him that just lights up the screen and makes you pay attention to what he is doing and saying. He has a glow about him. This is something that you either have or you don`t, and he has it. This wit and glow he has shows on and off screen. When talking to people on twitter all of this comes through in his conversations, it is always interesting what he has to say.  Davis is someone who truly appreciates his fans, he is always kind and polite. Davis may be an  actor, but he enjoys doing regular kid stuff like anyone else, like hanging out with friends and listening to music. He likes pop and hip hop, but he also enjoys music from the 80`s. His dad is a big fan of 80`s music and some of this has rubbed off on him. One of the artists he has been listening to recently is Billy Ocean, a great artist from the 80`s, showing that Davis also has a excellent taste in music.

 Davis has a great start on his career and it is going to be interesting to see where he goes with it. “Shake It Up” is one of the best shows that Disney has put on. The whole cast does an amazing job in their roles. It is always a blast to watch Flynn, you just never know what is going to happen, but you will laugh. If you have never seen “Shake It Up” be-sure to stop by Disney Channel and check it out, you will be glad you did.