Gabriela Borges “Eva Luna”

Gabriela Borges at stars2come This beautiful young lady has been dreaming of becoming a star. Now her dream is happening, Gabriela (Gaby) Borges is now in her first TV series. She plays, Laurita Villanueva on a new Soap Opera “Eva Luna” , she is the daughter of,  Daniel Villanueva (Guy Ecker). Daniel is a widower and not wise on choosing his girlfriend and Laurita is not all that happy with his choice.

 Gaby could not have entered into TV at a better time. Univision, entered in for their first prime time telenovela “Eva Luna”. This was produced by Venevision International in association with Univision. The premiere totaled a impressive 5.2 million viewers. This prime time slot will give Gaby a major boost to her career, with so many viewers this could push her toward superstar.

 Many people know Gaby from her amazing music, now everyone will know her, for her skills as an actress. She has always been amazingly talented with emotion and expression, these talents are going to captivate the TV audience.  In the episode on November 2, Gaby done a wonderful job with her part. One part was a bit funny, her dad (Daniel) appeared with  a huge stuffed dog, the dog being almost bigger than her. The episode November 3 , she got to show-off some of her emotion, when talking a bit with her dad about his girlfriend Victoria. This is going to be exciting to see how it all plays out for Laurita. With Gaby playing this part, one thing is for sure, you can expect 100% out of her performances, this is who Gaby is. She does not do anything half way. It is very exciting to watch her go from a star on YouTube, to a star of TV. Now that the world can see what Gaby can do, her fame is sure to grow. It is only a matter of time now, before everyone will also hear, what she can do, and this together with her acting, may just make her rise to the level of Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez. Gaby does have the talent to make this happen, and if there is any way at all to do it, she will!      Don`t miss a episode, see it weeknights on Univision 8:00 PM EST.

Below is the trailer of the show “Eva Luna” where you will find Laurita at her school with her dad.