Gabriela Borges “Child Star”

Gabriela Borges at stars2come Gabriela (Gaby) is one amazing actress. Since her first appearance on Eva Luna in November, she has done nothing, but grown enormously as an actress. From watching the show it appears that the producers see the same thing, her character is growing and the parts she is taking on, are  becoming more complex. Gaby has always been talented beyond her years and now everyone is getting to see how much talent she truly has.

 After watching the episodes it is clear that no matter what the part is or how big or small, she makes you believe and feel everything she does and says on screen.  There are many things going on in the show with many people, but the story revolves around the main characters Daniel and Eva. The character  Laurita is starting to add even more drama to the Soap Opera, this was really stepped up after she ran off from the house. No longer are you waiting to see what`s going on with just Daniel and Eva, but Laurita. Daniel and Eva may be the lead characters, but they better watch their backs, because Laurita just might steal the show! 


 gaby borges at stars2come  Gaby was definitely the perfect choice for Univision, because now she is on the edge of becoming the biggest Child Star ever. On screen she can make you laugh, wonder and cry, and the world is beginning to see this. Now all that needs to happen is for the world to hear her sing and once that happens, she will become bigger than life. I once predicted that she would become as big as Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, but I was wrong, that is not going to happen, She! is going to be much bigger than both. She will become the greatest Child Star ever. The reason she will get there is not just from talent alone, it is because she truly loves what she is doing, the set is her home. She loves to hang out with all the characters on the show, on and  off camera. In front of a camera is where she wants to be, this is who she is. If you have never seen Eva Luna turn on Univision and watch, then when Laurita comes on screen, take a look into those beautiful blue eyes, and watch her character steal you away.