Gabriela Borges “Eva Luna Final”

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Eva Luna, was a fantastic Soap Opera with all the elements to make a great show, excitement, suspense,  love, and heart break. All of this together is what helped to keep the show  one of the top on TV. It kept five million viewers tuned in throughout the whole show. All the elements did help keep it as a winner, but it was the cast that made it all happen. They could not have pick a better cast than what they had, they truly brought the story to life and Gabriela (Gaby) was right there with them in her first starring role in a series.

Gaby playing the part of Laurita done an exceptional job with her performance. She brought her character to life. As the episodes progressed her character grew into a more involved role taking on it`s own life. Laurita from the beginning knew that Eva was the right person for her dad (Daniel), she believed in her even when her dad did not. This belief took her through a lot of different emotions, happiness, sadness, and anger. Laurita stood firm to her beliefs, with many battles between her and Victoria. Laurita took many turns, from being kid napped by Victoria, to the match making of Fransisco and Jackie, then blowing us all away at the end.

There was a lot of on screen drama, but behind the scenes, Gaby says, the cast she worked with was wonderful, they all had great personalities, and fun to be around. One of things she liked very well about being a part of Eva Luna, was all the autographs. People asking her for an autograph was a dream come true. Gaby enjoyed playing the part of Laurita. This character allowed her to interact with so many other characters. When it was her turn to be in front of the camera, she truly felt like Laurita. How ever in real life Gaby is nothing like Laurita. Laurita does what ever she wants, and has a bit of a problem with lying, but Gaby must follow the rules, and doesn`t always get to do what she wants. This was an amazing experience for Gaby, and she loved every minute of it. Gaby did not waver on any performance, she made you believe everything. One thing about Gaby, when a part called for sadness and for her to cry, she could capture your heart and make you cry right along with her.

The final episode everything fell into place and everyone got what was coming to them good and bad, but the story came with an unbelievable fairytale ending. Daniel and Eva were like a prince and princess that had been forced apart by greed and lies. Then at the end truth prevailed and the prince and princess took their vows. The prince and princess knelt before the priest, and an angel began to sing.  Daniel and Eva looked behind them, and high up on a balcony stood Laurita, in a beautiful long white dress, singing with the voice of an angel, taking everyone by surprise.

This was the moment that the world finally got to see what Gaby can really do. When Gaby began to sing Ave Maria, she stole your heart. Many people has known that she could sing, but no one ever heard her like this. She sang this song with such beauty and feeling, that you could feel the emotions grow inside you, and the goose bumps running from head to toe, then your eyes begin to water and your heart feels with joy. There could not have been a more perfect ending. Gaby is now a true star, but she can no longer be compared as another Jennifer Lopez, for Gaby has proven that she is in her own league, there is no other like her.

Gabriela Borges “Ave Maria”

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Gaby did do a beautiful job on her song at the end, but the only video available is on Eva Luna`s site, please use this link and listen to the voice of an angel Laurita Ave Maria.

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