Hisana at stars2come





Stars2come has always prided itself for bringing the most amazing artists to light, but artists spans more than just music it comes in many forms. Art is something that is created with imagination and skill. Hisana is from Aichi Japan and is one of these such artists. However her great artistry is not in music, but like a great guitarist her creativity flows through hands creating beauty, but not beauty to the ear, but visually. It has been Hisana’s incredible anime that has been appreciated by many worldwide. 

Hisana started drawing about ten years ago. At the age of eight she got the encouragement to continue drawing from a school teacher that she had at the time when he seen one that she had drawn. It is because of him that she continues to draw today, and she used to enjoy drawing pictures for him, but unfortunately he has passed away and can no longer draw for the one who gave her the encouragement to do what she so deeply loves.

Hisana did get her encouragement from a teacher, but her talent did not. She has never had art teacher she has taught herself and practices everyday to sharpen her skill. She says she cannot go to an art school and will not be able to learn about drawing from the school she is getting ready to start. Hisana has a fear that she may have to stop drawing for a couple of years in order to study. This has happened in the past.

Hisana draws now because she loves it and she uses her skill to bring happiness and to show her appreciation to her friends. Many of the friends she draws are singers and some of them are, Ronan Parke, Haydn Mason, Beamer Wigley, Alexandru, Dalton Cyr and a few other friends. Currently she is mostly drawing Beamer, Ronan, and Haydn. Her art has impressed many people and these people she is painting are deeply honored.

Her first challenge she says was Ronan Parke. One day a fan of Ronan asked Hisana if they could put some of her drawing on Ronan’s page, she agreed. Her next challenge was Haydn she found him on YouTube and felt his voice was amazing. She became a fan of his right a way and he is now one of the people she draws most. This is how it all took off and  she now has many  great friends who she enjoys drawing.

 Beamer Wigley at stars2come The anime paintings she is doing are amazing and even though she has not drawn a comic book it is one of her goals and she would like to create the comic book of her friend Beamer.  She says Beamer is a cool and sweet person and she hopes to one day meet him in person. Beamer has taken the time to learn some Japanese so they could talk and in return she began learning English and this has allowed them to communicate regular and become great friends.  She says she still cannot believe Beamer is her friend and says it is a true honor for her.

Beamer says, he appreciates her drawings and paintings and knows she spends a great deal of her spare time doing them. This was the reason he learned the Japanese song, to show her all his appreciation because just saying thank you to her was not enough.

Hisana wants to thank her many friends out there because it was them that helped her out of a bad spot. About a month ago she was defamed by another twitter account and was going to stop drawing and showing them on twitter. However Ronan and many other friends came to help her out and Haydn was very worried for her, but thanks to all of these great friends standing by her she continues to share her drawings and paintings for everyone to enjoy. This truly shows how much she means to everyone, they are all on her side.

Hisana’s dream is to one day become a manga artist which would be a great honor, but she does not see it coming true. She says she does not mind if her dream does not come true because she has noticed how happy she is right now doing what she loves and that is drawing for her friends.

No matter what happens in the future for Hisana everyone that views her drawings and paintings enjoys them very much and respects and appreciates the wonderful talent she has. Her skill will be something she and her friends will be able to cherish from now on. Hisana’s talent is one that truly needed to be recognized and anyone that would have her draw for them would be greatly honored. She is exceptional. Be sure and stop by and see all of her wonderful drawings on her twitter.