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Many people know what a wonderful artist JR is, but he is also a very talented actor as well. He has always worked hard on his music, and he works just as hard on his acting. For JR, none of it is really work, it is something that he has a real blast doing, and perhaps the “fun” he has is what makes all his performances so enjoyable to those who watch him.

JR started acting around six years old. His first taste came from a theater production of, Bah Humbug, where he played Tiny Tim. His first film was, Billy’s Angel, which was a short film, but was special to him because his parents were involved with it as well. He played Billy Spencer, who was very close to his grandfather. In the film Billy spent a great deal of time with his grandfather, and he taught Billy how to be patient and to trust God. JR said, that it was really fun working on that film, and that God blessed that project, and  was amazing working with everyone. He was amazing in this film, he brought the character to life very well, making you truly feel what he was feeling.  This is a mark of a great actor.

He will be in a feature film coming up in April 2012. He was cast in, The Three Stooges, he will be playing a singing orphan. It is not a big role, but he had a lot of fun being on a big set with so many people. He had a great time singing for the film, this was done in a studio for the project. His scenes are with Larry David, and JR says he is real funny guy. He does many voice overs as well, but lately he has been tied up with film projects  and singing. When he does do them it is really fun for him working with a director and trying lines in different ways. Sometimes he gets to do them in different accents, he likes the British accent the best. He said, it is fun to hear the spots on the radio.

JR stays busy with his singing and films. Here recently he finished a independent film called, Men Of This Life. It is set in the 1930’s about the Mafia. He plays young Anthony who is sad because his mother died while having a baby, then the Mafia busts in and kills his father. His character in this film had to show a great deal of emotion, and you can bet with his talent he handled this film like a real pro. He is now in a promotional film for a book series called, Kringle Chronicles, with two more indie films to start in November. He will also be shooting the music video for his original song, “American Boy”. He is very excited about this. JR does hope to continue acting till way in the future. He says, he will never! let his dream fade away.

JR is a person that will, live his dream. Even when he is not on stage, he is full of character, and everyone loves being around him. When he sets foot on stage or in front of a camera he is nothing, “but” entertainment. It is great to watch him, and it all just comes so natural to him. Keep your eye out on these up and coming films, you do not want to miss anything that JR does, and he is here to stay!