Kaelynn Wright


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Kaelynn is a very bright and talented young actress. She can bring her character to life very well, and  it does not matter what role she plays. Some people when it comes to acting can only play certain parts such as, only comedy or action, but Kaelynn can handle anything. She has been serious, defensive, and scared out of her wits on screen, and for just  eight years old, she is like a pro. For someone her age starting in to acting being able to do any part is the best way to go. This will allow her to not only work more, but as directors and producers become familiar with Kaelynn her career will grow, much like Chloe Moretz.

Kaelynn only started in acting about a year ago and has done many great things already. One of the films she has been in is about a subject that is too familiar to many people, Bullying. The title of the film is A.B. Zone, which is an anti bullying campaign. This film meant a lot to Kaelynn for a lot of different reasons, and one is being bullied herself. Once the other kids in her class found out that she was an actress, they gave her a hard time, partly because she was not allowed to have any of them on set.  Her school does not put up with bullying so they soon put an end to this nonsense, and not only that, they gave permission to have the film shot at the school. Where they shot the film at her school many of the extras, are some of her friends. In this film Kaelynn played Beth, she is the best friend to one of the girls getting bullied. She tries to stand up for her friend, but the bully is big, so she is little defense.  Her hopes is that this film will make people understand that bullying is no joke. This is a great film with a message. How ever this was not her first film. The first one she played in was a student film called, Unsoundness of Mind, which is a thriller. She said, it was a little scary at first being her fist film, because of all the fake blood everywhere. The funniest part she says, was when the dad hit the table and the fake blood accidentally flew in his face, and as soon as they said cut he licked his lips and said, “yummy”. Everyone cracked up laughing, and after that she knew it was going to be really fun. In this film she played Mary, the youngest daughter. It is based on a true story where a Amish man who killed his wife. She said, the best part of this film was getting to meet her friends Dalton Gray and Katelyn Merricks, and they have gotten to do other things together since then.

Kaelynn continues to better herself for her career, by weekly training with her acting coach, Mr. John Lansch. She has done a lot of work shops, even one with Howard Metzler. Meeting John was a lot of fun for her because she wants to be on Disney someday.  With all the acting projects she has been in, she almost always ends up being the youngest daughter, and Dalton and Katelyn has been her bother and sister on more than one project. Her favorite film so far is, Where I’m From, it is based on a true story of a Houston preacher and his family. His daughter Anastasia wrote and directed the film. Again in this film Kaelynn was the youngest daughter. She said, it was really cool meeting the real person that she was playing. She wishes she could be cast on the Wizards of Waverly Place, or the A.N.T. Farm. She also thinks it would be fun to be the voice of a cartoon. Kaelynn does hope to be on Disney sometime, and then the movies after that, and if this doesn’t work out, then she would like to be a veterinarian, because she loves animals. She is well on her way to making her dreams come true. She has done many things in a very short time. She can be found in music videos such as for the band Ladylike, called On To Me. Not to mention commercials and print. One of these was October edition of Supermodels Unlimited Magazine.

Kaelynn has a great attitude toward her acting and her future. Thinking like she does and working, and most importantly having fun she will have many great rewards that will come to her. She is a person you need to catch on screen and see just how talented this young lady is, and you can do just that by catching her up coming film, “Someone Out There Likes Me”. This film was directed by, Bob Byington and staring and produced by Nick Offerman. It is about Nick’s character Sal and shows his life through thirty five years. In this film she is a girl at the birthday party of Sal’s son. She was set to be an extra on this, but they decided to feature her instead. Be sure to keep your eye on this wonderful young lady for more great films to come.