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Keyghan is a wonderfully talented young actor, and despite being only eight years old, he has already done more than many twice his age. You can find Keyghan in commercials, film, TV and print, he is truly a very busy little boy. You take a look at that cute face of his, and you see why he stays so busy, that face could sell anything, from clothes to box office tickets.

His very first project was a commercial for Leadership Choice. He said, he loved it, and he got to work with a dog, and it was so much fun to work with. He was the lead boy in the commercial. This kicked off a great career for Keyghan, and the talent he possess has won him either lead role or principle role in almost all of his projects, and there are many. Another great project he done was, “Lionhearted”, this was a post apocalyptic film.  This film is about a boy who’s dad has gone to fight in the war and he is the man while he is away, and has to take care of his mom while his dad is away. Keyghan was lead son in this film. His largest project to date is “The Abandoned State” which he just finished filming. This is a full length animated film, and in this film he was lead voice, Jack.

Keyghan doesn’t really have a favorite actor, he says, but he would like to work with Robert Redford if he had the chance. At some point down the road he would love to play a super hero, and meet the people who do the voices for the characters in Adventure Time.  He says, he loves to act because he likes people to watch him and be able to make them smile, laugh, or even cry. When you are capable of making someone cry, you are a sensational actor, and that is Keyghan. He loves TV and movies, but he does not like horror films, but he doesn’t  mind acting in one. He loves God and family they are most important to him. Keyghan said, he is a normal eight year old boy, with a really cool career.

Keyghan truly is amazing, and so is the amount of work he has already done. In film he has eight projects under his belt, in TV four, commercials two, eight in print, and three on the runway. This is a large resume that Keghan has for being so young, at this rate he could become one of the top actors in the business. Don’t miss any of Keyghan’s projects keep track of them all at,