Kiersey Clemons (Austin and Ally)

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 There is a fantastic new face coming to Austin and Ally very soon, and this lovely young lady is, Kiersey Clemons. While she may be new to Austin and Ally, she is not new to Disney. If you are a Disney fan, then you have seen her on Shake It Up, where she played the mean cheerleader (Danielle) that Gunther wanted to date. Then Kiersey appeared on Good Luck Charley as the new girl (Alicia) that Teddy was trying to convince Emmet to go to their school dance with. Now all of Kiersey’s fans and the new ones to come, can catch her regular on Disney’s hit series, Austin and Ally.

 Kiersey is really going to make a great addition to Austin and Ally; she has an amazing personality, and is a very sweet and funny girl. When she was asked what her reaction was when she got the part of Kira Starr, she said, “I was more than excited!! I watch the show and it’s hilarious. I couldn’t wait to meet everyone, they’re so talented”.  On the show Kira is Jimmy Starr’s daughter, and watch out, you just might see some sparks fly from Austin and Kira. The first episode Kiersey will make her debut appearance on as Kira is, “Ferris Wheels and Funky Breath”. When they picked Kiersey for the role of Kira, they could not have made a better decision, she fits prefect. Kira is the most forgiving person in the world, and even though she is the daughter of a record label owner she is a very down to earth girl. She is always happy and fits in really well. This is Kiersey to a “T”.

Kiersey Clemons at stars2come Kiersey has been filming for a while, and she says it has been amazing. She has enjoyed working with the cast and crew. She loves the live tapings because everyone’s energy is so high and Ross’ (Austin) family comes, and her friends come and everyone gets to hangout and has a good time. When not on camera the cast will often hangout in Calum’s (Dez) dressing room and laugh, tell stories and sometimes play Rock Band, but she says she is really not that good at it, but it`s fun.  Also when off camera someone is always singing something. Kiersey was asked if there was a prankster among the cast and she said, if she expected a prank from someone it would be Ross, he’ll hit the back of her knee and it will give out or he’ll trip her. Watch out Ross, she just might return the favor. She says the whole cast are all really nice and funny. Kiersey’s favorite thing about the cast is, Calum always seems to have the best stories, Laura (Ally) is the most positive and genuine person, Ross just wants to have fun all the time, “she loves that”, and Raini (Trish) is the best person for girl time. Kiersey just loves them all.

 Like many of us Kiersey grew up watching Disney, and she was always wishing she was Lizzie McGuire and Raven. Now that she is part of the Disney family, she says it is a real satisfying feeling. She says to watch out for season 2, because it is going to be crazy!

 Just like Kiersey there are many others out there looking to be where she is now. Kiersey’s advice to them is: “It’s a tough business, you get knocked down a lot so you have to make sure you are in it for the right reasons. Otherwise, it won’t feel worth it. Passion, perseverance and positivity are key”. Kiersey’s addition to this great and funny show will make it even funnier. Kiersey says to keep an ear out because she is working on some music and that will be coming soon. Don’t miss any episodes of Austin and Ally. To stay on top of all the episodes visit the Disney Channel regular for all dates and times.