Madison Pettis

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The Game PLan

This little lady is a wonderful actress she can do so much. She can have you laughing one minute and crying the next. She is only 11 years old and has done so much in a short time. She has appeared in four tv shows and stared in one series on the Disney Channel _Cory in the House playing Sophie the president`s daughter. Madison was a regular on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader for one season.  This young lady has seven movies under her belt as well. A couple of my favorites was Mostly Ghostly and The Game Plan. In Mostly Ghostly, she plays one of the ghosts named Katie, in this movie she befriends a boy ( Max ) who`s family does nothing but makes fun of  and picks on him.  With Katie being a ghost doesn`t help Max much at first when Max`s dad and brother start seeing him talking to things that are not there ( Max is the only one that can see the ghosts ) . Later Katie and one of her ghost friends makes his family see the light.  In The Game Plan  she plays Payton along side Dwayne Johnson ( Joe Kingman ). Payton shows up at Joe`s door saying she is his daughter . But of coarse Joe doesn`t believe her until she pulls out a birth certificate. Joe is a selfish stuck on his self kind of guy. This starts a sort of tug of war between them. This is a very funny movie and in places it may make you shed a tear or two. ..Keep a look out for Madison`s new movie Free Style which releases in February I am sure it will be a great one as well…Check out the trailer for The Game Plan..