Michael J Terra

Michael terra at stars2come

 Michael is an awesome actor, you can see this handsome young man`s face around the country daily, he is becoming the king of commercials. He has not been in just any commercial, he has done commercials for some of the biggest companies. Some people stick there nose up at commercials, but unlike those people who pass them up, Michael is smart by taking on these commercials, this lets millions of people see him daily, making his face well known in many house holds. Michael is a true natural for TV, everything he does just comes so easy, almost no effort in playing his parts, and the reason is, he is having a blast doing what he loves to do, and this means if your having fun, you will excel in what ever you do.

 Michael is ten years old, and lives in Pennsylvania. He started his acting career two years ago. Michael`s very first audition was for Western Union, and was awarded the part. After winning the part for Western Union, he has been non-stop, he has to date thirteen commercials under his belt. Michael has been working for major companies, such as Hasbro, Pillsbury, and Chucky Cheese just to name a few. All these different commercials will set the stage for him to be able to play any part, in a TV show or movie. The commercials allows him to play many different parts, giving him great experience. He is doing very well, considering he rarely goes to any acting classes, this shows clearly, that it just comes natural for him. If he has to prepare for a big audition, he does seek guidance from, Rosalyn Williams for TV and film, and Chuck McKibben for voice overs.   Below you will get to see his acting debut, in Western Union.

michael terra at stars2come

 It seems that the experience he is getting, is starting to pay off. He will be on a TV show in November called, “Nonna Tell Me a Story”. On this show he will be playing the part of Lorenzo, this is a voice over for an Italian character. In order for him to land this part, he had to submit a singing audition tape, he was chosen, and then had to learn a song in Italian for the show. His singing coach Kristen Donze helped him with that. He will also be in a show on Comedy Central, that will be released in 2011.

 Michael loves acting, he really likes meeting new people and seeing all the different things that goes on behind the scenes on a set. Although he has not worked with anyone famous yet , but he hopes that someday he will get to work with, and meet Adam Sandler or Jennifer Aniston. He has auditioned for multiple movies they have stared in, and he keeps hoping to land one soon. Michael has also been singing for about ten months and plans to pursue that more. He is now working on a couple of songs that he plans to record soon.

Michael is an actor, singer and he plays the guitar, but aside from his career, he likes a lot of sports.  He likes playing football, here he is a running back, linebacker, and lineman, in baseball, he is a pitcher, 3rd baseman and short stop, and he also loves wrestling. No one can say Michael doesn`t get enough exercise, he is always on the go. He also has a great outlook on things, he believes everything happens for a reason, and what is meant to be, will be. It has been great learning about him, is a happy go lucky kid, and I enjoy talking with him, he is so cool. It will be his attitude, and his great personality, that is going to sky-rocket his career, you cannot help, but like him, and I am sure everyone that works with him has a blast. Below you will find a few videos of his acting, and once you see them I am sure you will recognize him, and also a video of him practicing his vocals, from the sound of it, there will be some great music coming from him soon.