Miranda Mendi “Light of Love”

Miranda Mendi


The new project of Satellite is the, Light of Love Movement which is led by spokesperson Miranda Mendi who accompanied Marco Antonio Regil to promote a new citizens’ movement that aims to bring a message of peace, harmony and love to the world. Through messages of reflection, music, news capsules and philanthropic presence in media, social networking, news, events, and records and other actions, spokespersons, children and all who join the movement in different parts of the world will promote the philosophy “Light of Love”.

Mendi Miranda is a girl of only 10 years, who in the wake of her intellectual life realizes the need to promote a more direct and simple union of the world in a Light of Love to solve the problems that are caused by us, themselves and future generations which should not be the solution, but be a part of and supported by Motion Satellite and Marco Antonio Regil who intends on turning each of us into that light of love that is within us.

Miranda in the short time she has been doing this work, she has worked with several foundations in which she has participated as a guest directing his message personally at various conferences and events and actively fundraising, also working as an actress in several movies and commercials, funds allocated to social relief work for children alongside the Lucas Family Foundation to help children in extreme poverty. The City of Children, has participated as a special guest of Mr. Joseph Galicot in Canaco for the Special Front Support Group Breast Cancer at its annual conference in Cecut in various local media, newspapers, radio and actively in our project Light of Love, recently she received recognition as the official sponsor of the Los Angeles station Hits and Memories, and she was in the first video with regional talent to support the world’s children. Love of Light started its activities in the month of November 2012, and recently appeared in Women’s Expo closing value of the Institute for Women in Tijuana to a very select group and had a very nice reaction from the presentation.

The first action of the organizers was to view a video clip of the first issue of José Luis Perales, “Let the children sing”.  This was recorded in the city of Tijuana by BajaSonic and produced with the collaboration of some outstanding artists from the region: Wooden Cross Choir, Miranda Mendi, Alesis, Alex Borja, Gerardo Sanchez. (Skala 3), Jorge Benitez, Carlos Benitez & Tony Alamillo (ACT) Alan Martinez, Aileen Sanchez, Ashley Sanchez, Axshley Mapula, Elise Gallas, Gallas Myriam, Camila Ruiz, Alejandrina Gonzalez, Silvia Figueroa, Gustavo Valdez, Victor Martell, Eli Perez, Jhovanna Sanchez, Layla Desiree, Gerardo Sanchez. , Misrel Monts, Danny Ortega, Nicole Chavez, Alecs Barrancos.Traugott Cabrera, Fausto Hernández. (Capella)

The second action of the organizers was to produce an album of Christmas music called “Light of Love This Christmas” and featuring artists from different countries who have joined Satellite Movement in recent years. The Light of Love shares a range of people doing the simple act of smiling at a person until the organization of mass events, capsules TV, websites broadcast media and many other actions that are generated by participants in a global movement with the ultimate aim to unite in one voice to make the world a better place.

In the three months since the start of this movement, organizations have joined in from Coahuila, Monterrey, Miami, Venezuela, China and Spain, who are coordinating different actions for the next few months with the intention to send this message from Tijuana and has been replicated  in different parts of the world through the different actions that were created by organizers as well as those created by the participants.

Satellite Movement has undertaken several campaigns aimed at promoting causes of civil associations and foundations nonprofit related problems and the future of children and the ecology. as: Children’s Hospital of  California, Fundacion Castro Limon, DIF, Unicef, Pasitos, Trompo Museum, Green Brigade, which transforms Foundation, Environment Expo, Museum of Man, Telethon, Red Cross, holding hands, Make a Wish, Kids forPeace, Boys and Girls Club of Mexico City, children and others.


On the artistic side, Motion Satellite and artists have participated in major art projects like: Sesame Street, Fame Code, Dancing with the Stars, Discovery Kidz, La Novela Rebelde, La Rosa De Guadalupe, Little Giants, I’m your Double, The Academy 10 and various national and international art competitions, discos, and social marketing campaigns, Televisa, Telemundo, Synthesis TV, Radio America, Newspapers and other media.

Miranda’s message to the world.

“Peace is love of ourselves, we all have an inner light that if we unite becomes Light of Love, and it means not to attack our neighbors in any way, because if we do, we hurt ourselves. We should love and accept ourselves as who we are, and to love others. Peace is the light that illuminates the universe and gives us a reason to live in a world of blue, not gray, a world where there is no fear, only love. Light of Love is giving without expecting to receive anything and accepts everyone equally.  We have to have Paz (peace), join us with one voice, in the same song, Light of Love”.

Miranda Mendi

Mario Lagsbartt: Director,  http://somosluzdeamor.org/, http://www.facebook.com/SomosLuzDeAmor,