Nicole Chavez “World Latin Dance Champ”


Nicole Chavez at stars2come

 Nicole Chavez is a World Champion Latin Dancer, and being a champion runs in her family. Her dad, Julio Chavez a World Champion Boxer, has great skill,  technique, and passion,  that has always taken him to the top, and Nicole has these very same qualities. When watching her on the dance floor with all the  passion and skill that she puts into her dance, anyone can see why she is a champion.

 Nicole is twelve years old and her love of dance started early in life at age six. She attends a school of dance called Alma Latina and is instructed by Gaby Equiz. She didn`t waste much time in taking her talent to the public, at age seven she was already performing. Nicole loves all types of dance, but prefers jazz, salsa, hip hop, and ballet. From here she has gone on to win three championships, the most recent was in 2010. Here she won the World Champion Junior Dance cup, USA. In 2009 how ever she came in second on a TV show called Segundo Campeona Mundial de Baile in Mexico City on Televisa. She has been truly traveling the country dancing, some include, Miami, LA, Las Vegas, and Mexico, plus many more. Nicole says she loves to dance because you can express your self in movements.

 Nicole has not only spent a lot of time on the dance floor, but in front of the camera as well.  She has spent two years on Satelite TV, for dance, singing,and acting. She can also be found on Telemundo 33,  Televisa Mexico, and has appeared in four short films. Nicole says, she enjoys acting because you can do many different things.  She is a complete person in entertainment, she does it all. She doesn`t really look up to anyone for inspiration how ever, she says, she wants to be totaly original in everything she does. Being original is always the winning way to go, and Nicole has proven that very well. She is great at everything she does, and on the dance floor she is bursting with fire and energy. In dance, it is important to be able to tell the story, the same as a good vocalist, and Nicole does it brilliantly.