Roshon Fegan “Shake It Up”

Roshon Fegan at stars2come

We have another amazing actor starring in Shake It Up. Roshon Fegan playing the role of Ty Blue, Rocky`s brother. In this wonderful new Disney show Shake It Up. The best way to describe his persona in the show is, cool and laid back. This cool, laid back thing he has going on really brings out the comedy for his part in the show. Comedy for him just  comes natural, it doesn`t look as if it takes any effort, a true star quality.

 Roshon has lived his whole life in LA. He took his acting classes at BK Acting Studio, and his career is going no where, but up. He has been in several minor roles, but he is best known as Sander Loyer in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2. Here he danced his way around the camp, pulling off some spectacular dance moves and dancing his way into many young girls hearts.  Now currently playing on Shake It Up, you can still see tidbits of this great dancer performing on the show. In the episode Show It Up, he really got to show off what he can do. Ce Ce and Rocky talked him into doing a contest with them at their school, and Ty was all over the dance floor with a fantastic performance.

 Roshon is not just limited to acting, he is an amazing singer. He performed songs for Camp Rock, which includes Hasta La Vista, and now he is doing his own thing. He has been writing his own songs, and they are fantastic. His new single “I Am” is a brilliantly written song and his performance of it is outstanding. No one could ever take the place of Michael Jackson, but Roshon just might come real close. Roshon has all the dance moves, the writing and vocal skills that could take him there. He also has his own label 3inaRo that he produces his music under. When it comes to fulfilling his dreams he is not fooling around, there is not one stone left unturned. Roshon has all the abilities to become one of the greatest actors and vocalist. His dad is one of the greatest actors in the business, and Roshon just might become bigger. Be sure to pick up his new single on itunes “I Am”, and tune into Disney Channel for all the latest episodes of Shake It Up.