Sade Montoya

Sade Montoya at stars2come

Sade is one amazing young lady. She can literally do it all. She is an actress, dancer, and singer. Sade has been making quite a name for herself with Movimiento Satelite of  Telemundo 33. Watching her doing her show, you can see how much fun she is having, and how professional she is. The camera likes her very well, and she has a good clean and clear voice.

Sade started her journey at a very young age. At just three years old she won the Mini Model contest in 2004, and this was the beginning for her entertainment journey.  When she was four years old she started ballet. She took classes from, “Casa de la Cultura” in Tijuana, and went on to perform at several festivals. At six years old she started a different dance class at the School of Dance “Ojo de Horus” here she was learning Arabic (TRIBAL) and Jazz. She then performed in various cultural forums such as the Municipal Palace, CECUT, TV shows and others. This all paved the way for her next step. At eight years old she entered a contest on the Internet for Movimiento Satélite “Vamos a la disco”. From this win she was cast for the mini ballet of “Movimiento Satélite”.  She also won a scholarship for “Centro Artístico Satélite”, here she started learning everything, acting, dance, TV and radio and a different class for leadership.

sade Montoya at stars2come

Sade auditioned for the program Satélite TV of Telemundo 33. This audition earned her, her own show called, “Chismecitos con Sade”. Here, she is a host introducing the top artists of today.  Soon after Sade began, she was invited  to a workshop for the Society of Film Castings “Barbarella Casting” the most important casting agency in the region, where she was chosen by the Actor “Pascascio Lopez” to participate in the Short Film, “Rumores”. Sade has certainly come along way in a short time. Her presence on TV is growing rapidly, you can now find her as well on the network “Sintesis TV”, here she has her own show called “Festeja con los Niños”, it is a new  cooking show with the famous Chef Cristo.

She is not only limited to just TV, she particapates in a wide aray of things.  One of the other projects she does is, she severes as Director of Public Relations of Movimiento Satélite. She also has been chosen for a Christmas album “Pasitos de Navidad”  which many other artists from USA and Europe countries are participating. This is Sade`e singing debut.

Sade says, it has been a good experience. She gets to do what she likes most, but her life is different from most kids, she has to work harder with school, when others are out doing things she is home doing school work, sometimes late at night because she has been shooting a show.  Even though she misses out on regular kid stuff, she does make a lot of other great friends. She said, now that people are getting to know her, she can help  with community events, social events and ecological institutions, and she encourages children to take care of our planet, to have a better future for us all. Sade is a very kind young lady, she does enjoy being on TV, but she does not let that go to her head. Instead she reaches out to help others, taking her celebrity status and using it to make the world a better place.