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Savannah is a wonderful young actress that has had many great opportunities, all by just taking a chance. Her aunt encouraged her to act, and everything began from a radio announcement about an audition in her hometown of Hoover Al. This was a chance to sign with a high profile Hollywood agent. She stood in line for five hours with about 1200 other kids. Once it was over they called to say that only four kids were selected, but in the end only one was signed and that was Savannah.

From that day Savannah’s life began to change. She has appeared or has been the lead character on TV or in film, with a total of 10 projects so far. Know one knows what will ever happen when they take an interest in acting, but Savannah is proof that if you do not take a chance nothing will happen, but for her she took that chance and now the sky is the limit.

Her first theatrical TV series booking was for the series, “Lost”. Here she played the role of young Rachel. Rachel is Juliet’s sister who had survived cancer as an adult. This was a intense scene of young Rachel and young Juliet meeting with their parents who announce to them for the first time that they were getting a divorce. In this scene she had to cry, which is hard for many people to do on cue, but for Savannah, it was easy. In real life it takes a lot to make her cry, but for acting it just seems to come natural. It was a very exciting time for her being apart of “Lost”. The day before the filming she was picked up in a stretch limo to go to the LAX airport and flew out to Hawaii for the filming. She said, the whole cast was very kind to her and was an amazing experience, one that she will never for get. This performance got her a nod for a Young  Artist Award nomination for best performance in a TV series 2010. Her favorite project so far was in “California Solo”. This was Director/ Writer Marshall Lewy’s feature film, she was cast by Michael Sanford and Heidi Levitt and producer Mynette Louie in a supporting role, Arianwen to play the daughter of Robert Carlyle and Kathleen Wilhoite. Savannah says, that Robert is a phenomenal actor and was always fascinated and eager to learn something new from him each day. She was even more excited when she learned that “California Solo” would be an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival in the Premiere Category 2012. Savannah says, that seeing herself on the big screen for the first time with an audience over 1000 people was like having an out of body experience. This was her theatrical debut.

Savannah landed a national commercial for X-Box Kinnect 360 along side Selena Gomez,  this was beyond any level of expectation. She says, that Selena is a great role model, actress, and singer and she felt very blessed to have the opportunity to work with her in a principle role on set. In one scene she got to high five with Selena and laugh and talk in the scenes, that was an overall unbelievable experience for her. Savannah’s latest project is Producer/Writer Steve Alper’s Indie Thriller, “The Perfect Guest House”. She plays lead role of Sam, who is at odds with her dad. This is a great Suspense film about a stalker, (Tim Robinson) who attempts to kill her family. In this film she got to work with stunt coordinator, Ronnie Althoff who taught her how to use a knife along with a few self defense moves during a stab scene. A lot of the scenes were shot in an RV and some of the action scenes were shot while the RV was moving.

Savannah has played a lot of roles as an  actress,but  her dream role would be, Sybil, this is her all time favorite character role to play if she ever had the chance. She is an excellent actress, and all of this came about just from taking a chance from something she heard on the radio. This goes to show you never know where your break will come from or when, but if you do not take a chance your break for sure will never come. She is an actress that you can bet will be raking in many major awards very soon. Savannah has so many great things going on in her career,to  make sure you keep up with them all by visiting her regular at IMDB.