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Seth Lee is getting a great start in film, and print with several projects to his name already. Like so many kids today, he is talented also in martial arts. He hopes to someday be able use his martial arts training on TV. Some of his love for martial arts may have kicked in a little early in his first acting role. He started in a small production of Peter Pan, with Kids Acting Studios, in Austin, when he was seven. He played Captain Hook, and his big scene was the sword fight with Peter Pan. In the production he was suppose to fight for a minute and lose the sword. He said, “for some reason I did not want to lose to the guy in green tights, so I kept fighting a lot longer than I was suppose to”. The director kept telling Seth, drop the sword!

His first big project was “Voice of the Unknown”, this was a documentary about ghost hunting. He got to play himself, an awesome martial arts kid. Seth did get to play a pretty awesome part recently in the, Spy Kids 4, movie. In this movie he got to play the photo double of the lead character. Seth says, next time he plans on being the star. You just can’t beat the great self confidence he has. This is the kind of thinking that takes people to the top no matter what the career is.  He said, this movie was a lot of fun, and met some great people, and made some new friends. The hardest thing for Seth was, he had to cut his hair, he had a really cool thing going on with it, but they needed it to be short. Seth was also in a music video called, Holding On, with Ryan Layden. He says, this is going to be a huge hit, and he got to play the lead role as the homeless boy.

He is very serious when it comes to his martial arts as well. Seth is eight years old and he started just before his seventh birthday, and on track for his black belt in May. He is currently competing on the ATA circuit in Extreme Martial Arts. He is being trained by Ms. Palacios in traditional martial arts, and Carmichael Simon, in extreme martial arts. He is preparing himself for fighting stunt roles. He has been training once a week in stunts to add to the martial arts. He wants to be ready for any role. He says, he is one fearless eight year old.

Seth is doing a great job with everything he gets into, he has even made his way into print. His first modeling job was for, Fruition in Las Vegas. More recently he did some print work for Academy Sports and Outdoor. He should start showing up in ads after Thanksgiving. Seth is a person that wants to be the do it all type of actor and be able to do his own stunts. At some point he would like to be a director, but for now he wants to do all he can in front of the camera. He hopes to to someday be in a project with his acting coach, Maurice Ripke, and would like to do some action work with Leo Howard or Ernie Reyes. Seth is one person that truly knows what direction he wants to go with his career, and this is a big plus for him. He has a great attitude for what he is doing and works hard to make it happen. He is truly a person watch, you can bet he will be doing a lot of great things.

Seth Lee at stars2come  Seth Lee at stars2come