Taylor Frase

Taylor Frase at stars2come


Taylor Frase is one girl who literally does it all. This girl can act, dance, sing, and model, she is not leaving one stone un-turned. She can dance and sing with the best of them, but Taylor`s destiny is for sure acting and modeling. This adorable girl belongs on stage or runway, her cute little face just screams for it. She has such a great look for these things, she could go out on a runway in rags and make them look beautiful.

 Taylor is taking full advantage of all her talents. She has already been in four theater productions. In January she was in Annie JR the musical, as Molly. In this production she did a terrific job with her part, the singing and acting was fantastic, and that cute little face of her`s put beauty back in  those  rag style clothes she was wearing.

 There is no exaggeration, when talking about Taylor belonging in fashion or TV, and her resume shows it. In print in October 2010 she made the cover of Scientific Research Study  on “Thinking”, and that`s not all, she has also been in Wal-Mart adds, Bionaire Mosquito adds, and Toys R Us. She has even taken her acting to TV, she now has been in six commercials playing many different sorts of roles. Taylor is gaining a lot of great runway experience, in August 2010 she was in a Back to School Fashion Show in Boynton Beach Mall, then in December 2010 she was in a Holiday Fashion Show at Palm Beach Gardens Mall, plus several more. With Taylor being so talented at many different things she will have a very long career, and this is a very good thing she has going on. With her so talented in many things, this lets her be much more diversified, giving her great success throughout her life. The proof of this is really starting to show, she is currently booked for several different jobs. She is now booked in four boutique modeling jobs,  musicals that include Enchanted Sleeping Beauty,  Alice and Wonderland all coming in May. Also coming soon she will be one of the children featured in a children`s activity book, and it is looking like she will be in two Runway Fashion shows in August. Taylor has so many great things happening, and it can come to anyone who works for it and takes all their talents and put them to use, just like Taylor.