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Taylor Hay is a wonderful person on screen and off. She is building a great career as an actress, and showing horses. Taylor took right off as an actress when she was four booking her first commercial, Peter Piper Pizza. Since this first project she has not stopped. Taylor had always want to act because her mom is an actress, and she wanted to be like her.

 One of the films she was in is called, The Blue Rose, director Joe Knight. Joe was also an actor in the film. She says, he was amazing to work with, as well as the whole cast. The cast made being on set so much fun for Taylor, and was an amazing experience. You will be able to catch her in an up coming film called, Wish Wizard. There was a lot of big name people involved with this film like, Garry Marshall, Morgan Freeman, and Ed Begley Jr.  Taylor only had a small role in this film, but she was grateful to be a part of this project. This was a special story, it was written to fulfill the wishes of four Make A Wish kids. Since Taylor is a Make A Wish kid herself it was very special. Taylor was one who got a second chance at life, she was diagnosed with cancer, and now is cancer free. Now she lives life to the fullest everyday and tries to be the best person that she can be, and gives back to others as much as she can to those who helped her when she could not help herself. Taylor says, if we all supported one another and did what we could to help, everyone would have a better chance at success.  She wants to continue to help promote non-profits she works with to raise awareness for childhood cancer. She is a 2010 and 2011, Care award recipient which honors working acting  kids who are involved in volunteering and fundraising, and who continues to work hard in school and good grades.

Taylor has kept busy with her acting, she had a blast doing “Yes, Virgina”, this was her first voice over. She was the voice of Taylor, which was a Tim Burton character. While doing this project she met one of her all time best friends, and got involved with the Macy’s Believe campaign. Macy’s Believe earns money during the holidays for Make A Wish through letters to Santa.  She hopes to someday do a horror film, or zombies, and a character on Terra Nova would work as well.

When she first started acting she did not have any training, but after she got a little older she has gotten some training from DJ Sullivan, Clay Banks, and Marcie Smolin. She feels lucky to have gotten to work with all these people.

Taylor does hope to continue acting, but she also loves to show her horses. She competes nationally, and loves to ride and show them.  She has been showing horses since she was three. Arabian Youth Nationals are held every year in New Mexico, in order to compete here you must show throughout the year.  She won her first top ten in 2009, and another in 2010. She said, this year she was really lucky to take three good horses and won six top tens. This means that she is one of the top tens in the Nation in her age group.

 Taylor is a wonderful caring person, that is working towards her dreams. You can be sure that Taylor with her talent, and her big heart for others, she will be seen on the big screen for a long time to come.

Taylor Hay at stars2comeTaylor Hay at stars2come