1 Rebel Nation

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1 Rebel Nation is another fantastic brother and sister team, who will keep you boppin through their whole performance. They are certainly a duo well worth the trip or cost to go see. Their music is top notch, with a lot of great energy, and compliment each other very well with their individual styles.

1 Rebel Nation is made up of, Dakota and Dejon. Dakota started singing at five years old and Dejon started around three and both of them has grown into perfection. They took on their first public performance two years ago in Corona, for the Alumni Basketball High School All-Star game. This happened to be Dakota’s favorite performance, with a crowd of 1500 people. How ever Dejon, he loved performing at LA Live for Nike 3 on 3 event, because he loves basketball, and it was sponsored by AEG  one of the worlds biggest promoters. They were invited by AEG and performed in front of 10,000 people. This is truly amazing, it is rare for new artists to get to perform for such a large crowd without being an anthem.

This duo is amazing together, but they take their inspirations from different people. Dakota gets a lot of her inspiration from, Alica Keys, Adele and Nicki Minaj, because they all have great personalities and she loves their music, style and voices. Dejon, takes his from Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Drake because they all touch their fans with their inspirational music. This is what he hopes to accomplish with their music, be inspirational to others. They both do hope to touch people in a positive way, and they are doing just that.

1 Rebel Nation is now working on writing some original songs for their up coming project. They are getting their ideas for their songs from seeing different people in various walks of life. As tight as these two are with their music, you can bet this original stuff coming up will be, awesome!  Dakota says, she gives 100% in her music and tries her best to be a positive role model. Dejon says, they try to live up to the name of their group 1 Rebel nation. 1 meaning “unity’, Rebel meaning “be a Rebel for your dreams”, and Nation meaning “individuality” , coming together for one cause.

They have not only gained attention with their music, but they have been gaining some through TV as well. Dejon has been in a couple of commercials that aired on Nickelodeon and Disney. Dakota,  Co-starred on The Whole Truth, which aired on ABC, and has been in a national commercial.

1 Rebel Nation is a top of the line duo. They have everything together so well with their music, that they could easily be signed and take right off on the charts. People are going to love these two from coast to coast. Be sure to go and see 1 Rebel Nation whenever they perform, you will love them.