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 Full Price is a great family band. Introducing the Price family, Jack eight years old, Max eleven years old, Sam thirteen years old, Sue , and Rob. The family really puts out some great music, and the kids have some awesome vocals.

 This family has always had music in the house, so the boys started out singing at a very young age. It shows in their performances that they have been singing for quite sometime. They do very well, and they have  no problems with nerves, it all seems so natural for them.

 They all, are very well talented with instruments as well, Jack has been taking piano lessons since he was five and vocals for the past year, Max also plays piano he has been playing since he was four and drums since he was seven, Sam recently began the guitar, Rob plays keyboard and guitar, and Sue the bass. This family is not short on talent what so ever they have it all going for them.


full price at stars2come

 Even though they are a family band, they did not all start performing together at the same time. They began playing together in 2007 , but it started off slowly with Max and Rob jamming, then the other kids joined in and last came Sue. This is when they became Full Price. Their first public performance was on National TV in 2009 on the CBS Early Show for a audience of 3 million people. This certainly was a great opportunity, for their first to be on National TV, most are not this fortunate. They said, they also had a blast performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston.

 Full Price started out the same as most doing covers, but they soon switched to writing their own music. For the songwriting the whole band pitches in. One song they wrote that is the most meaningful is “Haryssa`s Song”. It was written about a nine year old girl that perished in the Haiti earthquake. This song got considerable attention, it was recognized by the President and First Lady on Haiti. They got a phone call and a letter thanking them for the song and the fundraising they were doing for Haiti. The song was also highlighted by the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The song also spent several weeks at the top of the Ourstage World Music charts. Full Price has a debut CD called “Waiting for the Rain”, it is available on itunes and Amazon, 10% of proceeds are donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. You can find out more about this great band at their web site Full Price