Italy’s family of music the Santoni Family

Santoni Family

Music has been a staple in people’s lives throughout the world for generations. The largest number of those who have the love for making music are the family bands. In all cultures families can be found regularly singing and playing music all around their home and town. Some of these family groups are exceptional and become wanted for their music. One family group has become one that people are growing to love around the world. This group is from Italy called, Santoni Family.

Santoni Family is made up of dad Peter, Jana fourteen and Lena ten years old. Peter has been playing music now for thirty years and is well seasoned. When listening it is clear, he is highly skilled with guitar and vocals along with a rasp that makes any song a favorite. Jana, she has gained some of her dad’s rasp and is developing very well. Her rasp is more defined in the cover song, Knocking On Heavens Door. The dynamics found in Jana’s voice is remarkable. When she sings, she glows, the love and passion shines along with great charisma. Then there’s Lena. Lena appears to be in a whole other world when she is singing and seems to be little effort needed. You cannot help, but love Lena she has charm, and a smile that would win over anyone. Her vocal ability is extraordinary to be only ten. Her voice has depth as well as dimension. Each person has something different about them that makes their music incredible, and music you love.

Peter says it all began in 2011 at home in Passeiertal-Southtirol, Italy. Jana was nine years old and loved to be on stage as well as sing with her dad. Lena was seven years old when she decided she wanted to join in. Lena wanted to be on stage too, with Jana being her role model. In 2013 they started their project as the Santoni Family with twenty-five songs.

Big stages and open airs are not what compels them to make music. For the Santoni Family, being anywhere playing music is fun. Bringing a good feeling to the people with their music is the best thing for them.

Any true music lover will love music from the 60’s, and the Santoni Family are no different. They love performing rock and country songs from that era. When they are performing, they make each song their own. What the Santoni Family is doing with music, is something people from all around are loving.

Approximately one year ago the Santoni Family was invited to a German TV show called, Servus TV. From this TV show the video of Knocking on Heavens Door was made. Not only did everyone viewing this performance love it, but it also showcased the family’s abilities greatly. The audience did love this performance, but just as important, it shows how much fun Peter, Lena and Jana had doing it.

Everyone in the family are vocally gifted, but they are also gifted with instruments. Peter has played the guitar for many years, but his wife plays E-bass and all the kids are learning instruments too. Jana is learning the guitar, Lena is also learning guitar as well as the keyboard. The girls have a younger brother who is six years old named Simon, he is taking interest in the drums. Soon it will be a full band.

Lena and Jana

One of the best things about performing for them, is the applause and see the people rejoice. This is enjoyment for them. Peter hopes that the girls will continue throughout their lives making music that brings pleasure to them. It is just as important to Peter for the girls to stay true to their nature.

As impressive as the Santoni Family is with making music, they are also great writers. One of their songs is called, My Black Horse. This is a fantastic song, great lyrics with a very catchy melody. The song is a fun song and in the video people get to see another aspect of the girls. Both Lena and Jana like nature and animals and want to be part of it. The black horse in the video belongs to Jana, and it is a beautiful horse.

Jana and Lena are similar in what they like and what they do as well as share when it comes to music. For instance, Jana has hobbies that include singing, swimming, ride horses and meet friends. Jana says she cannot imagine life without singing. Lena, she enjoys singing, riding horses, climb, play guitar and keyboard, and meet friends. Lena says she sings because it makes her happy. When on stage or if they are recording, they share the lead vocals, one song Jana may sing lead, the next Lena.

The Santoni Family is versatile and a magnificent family group. It is their differences that helps make them great. People cannot get enough, the hits on their songs are growing quickly. Their music will soon be shared all around Europe. They will be touring in, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Take time to listen and watch their videos and you will agree, they are one of the best out there anywhere. Santoni Family is incredible!