Little Ladiez

Little Ladiez at stars2come


What a fabulous quartet we have here. The harmony these girls have is amazing, there voices fit perfect together.  Introducing Kelsey, Hayley, Molly, and Lindsay together they are the Little Ladiez. They are the next pop sensation. These girls have a great sound and a great look, their bright and colorful outfits really makes them stand out. The show they put on is one you don`t want to miss, their performances are always full of energy. There is nothing boring about these girls.

These girls have not been together as a group all that long, only about two and half years, but to listen you would think they grew up performing together. Their music director and coach Billy Pernell, has been doing an amazing  job with them. The girls first started out in musical theater when they were younger doing this professionally. They have been on national tour, Kelsey and Hayley with The Care Bears and Molly and Lindsay with Annie. They have been in many different shows separately on Broadway and TV, some of which include Samantha Who and Desperate House Wives. They study regular with actor John D`Aquino and they have written a short vignette with him that they hope will be made into a series or short film. The talent these girls have when it comes to entertainment of any kind, is outstanding. They have accomplished a lot individually, but their first public performance together came in August 2008, in Hollywood California. this was for Jami Templeton`s Purple Skies album release.

Little Ladiez at stars2come Since their first performance together, they have been very busy performing all over. After listening to them, it is not hard to see why they have become so popular. In 2009 they performed for a crowd of 20,000 people at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks. They sang the national anthem and a set of originals and covers, plus they were on the radio then too.  They had a great time when they opened the show for comedian Gallagher at the Lake Havasu Patriot Days in Arizona.

These girls are not leaving any part of the business out. They also write and co-write a lot of their own songs. They have a lot of originals, but  most of the ones that has been recorded was written by their producer Alex Cantrall. One of their new songs they are recording Boom Boom is a great song with an awesome beat. This song should be an award winner. This song was written by Ryan Stewart, then re-composed and edited by Alex.

They may be a group, but they are still individuals. Kelsey, singing has always been apart of her life, and sharing it with others is something she has always wanted to do. Hayley says, that she is just a regular kid who happens to be lucky enough to do what she loves best, sing and dance. Molly is grateful to have been able to perform as a professional actress and singer, but her path also allows her to include athletics. She likes being able to train with the US Olympic Luge Team  in Lake Placid. Lindsay, is grateful that she has the rare gift of absolute pitch. She loves to use it to compose and arrange and create fun harmonies. She loves that all the girls in the group can carry out the harmonies so well.

Together they do share the same goals. To be great examples of sisterly, unconditional love, to share their talents and joys. To be able to put smile on people`s faces, and to learn and have a good time in the process. They do say how ever to get signed to a decent record deal would be fabulous. These girls have a lot going for them. They are hard working, and self driven. They have a compassion and love for what they do, and this is what will make them a great success.