One Step Away

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One Step Away is coming to you from out of Boston. This band is awesome! These guys really have it together. Everything they do is so perfectly in time, and their harmonies are fantastic. The music these guys put together will make you want to run right out and buy their music. All it takes is to listen once and you are hooked.

This great band formed in 2007, and since then they have been making some big waves on the music scene. The band is made up of some great talent, Adam Carrington – vocals, Terence Healy – guitar, Michael Nuzzolo – bass, and Ben Trudeau – drums, and together they are One Step Away.

They started performing together not long after they formed playing at different venues like the Sad Cafe in N.H. They got their first big show in 2008 at the Boston Music Festival. This helped to launch them into the local music scene and got them some bigger shows. These guys are moving on up. They have recently been on tour. They toured the upper east coast last year, and out to LA. One Step Away loved playing out in LA. especially for their own show at Universal City Walk.

One Step Away has some great original songs that are better than some of your top songwriters have put out. They write all their own music taking everything from things that happen in their lives. It is important for listeners to be able to relate to music, and the lyrics these guys come up with anyone can relate to. They have a full length CD out called “For The Broken”. The first song on the CD is a ballad “Next To You”, this song holds a special place in their hearts. It has a great meaning and always puts them in a bittersweet mood.  They had a CD release party in Boston and  had a blast. This was a very special thing for them, to have all the time and hard work they put into it, finally come out in one great CD.

They made their way to TV as well. They was on a TV show called Community Auditions a few years ago, and they ended up winning on four different TV shows. They got four different Star Of The Day awards. This show aired on seven different regional TV stations across all the New England states. They were also featured on the Season Final show because of all the awards.

These guys have a great sound, it is easy to see why they are being so successful. For some great music be sure to keep an eye out for these guys playing near you. Please stop by and pick up their CD “For The Broken” .