Ready Set Go



ready set go at stars2come   Now here is one hot group, Ready Set Go. They are quickly making a name for themselves in music and soon to come TV. This group is made up of all siblings, and together they make some awesome music. The harmony they have is exceptional, the tone in their voices match up very well.  These guys have their own sound, and it is amazing.

 The members of the group are, Jamie seventeen years old, (guitar), Noah fifteen years old (bass), Sydney thirteen years old (vocalist), and Graham eleven years old (drums). Together the are Ready Set Go. When it comes to the instruments they play, they each have ther own specialty, but they all play drums and piano.  Sydney has an amazing voice, she gets the expressions out really well, and never a flat note. They each perform their part perfectly. How ever there is one, Graham, now according to the others he is the jokester of the bunch. Every group needs a jokester to help lighten things up, when it gets stressful.

 Ready Set Go, this is a perfect name for this group, because that looks like what happened, someone said, “Ready! Set! Go!”, and they did just that. They took off on a run, performing all over with at least fifty shows a year. They have been on tour sponsored by Gibson, called The Milk Rocks Tours. This tour has taken them all over the country, and they say, “it has been a blast!”  When Gibson provides a bus there is pianos, recording studios, and guitars every where you look so they can jam. Also Gibson has tons of awesome snacks on board. They have been having some great gigs, one was Universal City Walk at Universal Studios. They did that show with Dylan and Cole Sprouse from Suite Life On Deck  for a movie release party. Another was The Mint in LA, they said,” it was a really cool club”. They performed here with Simon Curtis.


ready set go at stars2come 

 Ready Set Go, are not just fantastic performers, they are great writers as well. One song they came up with is “Already Gone” an outstanding song. This song idea came from being so tired of the games everyone plays in a relationship. They said, “it was a kind of kick you to the curb break-up song”. When they write they all participate with it, and co-write with their producer Jeffery David, which happens to be their dad. Ready Set Go, has also been working with some pretty amazing people. They have been working with people like Scott Krippayne (“Make A Wave” Disney, “This Is My Now”).  They have a family friend that hangs out with them all the time, Gina Schock from the Go Go`s. Gina has helped co-write many of the songs. They say, she is very cool, and often takes them out for Sushi, and they have a blast. Jeffery has been writing with Robbie Nevil, and he has some amazing ideas. One song they have is “Anonymous”, about how sometimes your crushing on someone, and yet your really not ready to admit to anyone yet, but you let that certain person know, all secret agent like. They say, Robbie is a really great guy.

 Now, get Ready Set and Go to your TV. These guys will be coming to a station near you. They have just signed a production deal with Studio Lambert/ITV, these are the people behind Undercover Boss, and Mel B, plus many more shows in the US and UK. It is a reality series based on their whole family. It will be about living in Hollywood, the craziness of being on tour, school, studio, plus being different ages, puts them in different stages of life. On top of all that they have artists staying at their house all the time which gets really crazy, they say. This should prove to be a great show, there are many reality shows, but this one being based on  a family of artists has got to be awesome. This show will be one that, no one should miss.

 Ready Set Go is an amazing group, and do some outstanding work on their music. One song for example is “Messing With My Heart”,  is a really cool pop song with a bit of techno mixed in, making for an awesome beat. You can be sure there will be a lot of great things coming from Ready Set Go, and you are not going to want to miss a minute of they bring to radio and TV. Besure to stop by itunes and pick up their single “Already Gone” and stop by their channel RSGBANDTV.