THE CRISTEAS at stars2come

What an outstanding brother/sister trio, they have it all going on, a great sound and they always look amazing. Samuel and Melody are the lead vocals and the way they can bring out the emotions in a song is excellent. They capture everything in a song brilliantly; they make you want to listen over and over. They are truly the new teen sensations. Each one has great character; and Melody the camera truly loves her. It is easy to picture her on TV, maybe Disney or Nick and it would not be surprising to see her there soon.

The Cristeas are made up of Samuel 14, Melody, 11 and Abigail 13, together they make a trio that you cannot beat. Samuel was the first one to start singing and has always been amazing, and then Melody and Abigail joined in about a year ago. When listening to Melody sing it is hard to believe that she not only joined Samuel a year ago, but also started singing then as well. She sings like she has been doing it ever since she was born. Abigail spends many hours putting together all their dance moves and is responsible and credited with choreographing the band’s live performances, as well as their music videos. She also plays the accordion and has recently started to DJ. Each one of these siblings has their own talents  that they bring to the group that is making them such a big sensation. They say, they love performing as a brother/sister team, and they all get along very well.

The Cristeas started performing in public in 2012. When they perform in Santa Monica they end up getting a lot of gigs by people coming to see them and asking them to perform at other places. They also perform at Expos, festivals, outdoor centers, parties, and when they do not have a gig you can find them downtown third st. Promenade, Santa Monica. Their next big performance is coming up June 15, at Queen Mary. While they all love to perform, they each have their own favorite places that they have been. For Melody she loves performing at Santa Monica because they get such big crowds and she has so much fun performing for the amazing crowds they get. Samuel’s favorite was Halloween night at the Irvine Spectrum Center, because during their performance they ran through the crowd to scare them and they all enjoyed it. Abigail’s favorite was at a private birthday party in Bel Air because she loves to put smiles on children’s faces, and that is what they did. She said they were up dancing and clapping. It was a beautiful day she will always remember.

THE CRISTEAS 3This trio makes some great videos as well. In the video, “Stay” they kept it simple and in doing so they were able to capture the wonderful expressions they each had, and see just how in tune with each other they are. This is a video that you would expect to find at #1 in any video count down. Beautifully done! Another great video they made was, “Young Forever”. This video was filmed at the beach and is so much fun to watch, with their awesome personalities captured in it very well. It is easy to see that they had a lot of fun making this video even though it was filmed in January. They said it was a very cold day, but they didn’t care, because they had so much fun and built a bonfire to help keep warm. They get a lot of their ideas for the videos from watching others and then making them their own. They are currently in the process of shooting a video for their new single, Let’s Dance. This will be another outstanding video from the Cristeas.

The Cristeas are a sensational group, and part of what makes them so, is their performances are very tight, no one is off beat, or out of sync. This combined with the dedication to practice and make sure everything they do is perfect. Pretty much everything they do revolves around music. Samuel when he finishes up with school, he practices singing. He says, he believes practice makes perfect, and he wants to be perfect. Abigail loves to make other people happy, and she does her best to achieve that. For Melody singing and performing is her favorite thing in the whole world. She also likes going out. She says, she is lots of fun, loves to laugh and likes funny things. This is a big part of her character that shows through in her performances. When people like her are fun people, then the people they are performing for will have fun as well. A person or group does not become sensational without all these ingredients. It is all this along with their professionalism that puts them in a league of their own. The Cristeas are going to sweep the nation, and be packing arenas from coast to coast. They have the capability to rise beyond superstar to megastars. The Cristeas are truly one of the best pop groups out there today.