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Ciara Wilson

One of the best things about TV shows and films are the comedians that play in many of them. There’s nothing better than a good laugh. Ciara Wilson is one of these comedians that can spawn  one of those laughs. She is gifted in comedy, she can create a laugh from people through movements, facial expressions and verbally. 

Ciara started her career at eight years of age in Portland Oregon. Her first roles were voice-overs for Fred Mayer/Kroger grocery stores. She ended up being involved with several commercials in Portland before heading to LA. Once Ciara arrived in LA, her first project would be a co-starring role on, Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger. After this she would go on to be a guest-star on Disney’s Bizaardvark as Vicki “Hot Head” Fuego. Also on Dreamworks TV series “OMG” Ciara is recurring appearing in thirty sketches so far.  

The Disney episode of Bizaardvark vs. Hot Head is extremely funny. This show is fun for the audience and fun for Ciara. “Playing Vicki Fuego was one of the most fun and interesting experiences I’ve ever had” said Ciara. Surprisingly, playing the role of a fighter came easily for her. As it turns out, she has had a little training in the martial art style of Taekwondo. “But it was my professional Hip Hop dance career and athleticism that really helped me land the role” said Ciara. This episode is a blast to watch. Some of the faces Ciara makes in her scenes are “classic”, you cannot help but laugh. One of the cool things for Ciara, was the role of a tough and aggressive girl which is totally opposite of who she really is. 

In this episode there were a stretch of scenes with “Vicki” breaking several props. There was a cinder block which she punched to pieces and then chopped three wooden shelves in half. One of the funniest scenes was of Vicki pulling a stuffed bunny apart. She started pulling it apart by hand, then pulls its ear off with her teeth, and the look on her face was priceless. Pulling it apart with her teeth was not in the scripted.  “On the last take, I decided to take a risk and pull the last ear off with my teeth! Everyone in the room was laughing, and the director decided to keep it in the show” said Ciara.

Dreamworks TV is a bit like home for Ciara with her recurring on “OMG”. She says this has been fun filming and has met many lifelong friends through it. “Sketch  comedy is one of my favorite things to do and the OMG sketches were so funny and over the top” said Ciara. Cheerleaders were one of her favorite episodes to film. In this episode Ciara got to play alongside one of her best friends. They played cheerleaders who cheered for people in the worst situations. Some of these situations include, during a science fair, on a first date, babysitting, plus many more. 

Her talent as an actress has not been going unnoticed. In the spring of 2017 she won the Young Entertainer Award for Best Guest Starring Actress in a TV series for her role on Bizaardvark. She was also nominated for a Young Entertainer Award for her Dreamworks TV sketches as well as two Young Entertainer Awards for the same roles.  

Ciara may have played a mean tough girl on TV, but in real life she has a heart of gold. She is part of, The Children’s Outreach. This organization donates clothes, shoes and toys to kids. When volunteering you get assigned a child to pick out a package for specifically. “We always wonder where exactly our donations are going, so I love how personal the Children’s Outreach is” says Ciara.  Her favorite time to volunteer is during Christmas because many of the children come from financial backgrounds that do not allow them to have presents at all. “It’s heartwarming reading about their favorite toys and wish lists and imagining their faces when they receive their packages” said Ciara. She is happy to be able to can make a difference in their lives.  

For her fans, she says never be afraid to reach out. “I love love to talk to my supporters about their dreams, passions and favorite things to do” says Ciara. She also says, she responds to comments and direct messages often and its the best way to keep in touch with her. Ciara loves to inspire others.


Gavin Magnus

People from all around have been entertained by the antics of Jeffy and Gavin on YouTube. For those who may not know, Jeffy and Gavin are puppets. Gavin Magnus is the creator and mastermind behind the skits that Jeffy and Gavin are seen. Gavin has an unlimited imagination sending these puppets on hilarious adventures. Gavin’s puppets have grown a huge audience and has become well known for his works. His idea for the puppets came from watching SML and Jeff Dunham on YouTube. “It inspired me to create my own puppet, “Gavin puppet” has it’s own unique style and personality, and is obsessed with his hair and clothing” says Gavin. He has a vision of seeing his puppets on TV or the big screen inspiring other children. 

One of the aspects of being a great entertainer is having an imagination. Gavin’s imagination began showing itself at the age of three. “I have been an entertainer since about three. Singing, dancing and driving my mother crazy” says Gavin. He would turn on Justin Beiber,  put on his mom’s gold necklace and dance on the kitchen table. It is at this time, his creativity for skits came to light. “I have always liked to create my own skits and shows” says Gavin. He is now ten, and working hard for his dream. 

Gavin’s ambition to be an entertainer has earned him many projects. He is a series regular on Reckless Juliets where he plays the role of Parker Bennett. Parker is a ten year old who likes to drive his older sister crazy, and a clever smart alec. He also has a diverse sense of humor and full of comedy. “I like playing Parker because I am that way with my older brother Jake” says Gavin. 

Another project Gavin has been working on, which the first episode has just aired is called, When Sports Collide. This is a fun show to watch, it’s funny and creative, truly a must see show. There’s been six episodes made so far. It is based on taking two or more sports, combining them to make a new creative sport. You can watch the shows on DreamWorks TV.

Coming out this month will be a Bravo series, Minor Renovations on HGTV. Gavin will be playing alongside Eric Stromer, where he plays a young designer. 

His dream is to be a great entertainer, to be on stage, sing and be a versatile actor. “I like drama and comedy. I want to share my talent with the world” says Gavin. Some of his inspiration for acting comes from watch Kevin Hart. Gavin watches his movies over and over, his favorite is Central Intelligence. 

Outside of having fun with all of his many projects, he also finds time to have fun at home. Gavin is a gymnast, he has a trampoline which he practices flips. He trains two to three hours a day. He also helps his mom rescue animals, mostly Weimaraners. “We drive sometimes hours away when we get a call from the rescue team. We foster, then give them a home” says Gavin. Just a few things you will find at Gavin’s home would be, 8 snakes, 4 dogs, a gecko and 2 brothers. It would not be a boring visit at his house. 

Be sure and catch Gavin in all of his adventures. All of the projects that are currently out, shows how incredible he is. He’s funny, creative and a wonderful entertainer. 

Kacey Fifield










Kacey Fifield is a singer and actress who has become popular, very quickly. Kacey is eleven years old and about as adorable as you can get. She is originally from Chicago, but now lives in LA. The world of entertainment is gaining a new icon. Kacey is on the rise in entertainment, and is extremely gifted vocally and in acting, but it doesn’t stop there. To become an icon, it is necessary to be known and involved in many fields of entertainment and Kacey is doing just that. She reaches beyond acting and singing, and on into dance and fashion to the point of being a trend setter. Her fashion sense can be easily seen in her video “When I Grow Up”. There’s many great actors and singers, but to make it to the top and beyond, a person needs to stand out, and never be forgotten. That is Kacey, once you watch her, you never forget, she becomes recognizable instantly.

To find a spot in the entertainment field it requires a lot of hard work and determination to make it, and for those who do, there’s always a beginning. For Kacey it started all the way back to Chicago when she was seven years old. When she was seven, she began taking acting lessons. Within a few months Kacey went to IMTA in New York which is a talent competition. She received a few acting awards through them as well as it being her first time acting in a public setting. Six months later they moved to LA.

Kacey made her debut acting performance in NY at seven; at eight she made her singing debut. It was at her school’s band performance that she sang publicly for the first time. The song was Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Her next performance was at her school’s talent show where she sang, “Shy” from Once Upon A Mattress. This was her beginning, but has now grown in a huge way in a short time.

Kacey loves to make people laugh, so for her, comedy showcases are a favorite. For singing, she says “Shy” was a favorite because it surprised people who didn’t know she could sing.

Already at this stage of her career she has been recognized for her talents. Kacey has been shortlisted in three Grammy categories for her debut single “When I Grow Up”. Earlier this year she was nominated by Young Artist Awards for best young actress in a short film and web-series.

Game Shakers is one of Nickelodeon’s hit series, and one of which you can find Kacey. On Game Shakers she played Karissa, and loved it. “It was a super fun set and the other actors were so supportive, friendly and goofy, that working with them was a pleasure”, says Kacey. She also says the producer, director and crew were pretty amazing as well.

Like anyone else Kacey dreams about life as an actress and her long-term dream is to one day win an Oscar and be a role model for other actors. “Shorter term dream is to play a bit rebellious girl who through many adventures in the wild saves the world or a day or something like that”, says Kacey.  She would also like to play a spy or heroine. “I think this type of role would be so much  fun either in a feature film or a TV series”, says Kacey.

Kacey Fifield at stars2come

Kacey has done well in acting and now she has combined acting with music. She has some music videos out and they all showcase her skills as a singer and actress. One of her videos is called, Hear Me Out which she wrote. “I wrote the lyrics to the song with the thought of people listening to us, younger generation”, says Kacey.   The video is meant to show the world needs more kindness and to help people understand that kindness matters. Her video should inspire others to make the world a better place. The younger generation can often see things differently and help bring change.

Hear Me Out, took two days to film and was fun for everyone. It was fun for Kacey because she loves being on set. “I had a group of kids and we all became friends and had a great time filming and goofing around during breaks”, says Kacey.

Her music video, California is a bit different, because it was partially filmed during her other video, When I Grow Up. “It is lighter in subject and it talks about  me moving to California and enjoying my journey”, says Kacey. When I Grow up was her first music video, and it has been a huge success.

  When it comes to entertainment, the entertainer is always looking to make people happy and bring some kind of emotion. That is exactly what Kacey does and what she loves. “I really love making people happy, making the audience smile or laugh. I also love making people feel something special and influence their thinking through comedy, drama or my singing”, Kacey says.  Kacey is a first class entertainer.

Kacey Fifield at stars2come

There’s a lot of great things coming from Kacey soon. Be on the look out for a new single to be out very soon. Also her first EP is expected to be out early next year. When it comes to her acting, she is always working on new projects and videos. She is a vlogger in her spare time, she makes videos for her channel Kacey Fifield Variety. Stay on the look out for new videos there.  Keep watch on the YouTube series Kids React, she is a regular and new episodes come out each week.

Putting the acting and singing aside, Kacey has a wonderful personality and she is a positive person. She is also huge animal rights supporter. Kacey has two rescue cats and is a volunteer at a dog rescue. “I am even starting a club at my school to save animals and help spread awareness”, says Kacey. She is also a vegetarian and loves pizza and chocolate. Kacey is your everyday normal kid who happens to enjoy entertaining people. She is sure to inspire many others like herself. Another kid with a dream will dream to be just like Kacey.


Skyler Wexler

Skyler Wexler at stars2come




Skyler is a beautiful young lady that is quickly climbing the entertainment ladder carving out her piece of the pie. Skyler has been having great success in film and music. Most pretty little girls will want to be princesses behind the camera, but not Skyler. Most roles that Skyler takes on are darker, thriller adventurer types, and this is setting her apart from many others. The road less traveled for kids, is the one that has gained her such success.

Skyler started acting when she was five years old. Her first big role was the lead in a short film called, Captured Bird. She says this was a very cool experience because she got to work with monsters. From this start, Skyler has grown her resume to where it is almost as long as she is. Part of her resume includes, Alphas, Warehouse 13, Against The Wall, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, Carrie, Orphan Black, and Reign just to name a few.

Skyler Wexler at stars2come  For those of you that are fans of the TV series Orphan Black, you must be a fan of Skyler. Skyler plays the role of Kira and has been on the show for three seasons. Kira is the daughter of one of the clones played by, Tatiana Maslany. Skyler says she has learnt a lot from being on set with Tatiana.  In Carrie, she played young Carrie alongside Julianne Moore who played her mom. Skyler said she was happy to get to meet Julianne. Chloe Moretz played the older Carrie and Skyler said it was great meeting her, but seeing her covered in blood was kind of gross. “Since then I’ve had the chance to be bloody myself and it’s actually really cool”, says Skyler. It has gone on to where she has been on fire, hit by a car, had surgery, glass smashed on her, been around guns, stunts, make up, play dress up, act like other people, and learn from others. She says, she just enjoys the best play dates a kid could ever ask for.

It is a lot of work being on set, and it’s like a roller coaster. “There are parts that are fun, scary, cool, educational, emotional, but it is all part of the ride” Skyler said. When a project comes to an end, it’s sad for Skyler, but she cannot wait to start another.

Skyler is a talented and successful actress, but she is also growing as an artist. She has been singing as far back as she can remember. There were things in her life that made her want to sing; her dad playing the guitar and her mother would sing her a good morning song every day. Her first singing performance was in senior kindergarten and was asked to do a solo holiday song for their holiday assembly. Around four or five years old she joined an after school concert program, and was the youngest in the group.

As an artist Skyler has put on many performances, but the most memorable for her are the ones that were fun and exciting to prepare for. Her piano recital is one of those performances. For this she not only got to play, but sing to her music. She also liked when she did the musical version of Peter Pan for her school play. In the play she got the part she was wanting, Captain Hook. One other performance that stands out to her is when she sang the  Canadian and American National Anthems at a hockey arena in front of thousands. Skyler’s favorite performances are those with meaning, like charities. Some examples are, Sick Kids Hospital, CAMH, Autism Speaks Canada and Autism Sings.

Skyler Wexler at stars2come  At just nine years old Skyler is making herself known to the world and enjoying every minute of it. When she is acting, she enjoys learning the lines to try to become the character. Then comes working with the cast and crew to bring the person to life. “When I sing it’s different. Instead of having props, set, and everything else you have when you act, it’s all up to you” says Skyler. When it comes to singing you have to make the audience feel what you feel in your music. She says if the music does not relate to her, but likes the song, she thinks of something similar that she has experienced so the feeling and emotions will come out through her eyes.

A lot of kids her age love to dance or play hockey and wants to continue. Skyler however loves singing and acting, but many people do not understand her passion for them, and how much being on stage and on camera makes her happy. She says at nine years old getting people to take you seriously as an artist is not easy. Skyler’s singing coach has helped her grow as a singer and has given her the chance to sing and record with other talented artists who are willing to give kids a chance. Skyler said her piano teacher has meant a lot to her as well. Because of the chords that he has been teaching her, she can now create her own music while continuing to learn.

Skyler knows who she is, and what she wants as an actress and an artist. Both takes imagination and creativity to bring a character or story to life, and Skyler is able to do it very well. In her music video, House Of The Rising Sun you get to see both sides. Vocally she drags you into the story and keeps you there. While on camera her eyes bring you into her character and  lets you feel what she is feeling. It is without doubt, Skyler is one of the best skilled at portraying a character and making you believe she is that person. In music you believe the story she is telling. It does not matter whether it is music or film, when it comes to Skyler, you cannot wait to see or hear what she does next.


Hisana at stars2come





Stars2come has always prided itself for bringing the most amazing artists to light, but artists spans more than just music it comes in many forms. Art is something that is created with imagination and skill. Hisana is from Aichi Japan and is one of these such artists. However her great artistry is not in music, but like a great guitarist her creativity flows through hands creating beauty, but not beauty to the ear, but visually. It has been Hisana’s incredible anime that has been appreciated by many worldwide. 

Hisana started drawing about ten years ago. At the age of eight she got the encouragement to continue drawing from a school teacher that she had at the time when he seen one that she had drawn. It is because of him that she continues to draw today, and she used to enjoy drawing pictures for him, but unfortunately he has passed away and can no longer draw for the one who gave her the encouragement to do what she so deeply loves.

Hisana did get her encouragement from a teacher, but her talent did not. She has never had art teacher she has taught herself and practices everyday to sharpen her skill. She says she cannot go to an art school and will not be able to learn about drawing from the school she is getting ready to start. Hisana has a fear that she may have to stop drawing for a couple of years in order to study. This has happened in the past.

Hisana draws now because she loves it and she uses her skill to bring happiness and to show her appreciation to her friends. Many of the friends she draws are singers and some of them are, Ronan Parke, Haydn Mason, Beamer Wigley, Alexandru, Dalton Cyr and a few other friends. Currently she is mostly drawing Beamer, Ronan, and Haydn. Her art has impressed many people and these people she is painting are deeply honored.

Her first challenge she says was Ronan Parke. One day a fan of Ronan asked Hisana if they could put some of her drawing on Ronan’s page, she agreed. Her next challenge was Haydn she found him on YouTube and felt his voice was amazing. She became a fan of his right a way and he is now one of the people she draws most. This is how it all took off and  she now has many  great friends who she enjoys drawing.

 Beamer Wigley at stars2come The anime paintings she is doing are amazing and even though she has not drawn a comic book it is one of her goals and she would like to create the comic book of her friend Beamer.  She says Beamer is a cool and sweet person and she hopes to one day meet him in person. Beamer has taken the time to learn some Japanese so they could talk and in return she began learning English and this has allowed them to communicate regular and become great friends.  She says she still cannot believe Beamer is her friend and says it is a true honor for her.

Beamer says, he appreciates her drawings and paintings and knows she spends a great deal of her spare time doing them. This was the reason he learned the Japanese song, to show her all his appreciation because just saying thank you to her was not enough.

Hisana wants to thank her many friends out there because it was them that helped her out of a bad spot. About a month ago she was defamed by another twitter account and was going to stop drawing and showing them on twitter. However Ronan and many other friends came to help her out and Haydn was very worried for her, but thanks to all of these great friends standing by her she continues to share her drawings and paintings for everyone to enjoy. This truly shows how much she means to everyone, they are all on her side.

Hisana’s dream is to one day become a manga artist which would be a great honor, but she does not see it coming true. She says she does not mind if her dream does not come true because she has noticed how happy she is right now doing what she loves and that is drawing for her friends.

No matter what happens in the future for Hisana everyone that views her drawings and paintings enjoys them very much and respects and appreciates the wonderful talent she has. Her skill will be something she and her friends will be able to cherish from now on. Hisana’s talent is one that truly needed to be recognized and anyone that would have her draw for them would be greatly honored. She is exceptional. Be sure and stop by and see all of her wonderful drawings on her twitter.



Michelle and Olivia Cella

Michelle and Olivia Cella at stars2come




Michelle and Olivia are two amazingly talented young ladies who are currently in LA showing them just what two east coast beauties can really do. Both of these girls can do it all sing, dance, and act and they are on their way to becoming big stars. Both Olivia and Michelle have great personalities, they’re funny and very likable; LA along with the rest of  America will love them both.

Michelle and Olivia lives in New Jersey and in January 2008 their mom registered them into a local music academy where they took piano, music theater and vocal lessons. In the spring of 2008 the academy had their spring recital and this became their first singing performance. After this they both new they really loved performing and continues to perform for charity events. In 2009 they joined a local singing group where they performed regularly at retirement homes through-out New Jersey. They would wear costumes  and put on some great theater performances. They have also been on stage together when they were part of the tween pop group, the PS Dolls.

Michelle and Olivia have won some great awards for their amazing voices. They both have competed in the MAMTG competitions in East Hanover NJ and this has also become one of their favorite performances. In 2011 Michelle placed 2nd in the musical theater category and this year placed 4th in solo pop. For Olivia in 2012 she came in 1st place for classical voice, she sang a classic German song for this. She said this was totally different from what she usually sings. Then this past spring she came in 3rd place for pop vocal in the competition. They loved the experience, it was a huge event spanning 3 days and students came from all over to compete.

They both do love to perform every chance they get and they each have their own artists they like and enjoy covering when on stage. For Olivia she likes Lady Gaga. She says she likes her because she writes her own music and she is real. However she does not really like all the costumes she wears, but does feel they show her personality. For Michelle she just loves everybody. She says she doesn’t really have a favorite, she loves so many like, Justin Bieber, Sammy Adams, Emblem 3, and many more. These two might be a little different here and there, but one thing for sure is when they get on stage you will enjoy everything they do.

While they love to be on stage singing, they also love the camera and have appeared in front of one many times. They have been in everything from commercials to feature films and everything in between and their career grows more everyday. For Michelle this year alone she has had the principle role in 5 commercials (4 of them national) and has played the principle role in a Celebrity Ghost Stories segment on the Biography Channel. She has also played young Samantha Harris, (Dancing With The Stars host) and had the principle role in two web series. Michelle can currently be seen in a National IKEA commercial and the Norwegian Cruse Line. Olivia has been in several commercials and TV shows as well, and her acting goes back quite sometime with her first film shot at one and a half years old. This was a short film where she played the youngest daughter to a family, the film is called Bodies. Form here she moved into modeling and has appeared in Parents magazine a few times. From 2004 to 2007 they moved to Switzerland, while there they were ice skaters for a insurance commercial. Once they were back in the states Olivia landed her first role in a feature film titled, “They’re Out of the Business”. In this film she had several lines and she knew then she loved the entertainment business, she was seven years old. So far for this year she has worked on TV shows such as, Deadly Sins, Stalked, and Celebrity Ghost Stories. One of the accomplishments she is proud of, is of her supporting role in a upcoming feature film called Blowtorch, directed by Kevin Breslin, and starring Billy Baldwin, Armande Assanti, and Kathy Nijimy. Lois Robbins plays her mom and Jared Abrahamson plays her older brother. She said they were all so nice and made it a great experience.

They are both great girls and Michelle says she is a caring person that really loves the art of performing, particularly acting. She will also be starting high school this year. Olivia has many interests like water skiing, ice skating, and even sew in her free time, not to mention she loves spending time just being a kid. They both hope to continue with their careers and to hopefully land a lead role in a feature film or become a regular on a TV show. These two girls are in LA right now, and you can bet they are going to turn LA upside down with all the charm and talent they have. Both Olivia and Michelle are amazing with any project they do on stage or on film, making for great additions for the entire entertainment industry.


Michelle Cella
Michelle Cella
Olivia Cella
Olivia Cella





Menglan Ho

Menglan Ho at stars2come






Menglan is a very cute young lady out to start making her mark in acting and singing. She has not been at it for very long, but she is getting a great start. Menglan is very kind and sweet. She likes doing things that helps others in some way. She has not done much singing out in public, but what she has done was all to help others at charity events.

Menglan lives in Canada, but she was asked to sing in China for a news network. This was to raise money for people that were sick and did not have enough money to pay for medical supplies. She has also sang in New York City to raise money for schools. Menglan is always willing to help.

Menglan is also working on a movie project where she is the lead character; this movie is called, Magical World. It is about happiness, magic, and how people help other people. She is the main character and her name is Olivia. In the movie she does a little of everything from singing to dancing. Menglan says she likes the character because she is sweet and cares for people. She also likes doing the movie because she has lots of fun and gets to talk with new people who are in the movie. Yuchen Wang is one of her co-stars and her favorite to work with because she always works with her and she is her classmate as well. They do a lot of fun things together like sing, dance, act and chat. Once this movie is finished be sure to check it out and see the amazing Menglan. The movie should be ready sometime in August.

For someone who is just getting started,  she is off to a good start with her career. It may be just the beginning for her, but you can bet she has a lot of great things to come. She does love a lot of things outside of acting and singing, like riding bikes, movies and watching Disney. What a wonderful girl Menglan is.

Miranda Mendi “Light of Love”

Miranda Mendi


The new project of Satellite is the, Light of Love Movement which is led by spokesperson Miranda Mendi who accompanied Marco Antonio Regil to promote a new citizens’ movement that aims to bring a message of peace, harmony and love to the world. Through messages of reflection, music, news capsules and philanthropic presence in media, social networking, news, events, and records and other actions, spokespersons, children and all who join the movement in different parts of the world will promote the philosophy “Light of Love”.

Mendi Miranda is a girl of only 10 years, who in the wake of her intellectual life realizes the need to promote a more direct and simple union of the world in a Light of Love to solve the problems that are caused by us, themselves and future generations which should not be the solution, but be a part of and supported by Motion Satellite and Marco Antonio Regil who intends on turning each of us into that light of love that is within us.

Miranda in the short time she has been doing this work, she has worked with several foundations in which she has participated as a guest directing his message personally at various conferences and events and actively fundraising, also working as an actress in several movies and commercials, funds allocated to social relief work for children alongside the Lucas Family Foundation to help children in extreme poverty. The City of Children, has participated as a special guest of Mr. Joseph Galicot in Canaco for the Special Front Support Group Breast Cancer at its annual conference in Cecut in various local media, newspapers, radio and actively in our project Light of Love, recently she received recognition as the official sponsor of the Los Angeles station Hits and Memories, and she was in the first video with regional talent to support the world’s children. Love of Light started its activities in the month of November 2012, and recently appeared in Women’s Expo closing value of the Institute for Women in Tijuana to a very select group and had a very nice reaction from the presentation.

The first action of the organizers was to view a video clip of the first issue of José Luis Perales, “Let the children sing”.  This was recorded in the city of Tijuana by BajaSonic and produced with the collaboration of some outstanding artists from the region: Wooden Cross Choir, Miranda Mendi, Alesis, Alex Borja, Gerardo Sanchez. (Skala 3), Jorge Benitez, Carlos Benitez & Tony Alamillo (ACT) Alan Martinez, Aileen Sanchez, Ashley Sanchez, Axshley Mapula, Elise Gallas, Gallas Myriam, Camila Ruiz, Alejandrina Gonzalez, Silvia Figueroa, Gustavo Valdez, Victor Martell, Eli Perez, Jhovanna Sanchez, Layla Desiree, Gerardo Sanchez. , Misrel Monts, Danny Ortega, Nicole Chavez, Alecs Barrancos.Traugott Cabrera, Fausto Hernández. (Capella)

The second action of the organizers was to produce an album of Christmas music called “Light of Love This Christmas” and featuring artists from different countries who have joined Satellite Movement in recent years. The Light of Love shares a range of people doing the simple act of smiling at a person until the organization of mass events, capsules TV, websites broadcast media and many other actions that are generated by participants in a global movement with the ultimate aim to unite in one voice to make the world a better place.

In the three months since the start of this movement, organizations have joined in from Coahuila, Monterrey, Miami, Venezuela, China and Spain, who are coordinating different actions for the next few months with the intention to send this message from Tijuana and has been replicated  in different parts of the world through the different actions that were created by organizers as well as those created by the participants.

Satellite Movement has undertaken several campaigns aimed at promoting causes of civil associations and foundations nonprofit related problems and the future of children and the ecology. as: Children’s Hospital of  California, Fundacion Castro Limon, DIF, Unicef, Pasitos, Trompo Museum, Green Brigade, which transforms Foundation, Environment Expo, Museum of Man, Telethon, Red Cross, holding hands, Make a Wish, Kids forPeace, Boys and Girls Club of Mexico City, children and others.


On the artistic side, Motion Satellite and artists have participated in major art projects like: Sesame Street, Fame Code, Dancing with the Stars, Discovery Kidz, La Novela Rebelde, La Rosa De Guadalupe, Little Giants, I’m your Double, The Academy 10 and various national and international art competitions, discos, and social marketing campaigns, Televisa, Telemundo, Synthesis TV, Radio America, Newspapers and other media.

Miranda’s message to the world.

“Peace is love of ourselves, we all have an inner light that if we unite becomes Light of Love, and it means not to attack our neighbors in any way, because if we do, we hurt ourselves. We should love and accept ourselves as who we are, and to love others. Peace is the light that illuminates the universe and gives us a reason to live in a world of blue, not gray, a world where there is no fear, only love. Light of Love is giving without expecting to receive anything and accepts everyone equally.  We have to have Paz (peace), join us with one voice, in the same song, Light of Love”.

Miranda Mendi

Mario Lagsbartt: Director,,,