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American Hope

American Hope at stars2come

There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs written by them and they are all incredible. Every song on the CD is fun and comes with a positive message. Once you listen to the first song, it will have you hooked, not wanting a song to end, but at the same time, can’t wait to hear what the next song brings. American Hope is one of the best groups to come up in a longtime. They have the sound and the songwriting skills to drive them to the top of the billboard charts. Their CD is as good as any out there. The songs are brilliant and well executed.

American Hope resides in Atlanta, Georgia and they are three talented brothers. The members are: Jameson is fourteen he plays lead guitar, rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Jadyn is thirteen he plays guitar, bass and vocals. Kenyon is eleven he plays mostly drums, but can also play guitar and he sings harmony. Even with knowing their ages when listen to them, it’s hard to believe they are not a band that has been around for twenty years. The boys are strong and tight with their music. Jameson has killer vocals with a nice rasp, and a lot of substance to it. They need to be heard from coast to coast.

In 2009 they decided that being on stage performing is what they were interested in doing. This decision came after attending a gospel concert and hearing a group called, “Accappella”. “We loved their stage presence and how good they were and how good their harmonies were” Jadyn says. The next day they told their mom they really wanted to take singing lessons. “So she signed us up for voice lessons. Almost immediately, we started performing in local concerts and for church groups” says Kenyon. They were invited to perform at a popular holiday show at their Paulding County Christmas Spectacular Show that December. They were a big hit and returned to perform for the next two years.

Once American Hope got started, they became highly sot after, performing all over Georgia and in Alabama. In their second year of performing as a band, they were invited to perform at a private event concert at Randy Owens farm (he is a member of the famous group Alabama). The farm is  on Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, Alabama. Randy is their second cousin and has been a big inspiration to them musically. Randy has given American Hope many opportunities to open for him, either at private events or at his fan appreciation concerts known as, Fandemonium. “We just look up to him so much and appreciate the opportunities he has given us to grow as performers” says Jadyn.

American Hope got the opportunity to open for Lisa Kelly (former lead singer for Celtic Women) at her show at the Fred Amphitheater in Peachtree City, Georgia. Since the first time opening for Kelly, they have had the pleasure of doing so a few more times. They say she puts on a fabulous show with world famous artists each year. “We are so blessed to take vocal lessons from her at the, Lisa Kelly Voice Academy. We just love her! She is so kind and encouraging and just so amazing to work with” says Jameson.

With no surprise American Hope has been nominees for the Georgia Music Awards two years in a row 2015 and 2016 in the Youth Country/Rock Band category. Also they were nominated for Best youth Video in 2016 as well. For both years they were selected to perform at the Awards show. They said it was fun to perform on stage with all their fellow Georgia music artists.

When they are out performing the boys prefer to perform their own music, but they sometimes do cover others. When they are covering other artists, they enjoy the Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw and Alabama. They will sometimes throw in a couple Eagles songs in there too.

Getting up on stage performing and making people happy is what it’s all about for American Hope. “It is so great when the crowd is excited and into the music” says Jadyn. Jameson says he loves sharing the talents that God has blessed them with. Being able to reach out to people and make them feel good through their music means a lot to them all. They have a strong faith system in God and family and they really want to share goodness with the world. “Our parents have been a great influence on us for good and we want to continue that” says Jadyn. The boys strive to be a good influence on the youth of today through their music. Kenyon says that is why they are so picky when it comes to the songs they perform. He also feels that each song has a message and they want to make sure the message they give out is a positive one for whoever hears it.

They are all excited about their new CD American Hope that just came out. The boys have worked hard on recording  it for about a year and during that time they learned a lot. Jameson wrote four of the songs and their mom wrote the other six. They often have writing sessions as a family. There’s always new music happening at their house, their whole family loves music. They already have a bunch more songs written that have potential to be on their next album.

American Hope has many performances coming up this fall that they will keep posted on their website, American Hope so be sure and catch them live. Their performances are all well done and looks like they have been doing it for years. They have so much natural talent and drive that there’s no limit to what they can accomplish and go in music. Their CD American Hope is proof of how good they are. It is like they were true veterans of country music you cannot tell any different. American Hope is a group that we will hear about for many years to come.

Italy’s family of music the Santoni Family

Santoni Family

Music has been a staple in people’s lives throughout the world for generations. The largest number of those who have the love for making music are the family bands. In all cultures families can be found regularly singing and playing music all around their home and town. Some of these family groups are exceptional and become wanted for their music. One family group has become one that people are growing to love around the world. This group is from Italy called, Santoni Family.

Santoni Family is made up of dad Peter, Jana fourteen and Lena ten years old. Peter has been playing music now for thirty years and is well seasoned. When listening it is clear, he is highly skilled with guitar and vocals along with a rasp that makes any song a favorite. Jana, she has gained some of her dad’s rasp and is developing very well. Her rasp is more defined in the cover song, Knocking On Heavens Door. The dynamics found in Jana’s voice is remarkable. When she sings, she glows, the love and passion shines along with great charisma. Then there’s Lena. Lena appears to be in a whole other world when she is singing and seems to be little effort needed. You cannot help, but love Lena she has charm, and a smile that would win over anyone. Her vocal ability is extraordinary to be only ten. Her voice has depth as well as dimension. Each person has something different about them that makes their music incredible, and music you love.

Peter says it all began in 2011 at home in Passeiertal-Southtirol, Italy. Jana was nine years old and loved to be on stage as well as sing with her dad. Lena was seven years old when she decided she wanted to join in. Lena wanted to be on stage too, with Jana being her role model. In 2013 they started their project as the Santoni Family with twenty-five songs.

Big stages and open airs are not what compels them to make music. For the Santoni Family, being anywhere playing music is fun. Bringing a good feeling to the people with their music is the best thing for them.

Any true music lover will love music from the 60’s, and the Santoni Family are no different. They love performing rock and country songs from that era. When they are performing, they make each song their own. What the Santoni Family is doing with music, is something people from all around are loving.

Approximately one year ago the Santoni Family was invited to a German TV show called, Servus TV. From this TV show the video of Knocking on Heavens Door was made. Not only did everyone viewing this performance love it, but it also showcased the family’s abilities greatly. The audience did love this performance, but just as important, it shows how much fun Peter, Lena and Jana had doing it.

Everyone in the family are vocally gifted, but they are also gifted with instruments. Peter has played the guitar for many years, but his wife plays E-bass and all the kids are learning instruments too. Jana is learning the guitar, Lena is also learning guitar as well as the keyboard. The girls have a younger brother who is six years old named Simon, he is taking interest in the drums. Soon it will be a full band.

Lena and Jana

One of the best things about performing for them, is the applause and see the people rejoice. This is enjoyment for them. Peter hopes that the girls will continue throughout their lives making music that brings pleasure to them. It is just as important to Peter for the girls to stay true to their nature.

As impressive as the Santoni Family is with making music, they are also great writers. One of their songs is called, My Black Horse. This is a fantastic song, great lyrics with a very catchy melody. The song is a fun song and in the video people get to see another aspect of the girls. Both Lena and Jana like nature and animals and want to be part of it. The black horse in the video belongs to Jana, and it is a beautiful horse.

Jana and Lena are similar in what they like and what they do as well as share when it comes to music. For instance, Jana has hobbies that include singing, swimming, ride horses and meet friends. Jana says she cannot imagine life without singing. Lena, she enjoys singing, riding horses, climb, play guitar and keyboard, and meet friends. Lena says she sings because it makes her happy. When on stage or if they are recording, they share the lead vocals, one song Jana may sing lead, the next Lena.

The Santoni Family is versatile and a magnificent family group. It is their differences that helps make them great. People cannot get enough, the hits on their songs are growing quickly. Their music will soon be shared all around Europe. They will be touring in, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Take time to listen and watch their videos and you will agree, they are one of the best out there anywhere. Santoni Family is incredible!

Kate and The Howlers

Kate and The Howlers at stars2come

There’s some big exciting things happening in Alabama and it’s Kate and The Howlers at the forefront of that excitement. This talented group of five, have been burning up the stages all around Alabama. They have a great sound, great energy and the crowds love them wherever they go. The band itself is well tuned making a good and balanced sound. Kate brings to the group a good quality voice and a  great tone that blends well with the band. Once you hear them it is easy to understand why they are so well-loved.

Kate and The Howlers are made up of four boys and a girl, their names and positions in the band are: Kamp McMinn twelve on drums, Paul McMinn twelve on bass, Will Hurley thirteen on keyboards, Will McCowan thirteen on guitar and mandolin and Kate Howell twelve lead singer. This is a perfect match of talent, each at the top of their game leading the group to be wanted by many.

In the beginning the boys were playing in Mason Music’s Rock Band League. Then in January 2014 Kate was placed with the boys and in the summer of 2014 it was officially decided to call themselves, Kate and The Howlers. The boys say that prior to Kate joining they were starting to jell, but when Kate joined them they knew they had found their singer. The group had their first gig together at Blackwell’s Pub in Cahaba Heights.

Since they made their debut gig together at Blackwell’s Pub, they have played many gigs and continue to remain booked. They have gained a few favorite gigs over time. Will Hurley says he liked Boutwell auditorium in Birmingham because so many famous people played there, FloraBama at the beach, and the DEKE house which is a fraternity in Alabama. For Will McCowan it was Exceptional Foundation Chili cook off, he liked the huge crowds and lots of chili, Saturn’s Radio Free Birmingham, “I feel like it was the best sounding gig” says Will. Paul is big on the chili cook off as well, he likes it because it’s for a good cause. Kamp is in on the cook off and the DEKE house. Kate loved the FloraBama because it was on the beach.

Kate and The Howlers have done well and has gained recognition. The awards and placement in various contests has helped in that recognition. So far they have placed second in the Jam for Sam battle of the Bands, they have won a couple of times at Mason’s for 13U and have won their schools best band in ArtForms.

The band has a great original song out called, Acrophobia. The song was basically put together with the help of them all lending ideas to it along with the help of some others. “We co-wrote it with people at Workplay. They asked us about ourselves and used the information we gave them to come up with the foundation of the song. We built it from there” says Kate. This is a song that everyone needs to hear.

Aside from their original song, there’s many other artists they enjoy listening to and covering. A few of the artists are, Head and the Heart, Red Hot Chili Peppers they like them, but do not cover and Amy Winehouse. Paul really says it the best about favorites and music. “I don’t have a favorite, but our twist makes any music fun” says Paul. He is right, when you listen to their music, it is their own spin that makes it fun.  And when people go anywhere to see and hear a performance, they are looking to enjoy themselves and have fun. Kate and The Howlers provide that fun and that’s a big part of why they are in such demand.

As a band it is about entertaining people and that is one of the reasons they love performing so much. They say it is exciting to put a show on for people and hear the compliments as well as to be able to hangout on stage with friends. Of course playing music for a large crowd is the best. They all hope to make it big and be famous one day. Paul says to play for the rest of his life is what he is looking for. Kate would love to travel and see the world while making music.

There are a few things the band would like people to know about them individually. Paul loves playing the bass, but he also loves playing guitar. Will Hurley says he seems more serious than he is, but his band-mates get him. Will McCowan besides making music he enjoys many other activities like golf, fishing, hunting and football. Kamp says when faced with a challenge he stops at nothing to overcome it. Kate she is in love with New York. What a great group of people who likes many different things and come together making great music.

If you would like to catch them in action they will be at the DEKE house again and soon headed to New Orleans. The whole band is looking forward to their trip to New Orleans at the end of May. They are excited about playing the streets in New Orleans. If you are in New Orleans be sure and find them.

What a powerhouse of a band Kate and The Howlers are. They are such a tight band no one is out of place, they are a group that you can just sit back and enjoy all day. Good bands that are tight are not always easy to find. It is clear they spend a great deal of time in rehearsal and it is really paying off. Anyone in need of a band, this is the one to hire, they are will entertain everyone. Amazing group!

The Christopher Brothers


There has been many great boy bands to come along and now The Christopher Brothers can be added to that list. These guys have the sound and look that just might make them one of the greatest ever. They are taking their music coast to coast and no one can get enough. What ever town the trio goes to perform, they will need to have the paramedics on hand to revive all the girls from their melted hearts. The Christopher Brothers are taking the music and teen world by storm.

 The Christopher Brothers have performed together since 2009. In August 2009 the band had their first gig at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California. This beginning has led them from one end of the country to the other. The band consists of Cameron Christopher the drummer and sings lead and background. Charles Christopher the lead guitarist and sings lead and background. Ethan Christopher plays bass and sings lead and background. Being all brothers, this gives them an edge over many other bands because they are already tight, and a connection only family can have.

The music biz takes a lot of hard work, in and out of the studio perfecting songs and performances. The Christopher Brothers are proof that hard work does pay off. The trio now have many live performances to their name. This group has no need for backing tracks. When they come to your town, it is all them.

The_Christopher_Brothers at stars2come

The Christopher Brothers had the honor of performing with the Marina Del Rey Summer Symphony with an 80 piece symphony “A Tribute To The Beatles”. They were the band to perform the Beatles songs with the symphony, as well as perform their own music. They say it was everyone involved from the producers to the audience that made it all amazing.

This past July 23rd they performed at Vidcon in Anaheim at the Firetalk booth. They had a big show at the Time Warner Center Shops at Columbus Circle in New York on July 28th. This was a big event with The Christopher Brothers performing a two-hour show. Robert Graham the designer, sponsored their outfits. After the show they hosted a meet and greet in their store with Whole Foods supplying the food.

 A lot of great things have been happening with the trio and TV appearances is part of it. They have done two morning shows so far. The shows were Good Day Columbus and Fox 2 Now St. Louis. On the shows they performed their original music a song called, “Smile”, along with an interview.  The Christopher Brothers were touring and performing in those cities.

When The Christopher Brothers is out performing they do a lot of their own music, but they also like performing covers. While there are so many great artists out there, the brothers do like covering Green Day and Blink 182. The boys say these two bands have amazing songs and are just fun to play.

 There are many videos the band has shot. They all have great music and fun to watch. The trio have a new video that will be released in the fall called, The Girl Next Door. The boys say this video was a lot of fun to shoot because, it is fun and silly. In this video they are running around and just singing, no instruments so that gives them more freedom to be creative.

The Christopher Brothers are very creative. They are in the studio regular developing their own music. With thirty-five songs written and fifteen of those recorded their creativity is coming to light and everyone loves it. They have a song out now called, “And Now I’m In Love Again” playing at supermarkets and Walgreen’s throughout the US. The trio does have a mix of songs, Carmen writes more pop and Charles writes rock. This gives the band a good variety. Some of their ideas for their songs comes from melodies that pop in their heads or inspired by girls and other situations.

 Watching these guys perform, you can see they are out just having a blast and that is important so the audience has a good time as well. They say when they are performing and see the crowd enjoying their music, that gives them great energy making for an even better show. Their goal is to have people worldwide listening to their music and coming out to see them live. It is their creativity and style that will propel them and their music worldwide. The Christopher Brothers is the next big thing!

We 3 and She


We 3 and She at stars2come

We 3 and She is an amazing group of girls from Michigan. The girls have a great chemistry, everything they do seems to fall together effortlessly, and their harmonies are breathtaking.

These five beautiful girls have come together to create enjoyable music that everyone will love. The girls have only been together as a group for about two and a half years. It all started back in March 2012 with two sets of sisters. These two sets of sisters consist of Cayenne and Ginger Johnson, and Phoebe and Jaclyn Holmes. These four girls were taking guitar lessons from Cayenne and Ginger’s dad when Cayenne brought in a flier to class for a Battle of the Bands; she wanted to enter. W hen she was asked who would enter, she said we three, and pointing upstairs, she. So the name of the group was born, We 3 and She.

For the Battle of the Bands it was required that the song be original, and uplifting. Cayenne took the challenge and put together her first ever original song. They performed the song for Battle of the Bands and won second place, plus $500.00. It was this performance that gave them the bug and launched them into their new careers. At the performance their friend Erica came out to see them. They knew Erica could perform, and it was not long before they asked her to join their group. We 3 and She is a blossoming group of young girls, Jaclyn 13, Phoebe 17, Ginger 13, Cayenne 16 and Erica 15 and they are out to make their mark.

One of their favorite performances came when they played the, Concert for Alayna. This was a local concert to raise money for a friend who had cancer. The girls liked this really well, it made them feel their music made a difference. They said, they also loved playing at the Michigan State Fair Superstar Competition. At the competition, We 3 and She placed 4th out of 32.

We 3 and She at stars2come  We 3 and She has done well and have many accomplishments as a group, but they also have excellent achievements separately as well.   Erica was a finalist  in the 2014 Detroit Sphinx competition, a 2013 Canterbury Idol winner, and won Best Young Artist at the 5th annual Spirits Awards. Jaclyn and  Phoebe were the 2014 Canterbury Idol winners as a duo and finalists in the recent, National Singing Star Detroit Competition. Phoebe was the only Lake Orion high school student named to the exclusive 2015 US Army All-American Marching Band. Jaclyn, Cayenne and Ginger have competed and won various awards in national vocal competitions, such as OnStage NY, and Access Broadway.

One of the best things about being a group is they have each other to count on, both musically and vocally. They say each of them play an integral part in each song with their instruments, as well as their harmonies. The girls work so well as a team, if one is not there it is tough to make it work. WE 3 and She love their fans, and when people get up and dance with their music, that really makes them happy. When they are out performing they like to cover Fleetwood Mac. They say, they have well written songs with plenty of opportunities for harmonies. They are currently covering, Landslide and Dreams by them.

Their goal is to release an album or EP in the spring, and maybe actually make some money at what they love. They would also like to sing the National Anthem for a major sporting event. From here they would like to play bigger and bigger gigs,  hopefully getting into some real funding.

We 3 and She does a wonderful job covering songs, but they also have their own songs to share with their fans. Right now they have ten songs written, and plenty more growing. Each one has written or co-wrote an original song, but it is Cayenne who has written or co-wrote most of the songs. One of the songs they wrote is called, “Broken Dove”. This song is special to them and has morphed into something cool. The song has grown from a simple song that Cayenne wrote, to a band collaboration that became an almost living thing. Cayenne said her ideas often come while in the shower or sometimes when she is playing on her guitar she will come up with a riff and put words to it, and it blows up into a song. Sometimes when she writes with Phoebe and Erica they come up with some pretty cool stuff. No matter who writes a song, when they take it to the band it always becomes something different, but in a good way.

We 3 and She specialize in 5 part harmony, and have come a long way in a short time. They love their fans and have worked very hard to become what they are today. This group has become an awesome power and they are growing everyday. These five girls have a bond and sound that will make them standout from the rest, and they do. We 3 and She have the talent to one day, could be an icon just like Fleetwood Mac.

Keep your eye out for another video, this one will be on their original song, Broken Dove. They will be filming over Thanksgiving break.

March 4TH

March 4th at stars2comeThere is a sensational new pop band that is moving up very fast and out to take the world by storm.  This amazing band is “March 4th”. This band has an amazing chemistry all of their voices blend really well together and no matter what the song is they sing, the blend is so good that it in its self is catchy and refreshing. These four artists were meant to be together and so well tuned, it is a true delight to listen to them.

This amazing group is made up of Lynnzee (piano and lead vocals), Mitchell (drums), Garrett (bass and vocals), and Spencer (guitar and vocals) together they are March 4th. March 4th formed about two years ago. Their inspiration came from listening to music and watching other performer’s live concerts. Lynnzee started singing in the 3rd grade choir, and she took piano and voice lessons. At the age of fourteen she joined a rock band and it looked like fun, so they all decided to pursue music.

Since they formed, March 4th has performed at many places and this year they had the great pleasure to perform at NAMM 2014 in Anaheim Ca. in the Gibson Epiphone Showroom. They said playing for Gibson was a real honor. They have also liked performing for The Summer Shoe Crew tour and The Shoe Crew Halloween benefit show. They said these shows were awesome because the crowd was great and they made friends with the other bands.

For them, when they perform they love being able to feed off the crowd’s energy and entertaining them bringing smiles to their faces. They love seeing the reactions and to feel the adrenaline rush of performing. When they perform they cover many artists from different genres from funk to pop to punk. They enjoy covering songs from Paramore , Twenty One Pilots, The 1975 and they love changing up pop songs to their own like they did with Mylie Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”.

March 4th has been amazing and they are making their mark. March 4th were finalists on Cozy TV’s Next Great Family Band. They have also made it to the top ten best covers for Wrecking Ball on the Ryan Seacrest site. In December 2013 they were finalists at the Thousand Oaks Battle of the Bands. Last year they entered Paramore’s contest for the best cover video of “Still Into You” and Paramore shared it on Facebook. Their song was placed in an animated film called “MK Reloaded” which comes out this summer. Prior to the band forming Lynnzee won 2nd place in The Ventura County Vocal Superstar competition, best soloist at Disneyland with her high school jazz choir and numerous 1st place wins.

The members of March 4th are no strangers when it comes to TV either.   Lynnzee started doing commercials when she was four years old. She did one commercial for Toyota with George Clooney. Garrett and Spencer played the role of Zack Brady on Days of Our Lives for five years. When they were two years old they shared the role of “Bobby” on “Mind of the Married Man” on HBO. Then Garrett and Spencer started work as Raymond Hendrickson and Mitchell as the backup for Wayne Hendrickson on “Big Love”. This show was an original series on HBO and lasted five years.

March 4th has been doing a lot of writing on their own songs with several written and more on the way. One of their songs is called, “Memories” this is a special song for them because many people can relate to it and it is about just wanting to have fun. They get a lot of their ideas from things like life experiences, love, being young and enjoying life.

March 4th says music is a form of communication. If you allow it, it can change your entire mood whether you are happy and excited or heavyhearted and depressed. Music can help you connect to your feelings. They want to play music to let people know they are not alone.

March 4th are amazing and they are, marching forth to capture their dreams and make great music for everyone to enjoy. Be sure and keep track of March 4th on their website  

Mandee & The ABC Girls

Mandee and the ABC Girls at stars2come

The world is always in need of great wholesome music and entertainment. There has been many entertainers to provide wonderful entertainment like this over the years and one of the greatest is Donny and Marie Osmond. They always put on a great show and it was entertainment the entire family could enjoy and had you smiling all the way. The Osmond’s are from Utah and so are Mandee & The ABC Girls and they are bringing the same great entertainment.

This beautiful group of girls are destined to be one of the great family entertainers just like Donny and Marie, “but” times two. These girls have set out to make the world a brighter place, and they have certainly brightened many people’s day with their brand new video, “Shine Brightly”. There is no way a person can watch this video and not smile and it make things a bit brighter for them. It has a message of kindness and lending a hand to others in need turning a gloomy day into a bright shiny new one. This great song was written by their mother and then they all together came up with the melody. It was their dad that came up with the story line for the video. They said it was a lot of fun having all their best friends there to help. It just took two days to film, and it has been a great success. The girls say it teaches many different things and they hope it will help and inspire others. These girls do inspire people everywhere, the world needs many more just like them.

Mandee and the ABC Girls  at stars2come      Introducing the greatest new inspirational group today; we have Mandee 14, Aubree 10, Brittnee 9, and Christee 8 together they are Mandee & The ABC Girls the country’s greatest new inspiration and the pride of Utah. The girls started singing together as soon as they could talk, their parents would let them sing at parties and holiday events pretty much anywhere people would listen. They officially became came Mandee & The ABC Girls in 2010, it was when they decided as a family that they wanted to share their talents and music to the world. Their very first performance as Mandee & The ABC Girls was for a furniture store during Christmas. They said they sang all their favorite Christmas songs as people walked through the store and many people stopped and just enjoyed the show.

The girls really do want to bring hope and inspiration to people and one of the ways they enjoy doing it is performing at school assemblies. They say the kids at school really gets involved in their performances, they seem to feel their energy and the love they have. They also say when they leave, they have tons of new friends.

They love to sing together and they say it is what helps keep the family so close. Performing as a family teaches them to get along and compromise, and they truly do help each other to follow and live their dream. Their mission as a family is to create music and entertainment that will touch hearts in a real way. They hope to touch people in a way that inspires them to make a change in their life even if it is a small one and this is how everyone can help make the world a better place. Their goal is to be positive role models and inspire people all over the world to have dreams and to follow them with all of their hearts.

The girls have been doing extremely well together and their great musical talents have not only won the hearts of many people around the world, but also won the Hurricanes Got Talent in November 2013. They also made it all the way to the finals at Dixie’s Got  Talent this year in January. However it is not awards that they sing for, it is to make other people smile and feel happiness.

Mandee & The ABC Girls has also found their way into several commercials. One commercial was for a local Fun center and others were for a local furniture store. They hope to one day have their own TV show. The girls say they have many fun skits and would love to make people laugh. They are four very real and cute girls that would brighten any TV network out there. The world is in dire need of a new honest and wholesome TV show and these girls would certainly fill that spot very well.

Mandee & The ABC Girls do sing a lot together and they like covering inspirational songs that have powerful vocals. They like doing these they say because it helps to stretch their voices and improve their skill level as singers.

Mandee and the ABC Girls  at stars2come They do a great job with cover songs, but they have many great originals they like to sing as well. The original songs they sing are songs they write and these girls are great songwriters. All the songs on their new album, “Shine Brightly” was written by them. Their songwriting ability is outstanding and they currently have over 50 songs in various stages of development. Their favorite song on the album is called, “Popsicle’s and You”. They love it because it is about spending time with your family. They wrote this song while riding in the car going to their vacation destination. The idea to write positive, upbeat, being kind and following your dream songs came from a tragedy that happened in their family in 2010. From this they wanted something to give hope to those who were hurting, and that people do care. The album is dedicated to those who are hurting or have been hurt. The girls hope to inspire and change lives, even if it is only one. If this happens then they have accomplished their dream.

The girls love people and they sing for them to make a difference. They themselves are people too, they are not perfect, they make mistakes and even fight sometimes, but they love each other, they love to perform, but most of all they love to touch hearts. They want people to know they truly care and want them to dream, to hope and to believe in themselves.

Wow these girls do bring inspiration and they bring it in a big way. They have big hearts and dreams that are shared daily and we are lucky to have them. The girls are an amazing group that shows togetherness, love and hope. When they say they want to put smiles on people’s faces, well they have certainly achieved that, the world could learn a lot from these girls. Mandee & The ABC Girls are beautiful and very talented and have already made a difference and the world is a better place now that we have them!


Art Of Play

Art of Play at stars2come

Art Of Play is one of the greatest pop groups to come along. These great artists  are on their way to take over the east coast, then the country. One Direction currently has the attention of the teen world, but AOP is about to bring that to an end, because these guys are hot and they are bringing some hot music that the teen world will not get enough of. This amazing group is made up of, Ricky Webber (keyboards and vocals), Domenico Randazzo (guitar and vocals), TJ Coon (bass and vocals), and Tyler Volk (drummer and rapper), together they are, Art Of Play.

AOP  with their amazing music will have all the girls from coast to coast hanging on their coattails totally, “Love Struck”! Love Struck is the title of one of their amazing songs, lyrics written by Domenico and most of the music, but all the artists contributed to it. The song is about the trials and tribulations that teens go through when dealing with falling in love with someone and that is what will be happening to many girls everywhere when they fall in love with AOP. The song Love Struck is a song that shows just how talented  AOP is.  This song was put together very well, it flows nicely, its catchy and has a title that will stick in every girl’s head.  The video that was put together for this song is very well done and everyone in it done a great job and the video shows just how crazy the girls are going to be of AOP. Larry Hochberg former producer of MTV’s Pimp my Ride helped with the filming of this video. It was filmed at a large warehouse in their area and Larry brought in a lighting and film crew and AOP asked some friends to come and be part of the video. AOP said it was surreal, it was as if they were  working on a movie set.

The teen sensation Art Of Play has been putting out great music ever since they came to be. Ricky and Domenico had been playing in bands since the ages of ten and eleven. Then when the bands members were in seventh grade TJ and Tyler joined to form Art Of Play. Ever since this beginning they have been writing songs, recording and performing together. They are currently sophomores in high school.

AOP at stars2come

AOP has performed many times working their way to the top and stolen the hearts of many girls along the way. The first hearts they stole came when they started performing at local school and charity events. The group really likes helping out and has performed for the American Cancer Society, Morris Education Foundation and for “TeamSean”. TeamSean is an organization that raises money for a small boy in their area who has cancer. They have also performed at Morristown Green and Morristown Community Theater. Their plan is to cultivate a fan base locally, and then begin to branch out.

AOP has also performed at the famous Apollo Theater. They went to the theater to compete in the “Stars of Tomorrow’s Amateur Night” and won 1st place in 2012 and was invited back to perform at the Show Off Round. They said it was a real thrill and privilege to perform twice on the world famous Apollo Theater stage where so many great artists before them had performed. There is another performance that is a favorite of theirs as well called, “Sand Aid” in January 2013. Sand Aid is a benefit concert that AOP had organized to help raise money for the NJ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund . They invited several artists from the area to come and perform in the auditorium of Morristown High School. Art of Play did a great job with this event raising $5400.00 for the relief efforts.

AOP is doing amazingly well and all of their efforts are not going unnoticed. Art Of Play was featured on “Spotlight NJ” in a thirty minute segment with Della Crews the news anchor for NJ News 12. At the start of it they played their original song Love Struck and then followed by an interview and finally a segment featuring the recording of the track and some live performance footage. Della became interested in the band because she learned of all their work with charity especially the Sandy Aid concert.

Art Of Play does put on many performances and even though they have songs of their own, they do cover many genres and artists as well. They feel that it is their versatility that separates them from others. They said that they do not abide by any rules when it comes to music they can or cannot play from the many genres that are out there.

AOP are very skilled artists and their skills are growing everyday and this holds true with their writing. They have written six songs in the past year and the inspiration for their songs are all derived from personal experiences and experiences of others. They say that “Jealous Games” is probably their greatest song to date because it shows off their ability to write and self produce without the help of any record label. The video for this song is also 100% created by AOP.

Art Of Play is the hottest new boy band and they are making their way basically on their own. They write and record all of their music in Art Of Play’s basement studio and are currently working their way into film production. They are an amazing group that is stealing the hearts of teenage girls everywhere they perform. Art Of play is the next big thing! Keep track of their music on their website Art Of Play.