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Wow! What a great new artist coming up the ranks, Spencer. If you have never seen or heard Spencer, you are truly missing out. He is making a lot of noise and the noise has gotten louder with the release of his new music video, “Whatever”.  Spotify unveiled his new single on the Billboard in Times square.  

“Whatever”, is a love song about a girl that’s really special. This song has great meaning to Spencer. “There may be other girls you may have occasionally messed around with on and off, but they don’t really matter because you always come back to the perfect girl”, says Spencer.  This song would be a great one to dedicate to that special someone letting them know they are truly the perfect person. 

The video for “Whatever” brings the story in the song to life, with many special moments throughout. The video was shot all throughout LA wandering about the city. In the making of the video a few scenes they had a large crew involved, but for other shots he ditched the crew. For them to just take off and leave the crew, Spencer felt more of the authenticity that he wanted would be captured. He was correct, the realism is there. 

When preparing to shoot the video, Spencer wanted something different that made a statement, he got it. It was decided it would be shot with a cell phone. This was a brilliant idea. This is how these special moments would have been captured by anyone out on the town having fun. It gave it more life.  Spencer says, the director GAB3 was the genius behind the video. He also says, he and his manager J, GAB3 collaborated on the original concept, but made up a few scenes as they went along. 

Spencer is back in the studio working on more songs. Be on the lookout for more to be released. He also has several live shows coming up and more videos. His fans can follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Inspiring people to be themselves and bring out their true personalities is something he hopes to accomplish. Spencer says, “Life is too short to cover up the real you”. 



Gavin Magnus

People from all around have been entertained by the antics of Jeffy and Gavin on YouTube. For those who may not know, Jeffy and Gavin are puppets. Gavin Magnus is the creator and mastermind behind the skits that Jeffy and Gavin are seen. Gavin has an unlimited imagination sending these puppets on hilarious adventures. Gavin’s puppets have grown a huge audience and has become well known for his works. His idea for the puppets came from watching SML and Jeff Dunham on YouTube. “It inspired me to create my own puppet, “Gavin puppet” has it’s own unique style and personality, and is obsessed with his hair and clothing” says Gavin. He has a vision of seeing his puppets on TV or the big screen inspiring other children. 

One of the aspects of being a great entertainer is having an imagination. Gavin’s imagination began showing itself at the age of three. “I have been an entertainer since about three. Singing, dancing and driving my mother crazy” says Gavin. He would turn on Justin Beiber,  put on his mom’s gold necklace and dance on the kitchen table. It is at this time, his creativity for skits came to light. “I have always liked to create my own skits and shows” says Gavin. He is now ten, and working hard for his dream. 

Gavin’s ambition to be an entertainer has earned him many projects. He is a series regular on Reckless Juliets where he plays the role of Parker Bennett. Parker is a ten year old who likes to drive his older sister crazy, and a clever smart alec. He also has a diverse sense of humor and full of comedy. “I like playing Parker because I am that way with my older brother Jake” says Gavin. 

Another project Gavin has been working on, which the first episode has just aired is called, When Sports Collide. This is a fun show to watch, it’s funny and creative, truly a must see show. There’s been six episodes made so far. It is based on taking two or more sports, combining them to make a new creative sport. You can watch the shows on DreamWorks TV.

Coming out this month will be a Bravo series, Minor Renovations on HGTV. Gavin will be playing alongside Eric Stromer, where he plays a young designer. 

His dream is to be a great entertainer, to be on stage, sing and be a versatile actor. “I like drama and comedy. I want to share my talent with the world” says Gavin. Some of his inspiration for acting comes from watch Kevin Hart. Gavin watches his movies over and over, his favorite is Central Intelligence. 

Outside of having fun with all of his many projects, he also finds time to have fun at home. Gavin is a gymnast, he has a trampoline which he practices flips. He trains two to three hours a day. He also helps his mom rescue animals, mostly Weimaraners. “We drive sometimes hours away when we get a call from the rescue team. We foster, then give them a home” says Gavin. Just a few things you will find at Gavin’s home would be, 8 snakes, 4 dogs, a gecko and 2 brothers. It would not be a boring visit at his house. 

Be sure and catch Gavin in all of his adventures. All of the projects that are currently out, shows how incredible he is. He’s funny, creative and a wonderful entertainer. 

Sam Hurwitz

 Throughout time, various people have come along and made an imprint in human culture, for instance J.K. Rowling, Ron Howard, and Paul McCartney. What has set these people apart from many others is, they are visionary’s. People like J.K., Ron and Paul are dreamers who look beyond the obvious, and creates something that impacts people. Sam is one of these people who has the ability to see things differently, and create something that those who listen, can find themselves being part of his story. 

Sam’s ability to create began showing itself at an early age. At just two years old, Sam would play a toy guitar and make up songs. When he turned eight years old he began performing for others. It was his guitar teacher who invited him to his first performance, which was a songwriters circle.  

Big dreamers often demand big audiences, well Sam got just that. He got to perform a song at a NY Knicks halftime show at Madison Square Garden. Of course this was a favorite of his. “I had never played to an audience anywhere that size and it was very exciting” says Sam. Another performance that has become one of his favorite shows was at a gala for Stuttering Association for the Young. For this gala, Sam was asked to write a song just for it. “This was the first time I had to write a song on demand. I remember the songwriting process leading up to this gig well; getting ideas, scrapping them, forming melodies, until finally coming up with a song I thought was good” says Sam. For this performance, he was accompanied by a professional band, which he really enjoyed.   

The creativity Sam has as a songwriter has started to catch the attention of various people in the industry. He was an American Songwriting Magazine Daily Discovery and an American Songwriting Awards nominee for his song, Without a Rhyme. Also a weekly independent chart in the UK called, Fabchart has picked up several of his songs. 

Unlike most new artists, Sam doesn’t generally perform many cover songs, but he does like to learn them, mostly the instrumentals. However his favorite artist is Wilco. “I like them because of how memorable and unique each of their songs are” says Sam. Another favorite band of his is, Avett Brothers. He says their songs are very catchy and musically interesting, especially their album I and Love and You.  

Getting out and performing to showcase the songs he has written, is something he loves. Sam says he likes to see the feedback his songs get. “It is also fun to play numerous songs as a set, bringing together different projects that I’ve been working on” says Sam.  He also says, it is interesting seeing what the environment and location of each performance is, and who is attending.  

Sam’s dream is to always do something involved in storytelling and fiction. It doesn’t matter if it is through writing songs, writing stories or film-making. “I am fascinated by fiction; how one thought can create a whole universe, how one sentence that anyone can write can create characters and settings. I always want to be involved with stories” Sam says. He wants to harness his creative energy and always study , create, and experience fiction.    

To master the art of songwriting a person needs creativity and imagination to bring the story that is in a lyrics alive. These skills along with many others can be found in the songs Sam writes. He officially started writing songs at the age of six, he is now fourteen with sixteen songs complete. One of the songs he loves is, Without a Rhyme. He remembers the writing process and creation of the video very well. “I wrote it while I was at a creative writing camp and the process and place I was in, was very special” says Sam. The music video for this was his first and has gotten the most attention.  In four of his songs he adds harmonica and this gives a great flavor to them. His latest song, Everlasting Oak, he has combined the guitar and harmonica which brings back to life an old era from Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Sam felt this was the perfect song to add the harmonica. The guitar he used can be seen by another icon who used one like it, his name, Buck Owens. “The guitar I play in that song was a gift I received that came from the collection of my favorite musician Jeff  Tweedy of Wilco. It’s a 1969 Buck Owens American guitar and using the harmonica just felt perfect with this song and guitar” says Sam.

Creativity and imagination is not only needed in writing a song, but also, to inspire ideas. When he was younger, he said he would just pick up the guitar and start singing, and that would be the song. As he got older, his ideas came from books he was reading or more often, a theme he is interested in. “For Everlasting Oak, I thought trees and forests had a lot of great imagery and potential for thoughtful lyrics” Sam says. He also says, he likes to write his lyrics as poetry, and strive to make the audience think. “I don’t just say the theme straight out, or tell the story in a very literal way” says Sam. He likes to weave a more complex tale that will leave the listener making his or her own interpretations for it.  It is songs written like this, that stick with him. 

As of right now, he doesn’t have any up coming gigs to attend, however he is starting high school this fall. During the summers is when he works on all of his passions that he doesn’t have time for during the school year. “I was lucky that I got to attend amazing programs this summer for film-making, creative writing and music” says Sam. He also self published his first book in a fantasy series that he has been writing for two years. He hopes to publish the second this fall. 

Somewhere inside of Sam lies sort of a lake of creativeness that is growing deeper by the day. It is being fed by many tributaries of imagination, wonder, fiction and reality. It is felt in what he creates, that this is not just what he does, but who he “is”. He is the modern day Bob Dylan, much of who Bob was, can be felt in Sam’s music as well. Sam is not just an artist, he is a visionary. He looks at things at different angles, not just straight ahead like most. The stories that he tells are not empty, they are full of substance. The music he creates is what music was meant to be. This is only the beginning. Where will his name be in the future? Beside Ron, J.K., Bob, and Neil, could very well be!

Pop Artist, Kevin Kolk

Kevin Kolk is a new teen heartthrob taking on the pop scene. Being a Nashville resident, people may assume that he is all country, but they would be wrong. His unique voice and delivery style is all pop. Performances by Kevin are captivating, you become hooked immediately. When he picks up the guitar and starts to sing, you can feel the energy from him fill the room. Without doubt the world of pop is his home.

For all his life, Kevin has been drawn to music. He grew up watching and listening to his mom play guitar, piano and sing. By his mom’s side, Kevin would try and play as well, it was in his blood. Kevin’s debut performance was singing the National Anthem with his sister at the Milwaukee Bucks game when he was five. He picked up the guitar at the age of nine, his mom showed him a few chords and he was hooked. Now at age thirteen he plays the guitar like it was part of him. His fingers working the guitar are smooth and rhythmic, making for an enticing sound.  His heart and passion come through in his playing. 

Recently Kevin had the pleasure of having his first EP party. He was thrilled about the party. “It was my first opportunity to share my music from my EP with friends and family who have all been so supportive” says Kevin. He is excited to begin doing shows featuring music from his EP for everyone to enjoy. 

Kevin is drawn to the pop genre, he likes it because it seems to fit his style, and he likes to have his music centered around the guitar. He said it was much like Ed Sheeran does. “Ed Sheeran is a huge influence for me. His music is also centered around the guitar so it fits my style” Kevin says.

Performing is something Kevin loves, he says there’s nothing compares with the feeling of being on stage. Kevin longs for a successful music career, he loves what he does. He always enjoys hearing from his fans. You can follow Kevin on his Instagram at Kevinkolkmusic he will respond to his fans. 

Kevin is not just a gifted singer and guitar player, he is also a talented songwriter. “I am always writing. I have about 20-25 original songs” says Kevin. Everyone loves their mom and Kevin is no different, so he wrote a song just for her called, Beautiful As You. This is a special song for Kevin, because she is so important to him. 

Pop music has gained a new artist that will set the pop world on end. Kevin is highly gifted with music and lyrics. His voice, with his creativity in delivering songs, will capture and melt the hearts of the audience. If you happen to be in the Nashville area, and Kevin is performing somewhere, make it a point to see his show. He is quickly gaining fans, and he is sure to be climbing the Billboard Charts very soon.


UK’S Grand Voice, Reuben de Maid

The world recently feel in love with a young man from the UK with a grand voice when Little Big Shots aired Reuben de Maid. Reuben became an instant star on the Little Big Shots stage singing Jenifer Hudson’s song, You’re Gonna Love Me. He belted the song out with a voice that filled the room. When the song ended the entire audience was on their feet screaming in delight and amazement. The passion and emotion that comes through a song when he sings, he gives every word meaning. What Reuben does with music is, touch people. On Little Big Shots he did just that, he touched the TV audience as well as those at home. After the performance, his interview with Steve Harvey showed he didn’t have just a grand voice, but a grand personality as well. Everyone simply feel in love him as a person and singer.

Coming to LA and being part of Little Big Shots was a huge adventure for Reuben. He loved the experience of being on the show and talking with Steve Harvey. “Steve Harvey is so funny I love him” says Reuben. He also says that it was the best experience of his life. “I’m also in love with LA and if I could live there I would” says Reuben. It was evident listening to Reuben talk, he was having the time of his life. Also during the interview it became clear. he and his family are close, as well as having much humor. 

According to the interview Reuben had with Steve Harvey, it all started when he was given a karaoke machine. He apparently sang so much that his sister locked the door because she was tired of hearing him. She may have gotten tired of listening to him, but his determination and love of singing, is what has brought him to the attention of the world. This beginning didn’t only land him on Little Big Shots, but also the Ellen show, Good Morning Britain and many more. 

Reuben has appeared on many television shows, but it was Wales and the communities near by who experienced him first. He was nine years old when he started performing at competitions and charity events in Swansea. His very first performance was his favorite because he had tried to perform, but always backed out because of nerves. “When I did it for the first time, I had the most amazing feeling that it was where I was meant to be” says Reuben. Two years ago he won a singing competition in Wales called, Welsh Factor. “It was a brilliant experience” Reuben says. With a well tuned and controlled voice that Reuben has, there will be many awards to come his way throughout his career. 

Performing is what he has come to love. The feeling he gets when performing is amazing. “I love making people happy, seeing the audience smile, cry and laugh is the best feeling in the world” says Reuben. Performing is a way for him to express himself. He loves it so much, that his ultimate goal is to become a recording artist and have his own makeup brand. 

A creative singer such as Reuben, his music becomes art and Reuben feels the same when it comes to makeup. For him makeup is not just painting your face or hiding something, it is art. Looking through his pictures online what he does with makeup is, perfection.

Reuben has some great things coming up, he will be appearing on Little Big Shots in Britain which he is excited about. He is also starting his own online makeup tutorials as well as many things planned for his singing and charity work. 

After asking Reuben what he would like people to know about him, here is what he had to say. “I think I would like people most to know that I am sassy and kind, makeup obsessed professional singer artist with a very mischievous streak”.  

His sister may have locked the door to keep from hearing him, but you can bet she really loves him just like everyone else. The television shows he has been on is part of his journey to stardom. At just twelve years old and able to control his voice with such precision is remarkable. When someone gets on stage to perform, and that person is able to touch the audience in the heart, that performer becomes an artist. That is what Reuben is, an artist. He puts so much character, emotion and passion into what he does, that he moves people. He has the power in his voice to control the emotions and feeling of his audience. There’s no denying the love he has for his craft and there’s no denying the love people have for him.    


Canada’s Teen Sensation “Tyler Lorette”


Canada has been a hot bed for singers for decades and it’s still cranking them out. Tyler Lorette, is one of Canada’s new sensations. Tyler is hitting the world of music with heart, soul and a winning personality. He has it all to leave the girls screaming and crying for more. Tyler wears a  magnetic smile, a cool style, and dreamy eyes, all is needed next, is for him to begin to sing.  Once he starts to sing, his voice is captivating and beautifully toned, the girls will melt right where they stand. Tyler is the kind of artist that  radio and TV were made for. 

Music was in his heart at a young age. He picked up the guitar and started singing at the age of four. When he was eight, he auditioned for a role in, “Cats” at his school landing the role of, Mr. Mistofoles. He has also participated in talent contests. “I entered a few talent contests when I was nine and ten and realized more and more that I really loved to perform for people and make them happy” says Tyler. Music is who Tyler is, he loves it and it shows in all he does. He is thirteen now, and is this last year alone he has played over fifty gigs, recorded four professional covers and shot four music videos that were featured on Cover Nation’s YouTube channel. “I also live stream two times per week on a music app called KRUE so people can always find me on there performing on Mondays and Thursdays” Tyler says. 

Fundraisers are events that have a special place in his heart, and loves to participate in them all he can. “I perform at fundraisers so that I can help contribute to whatever the cause is” says Tyler. Outside of the fundraisers he performs wherever he can and invited to. For the past two years Tyler has been a guest performer for, Next Country Star.  This is a huge event in Ontario and the winner of the event will get to perform on their own stage at the Havelock Jamboree which is a massive four day country music festival with celebrity bands and musicians. “I also performed for a local venue a few months ago where I met and performed live in front of Country band The Stella’s and Lennon & Maisy from the show Nashville” says Tyler. 

As anyone would expect with a voice such as Tyler carries, he has done well in singing contests. In 2013 at a local Spring Sing contest he won 1st place with the hit song, Say Something by A Great Big World. In 2014 he placed 2nd in a 21 and under contest called, Star of the Shore. In 2015 in the same contest he placed 1st performing the hit song Creep by Radiohead. The Star of the Shore was hosted by Farley Flex the judge from Canadian Idol.

Tyler likes mashing up songs, putting his own spin on them. Keeping things fresh and unique is what it is about for Tyler. He has many artists he likes to cover such as, Pink Floyd, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran and the list goes on. 

Making people happy, sharing good feelings and positive messages is what music and performing is all about for Tyler. “I believe when you have a musical gift you should share it with everyone” says Tyler. Tyler is a great performer who can appeal to anyone’s taste. He can play many instruments, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, drums and piano. this year he has also loaded his music to iTunes and Spotify. “It’s been so cool to have friends at school streaming my music” says Tyler. His hopes and dreams are to release an EP of his own songs and fill the Air Canada Center in Toronto so everyone can hear them. “I also want to meet and collaborate with John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran one day and find out where they get their inspiration from when they write their hit songs cause they are amazing artists” says Tyler. 

Making dreams come true takes a great deal of work and the drive to keep going, and that is found in Tyler. Part of his dream is to have his own original songs and he is well on his way to having them. As of now he has written five songs. The first song he wrote was when he was nine as a tribute to his cousin who became an angel after a car accident in December 2012. This song is called, Beautiful Soul. “Since then I wrote a song called, Believe, as the title says it is about believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams” says Tyler. He says he usually starts creating the music and melody and then the words start coming  about what he is feeling or dealing with at the time. The songwriter bug is in him, anywhere anytime stuff pops in his head, he finds himself searching for pen and paper. The sign of a true writer.  

Fans is what makes any artist. Tyler appreciates all of the support that comes from his fans, family, friends and people all across the internet. He loves them all. It is the love from all of these people that keeps him going. It excites him to see people sharing and commenting on his music. This all inspires him to keep practicing and to become better. Tyler wants to give special thanks to a few people in his musical life. “I give thanks to my mentors Roberta Quilico who is my vocal coach, Larry Chown my guitar coach, Troy Williams and George Craig for their mentorship as musicians and always inviting me out to play gigs, John Owens my drum coach, Linda Lopez for her guidance on my future in music, and of coarse my parents for investing their time, money and support so I can do what I love” Tyler says.

Tyler has a lot of great things coming up that no one should miss out on. He is currently writing three new songs to be recorded in Nashville. He just completed his 4th professionally recorded cover and music video to be launched in the next few weeks, be sure not to miss that. He also has many guest performances lined up this year across Canada and the US. Find time to catch his performance if it comes anywhere near where you live.  

All of the great things happening with Tyler now is just the beginning. Tyler has the whole package to become the next great pop artist who’s music is covered around the world. He is honest and sincere, and these traits can be found in him when watching and listening. These traits are what finds there way to people’s ears and to their soul to make them love a song and a artist. The music is in him, and people are loving it. 

Landon Wall “Lost Boy”

landon-wall at stars2come

Landon Wall is a true phenomenon in country music. He gained popularity almost right out of the gate, and people continue to gravitate to him. Is it his friendly disposition, his gritty voice? One thing is for certain, everyone is in love with his music. Hanging out at a venue waiting for his turn to perform, his name is called, and the place comes to life clapping and cheering, the crowd already knows who he is. This is not something that happens to everyone, only to those who possess a special something. He gets on stage with the crowd focused on him, Landon talks to them as if they were his best friend, they love it. You will love it too, listen and watch him perform and you will be hooked like many others.

His talents as a singer/songwriter has gained the attention of some of his idols in the music industry. Here recently Landon caught the attention of the beautifully talented, Kelsea Ballerini. Kelsea took a liking to him right away. This all happened due to his new song, Lost Boy. Lost Boy was written by Landon and his dad in response to Kelsea’s Peter Pan. They were in the car when Kelsea’s song came on, and he and his dad wondered what Peter Pan’s side of the story would be.They wrote the song and made a video of him performing it. The video began getting responses from all over the country and one of those responses was from Kelsea herself. “She sent me a tweet that said, Oh my heavens Landon this is brilliant, come to a show and let me hug you” says Landon. Landon was in South Carolina doing a show and Kelsea was coming into town to perform at a festival. Unfortunately Landon had another performance to do in Nashville the day before she would arrive On the day he was going to be playing at the Bluebird Cafe a friend of his let him know that Kelsea was back in Nashville. “So I sent her a tweet saying, Hey Ms. Kelsea, I will be performing Lost Boy at the Bluebird tonight in case you do not have any plans” says Landon. He had know idea that she would actually show up, but she did. “I was in total shock! I was speechless other than to utter the words, yes ma’am every now and then” says Landon. Since it was in the middle of the Bluebird show they didn’t get to talk much, but Kelsea did give him a kiss on the cheek. It is very kind and sweet of Kelsea to come out to see Landon, this is the kind of thing that makes country music great. “As a young artist, it’s important to have mentors to look up to in the industry and I can’t thank her enough” says Landon.

Landon has had a great ride in music and it is just the beginning for him. It has been the love for singing, and the determination which has made him so successful and loved by many. As a little kid he was in musical theater. His favorite role was, Huck Finn. This is when he discovered how much he loved to sing. His dad taught him to play a few chords on the guitar so he could play a song he liked. Learning this from his dad made him want to learn even more. He went to a music store when he was seven years old and asked about taking lessons. “The guy looked down at me and said “Come back kid in a couple of years when you’ll pay attention” that lit a fire in me” said Landon. This encounter made him want to learn even more. He went home and got on the internet to learn more chords to play more songs. Three months later he was back in the music store, he picked up one of their guitars and started playing, Favorite Girl by Justin Bieber. He remembers when he got to the part where he played a B7 chord, one of the clerks walked up to him and said ,”Wow, you play better than I do”. “I don’t know why, but it was important to me that they know I did learn to play the guitar” said Landon. He is now an exceptional player blazing his own trail, and that trail has led him to some wonderful places.

Being self taught has proven to be a highly successful journey. He has been fortunate to perform at many venues from North and South Carolina to Nashville. In North Carolina he often performs at Muddy Creek Music Hall in Bethania, Then on to South Carolina where he played at the Carolina Country Music Festival in Myrtle Beach where he performed with Hunter Hayes in front of 22,000 people. But still the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville remains his favorite venue to perform. “When you step up to the mic and realize that artists such as Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks and the list goes on and on. All stood in that very same spot to perform, something magical happens that can’t be explained” says Landon. Now it is Landon who has become magical himself.

Nashville has a power of it’s own that draws artists to it, that power is the love of music that everyone has visitor or resident. Landon discovered this power when he began to do street concerts in Downtown Nashville. He was nine years old when he had his first. He stepped out on the sidewalk and started to play and sing and one by one people began to gather round. “I looked around and there had to be at least a hundred people watching me play and singing along. By the end of the night I was in love with a city, Nashville” says Landon. Nashville is now in love with Landon, and his music.

Landon and his dad often write songs together, and it was his dad that helped nurture his mind for songwriting. When he was little in the car riding, they would play a game called the, Rhyming Game. “I always had fun playing the game, but it wasn’t until I was a little older that I realized he had been teaching me to become a songwriter” says Landon. He always enjoys writing with his dad. The songs that have been performed are cleaver, and people can connect to them and feel something inside.

If not for fans, no artist can survive. Landon has a large fan base and it is growing steady daily. He does love country music very much, but it is his fans that drives him, and he loves them all. In return, Landon wrote a song called, Country Music Fan. This is a personal message from him to every country music fan out there. He does appreciate each and every one.

There have been a lot of great things happening in Landon’s favor. Hearing his song Lost Boy being played on the radio and having people worldwide messaging him where to download the song (it can be found on iTunes and Amazon). Landon has also become a member of the Country Music Association, which is an honor for him. He has been invited to join SESAC as a songwriter.

When Landon was 7 years old he told his folks that one day he wanted to sellout Madison Square Garden, and that is still a dream. “But along the way I fell in love with Country Music, and all country music artist knows that wherever you go in the world to play music, when you come home it is to The Grand Ole Opry. The dream Landon has is sound, he has the “it” factor and he will be one day selling out arenas worldwide including Madison Square Garden. He is talented far beyond his age. It is seen in his performances just how much he loves music and his fans. They love him too!

South Africa’s Piano Man, Henno William

Henno William at stars2come

In music there has been many piano legends who have graced the world with numerous songs that has stood the test of time. A few examples would be Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Billy Joel. When it comes to Billy Joel his song the Piano Man became a defining song for him, it’s truly who he is. Anyone to mention Piano Man, Billy instantly comes to mind. In South Africa there is another who’s destiny is clear, to one day have his name placed beside the greats that came before him. Meet South Africa’s own, “Piano Man” Henno William.

At just thirteen years of age he is already becoming a world phenomenon. Henno has not only caught the eye of Africa, he intrigues people on a global scale with his musical abilities.  Henno’s fans are everywhere. His face, music and name are seen on social media continuously, driving even more people to learn who he is. Creativity and heart is what drives artists. This too is driving Henno. On South Africa’s Got Talent he became the very first Golden Buzzer. Through hard work and the love of what he does, has also caught the attention of New York and LA. His great journey is just beginning.

Henno was born March 29, 2003 in South Africa. He lives in the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria. When Henno was six years old, he was a huge fan of High School Musical. This is what inspired him to start singing. “I did little shows for my parents in my room standing on a table with a brush in my hand” says Henno. His dad use to sing and introduced him to the Golden Oldies. This was the first flame of a new star.

When Henno was in the first grade his teacher over heard him singing and playing, Drops of Jupiter to some of his friends. His teacher contacted his parents to ask for Henno to perform at the school’s weekly assembly. “I didn’t even know the entire, but that was my first public performance” says Henno. His parents realized it was time to put more effort into his talent when he was ten years old. He began his vocal and piano training at this time.


The piano has become an extension of his person with his fingers flowing effortlessly over the keys. For as long as he can remember, he had wanted to play the piano, and he received his first when he was seven years old. Henno got some piano lessons at school where they taught him to play songs like, Mary Had A Little Lamb. “I really hated it” says Henno. He started playing around on the piano and his dad taught him how to accompany himself playing chords. It was at the age of ten that his parents found a piano teacher that started teaching him how to play the blues, pop and rock. He loves the piano, and people worldwide are loving it with him.

The biggest highlight in his music career so far was being on South Africa’s Got Talent. “Working with a team of directors and producers on a large scale was amazing” says Henno. Henno wowed the judges and audience with his performance of Let It Be. Henno put his own spin on the song and that won him the first ever golden buzzer on the show. “I didn’t even realize they added it into last year’s season. I was so focused on my performance, and only when the gold confetti rained down on me, I actually realized what happened” says Henno. He was overwhelmed and completely surprised. He says he loves the buzz of live TV, and not a bit nervous. The golden buzzer sent him straight to the live semi-finals. Henno made his way to the finals. In the finals he sang his version of, With A Little Help From My Friends. Unfortunately Henno did not win the finals, but he did make a name for himself in South Africa.

His abilities as a singer/songwriter and entertainer has gained him many performances and fans since his beginning. One of his performances that has been memorable was on his thirteenth birthday. “I did not have an ordinary birthday party when I turned 13 this year. I had my own headline show at a theater in Pretoria” said Henno. All of his friends and family were there and at his concert he dropped his debut single, Beauty Queen. “That was pretty epic” says Henno.

After the release of his single Beauty Queen and the music video he was noticed by Kevin Liles and being signed by his management company KWL based in New York. They are planning some trips to New York and LA to meet with songwriters and producers. A plan is in the works to launch Henno in the US and international.

There has been many great opportunities for singer/songwriter Henno and he is always performing wherever he can. He does perform his own songs, but he also covers many artists. One of the songs he likes to cover is none other than, Piano Man. He says many people enjoy this song because it’s a feel-good  happy song that has his own spin on it. Another favorite to sing is Elton John’s, This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore. “I love the bluesy feel of the song and hopefully I’ll get to perform that with him one day. Now that I would really like” said Henno. It is all about making music, he wants to perform and entertain. If it gets bigger and better each year, then that is a bonus for him.

Henno has completed a new single and video that will be out in early 2017. This was a thrilling experience for him working with producers and songwriters in LA,  while he was in a studio in South Africa. All done by Skype and Dropbox. The instrumental and mastering will be done in LA.

Music is a big part of his life, but enjoys many other things as well. He says being from Africa the first thing people think is he has elephants and lions walking around in his backyard, but that is not the case. He actually lives in the suburbs of Pretoria, with malls and paved roads, but he does now and then go on safari to see the animals up close. He also likes playing basketball and soccer with his friends. He is an adrenaline junkie, and loves to go zip-lining, and abseiling.

The world of music is in need of a new and fresh pianist, a new face, a new vibe and Henno delivers on that need. He has a look that the girls will go crazy over, and the skills in writing that will take him to the stars. He is like the gravity in the stars, he pulls you in with his music and holds you there filling your soul with light. Many of those before him, like Elton, Billy, Stevie who had that power on stage to pull people in, and they have held on to those people throughout the years. Henno will be the same, he shares the same characteristics, it’s already being proven. Henno William is the new sensation, and South Africa’s, Piano Man.