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The Heartbeat Of Music, Sina

Out of a small village in Germany, rises one of the greatest drummers in the world of music, eighteen year old Sina  She has gained the attention of music lovers around the globe. Sina “is” the heartbeat of music. When performing solo or collaborating with others, she is the heart, spine and breath of the music. The drummer is the person who brings the personality to the music. Sina has a great sense for rhythm, and groove. Her own individuality can be heard and seen in all performances. The thrill and love of it all is seen in her face. One day she will be found on the cover of Rolling Stones where she belongs.

Sina started bring the beat to music when she was ten years old. The drums are an instrument in which she doesn’t have to worry about notes or chords, which she likes. She does play other instruments like piano and bass, but it is the drums she gravitates to and has become famous for.

As her musical abilities began to grow, she didn’t have many opportunities for performing. Sina, living in a small village and underage left little chance of her playing anywhere other than in a school Big Band. So at the age of fourteen, she started doing videos. Her YouTube channel has, exploded!

Since Sina started posting videos online, here in just four years, she has become an internet sensation known by many, but she seems unaware. “That seems slightly strange to me and don’t quite understand why these people are interested in me” Sina says. People love Sina because of the passion and the feeling you get when listening to her play. It is the fascination of her performances from each stroke of the drumstick, to the presentation in itself, her showmanship. This all draws people to her.

Her dad has been a musician for many years. He has worked for a distributor in Germany for Gibson Guitars. In the 90’s he started touring with a professional Beatles Tribute show. By the time Sina was eight, he had stopped touring and started recording. Her dad’s niche was, teach German kids English with music. He was also involved with creating the biggest collection of English Nursery Rhymes available in the world. With the credentials her father has, it is easy to see where her greatness stems from. He is a big influence with her music. “He encourages me to go for new challenges everyday” Sina says.

  Sina is a session player, and is involved with many projects for her dad and other artists around the world. She has done many collaborations with people from all corners of the planet. “Collaborations are my way of compensating for the lack of fellow musicians in my village” Sina says. Sina’s dad does the editing and recording for her, but she says one day she might give it a try herself. 

There are many videos of her collaborations with various artists and loves working with them all. She does say it is a lot of fun to work with other young musicians and artists. Here in the past few months Sina has worked with Emma Marie, Lucy Gowen, Lauren Isenberg, Avonlea and Jadyn Rylee just to name a few. Together they have made some amazing videos that thousands of people have enjoyed. Every one of these performances are of the highest quality, keeping music lovers coming back day after day. 

Mixed in with her cover songs is an absolute brilliant original called, Doing The Wrong Thing The Right Way. This song was written by her dad as part of the Chi Might project (Chi Might is her first album). When they started recording the album they were looking for singers on YouTube when they saw, Lauren Isenberg. Sina and her dad knew the song was just right for Lauren. It was a perfect fit. The entire production is brilliant, the instrumental, the vocals, all of it.

Her album, Chi Might consists of fifteen original songs. They did a call out for musicians, songwriters and singers, with a great response. Quite a few of the people who contacted them became part of the album. Kara Glazer, who had written an amazing song that she performed herself called, Fate. And Shontrash, a band from Bangladesh. Of course her dad contributed songs as well, but they kept looking for songwriters. They found Avonlea, who contributed  a song called, Kylie Jenner. She sent the piano part and vocals, then Sina and her dad added drums, bass, and guitar that same day. The finished product is first rate and should be on every radio. It has a wonderful jazzy sway to it, catchy, great flow, just a fun song. 

Sina is constantly working on original songs, but she does not write any songs herself, she does however create the drum parts. They have already been thinking of making a new album, but they do need to find the right musicians. With Sina’s popularity that should not be much of a problem. 

None of these projects would have been as exciting without drums. Drums are the heart of an instrumental/song. It is people like Sina who creates that heartbeat, that gives it life. A great drummer can make your heart pound, make you wonder, feel intensity or get up and dance. This is what Sina does, adds meaning to music. Throughout the years drummers have become legends through their creativity, people like Ringo Starr, Kenny Aronoff, Alex Van Halen and others the list goes on. Sina is putting her spin on music, and the world is listening, and they love it. Her name will be alongside all of these legends very soon.


The Piano Gal

Way far away out in Utah, intriguing sounds can be heard resonating through the canyons. Following these wondrous sounds will inevitably lead to, The Piano Gal. Sara Arkell (The Piano Gal) is gifted with the ability to make music. When Sara places her hands to the keys on the piano it is as if a force is flowing through her body. She and the piano become one, with her fingers gliding across the keys with great precision. Music surrounds her being allowing Sara to be one with the piano, lighting the lives of all who hear. The music from Sara is brilliant, but to get the whole effect, one must watch. It is the brilliance plus the elegance of her movements that makes her a master. You could say, The Piano Gal is a piano, “Jedi”. 

Sara says it all began when she was five years old when her parents started her in piano lessons. The Piano Gal is now fourteen and shining bright as a star. With the way music flows through her with such ease, there is a good chance she was born with this gift. The training that she received has made this gift stronger. It has given Sara the power to bring good to the world. She brings good to the world through amazement and wonder. She touches many people with her gift allowing them to use their imaginations along with her music to take them far and away.  

People get to enjoy everything Sara does through her many videos and live internet shows. She loves making these videos, but she also enjoys getting out and performing live. Sara has been fortunate to perform many places, but one of her favorites would have to be Japan. “I performed in Japan in 2015 and that was an incredible experience” says Sara. This was an amazing performance, but her dream performance would be with, The Piano Guys. “Their music is so amazing and they inspired the name for my channel” says Sara. The Piano Guys and The Piano Gal would make a good alliance. 

All of Sara’s videos offer great adventures and fun through music and commentary. Some of these videos Sara has teamed up with other gifted artists and musicians giving the audience an even more incredible experience. She enjoys these very much. A video that she and her cousin Nathan made, Shut Up and Dance is one of these fun videos. She says it was challenging to do. For this video she had to learn the music quickly, and she had to memorize the music right on set because they didn’t want the sheet music in the video. “It was hard to memorize it but easy at the same time because I had played it so many times” says Sara. This is a great video showing coordination and skill, in parts of the video they are playing two pianos at the same time. Left hand on one right on the other. Great showmanship. All of the collaborations have been fun for her. One of the videos has Madilyn Paige singing with Sara on piano. Sara says she sees Madilyn a lot so it is fun to do videos with her. Sara loves doing the collaborations and getting to know the people she is doing them with, but she does have a some dream collaborations she would like to do. “People I would love to collaborate with are Lindsey Stirling, Lexi Mae Walker, Peter Hollens, Ashley Hess and that’s just to name a few” says Sara. 

Sara is gifted without doubt, showing very little effort to play anything. But she says she does get challenges that helps her grow in music. “My piano teacher gives me pieces to play that are challenging so I can learn and progress. I like being challenged and it’s fun to learn lots of different varieties of songs” says Sara. The repertoire  that Sara possesses is huge, playing anything from Classical, to Gospel, to Pop and everything in between.

In many of Sara’s videos and lives, her siblings will often accompany her. This is a fun experience for everyone, and as it turns out some of her siblings are beginning to learn some instruments as well. Two of them plays the piano and another one plays too, but doesn’t take lessons. Her dad plays sax, and her brother is starting to play the guitar. It looks like they may have their own band very soon. 

2017 is going to be a year to remember for Sara. This year she is starting work on her first album which she is very excited about. And of course the fun and entertaining live-streams will be continuing. 

What Sara does with the piano is incredible and she will be a huge inspiration to others. Sara says she doesn’t listen to a whole lot of music. So for someone to be so knowledgeable and gifted there must be some force guiding her. She can create emotion, tenderness and excitement through music and all done with perfection. When her hands are gliding across the keys, it becomes a thing of beauty, it’s art at it’s finest. The fans that Sara has are loyal and growing everyday. There’s many great things about Sara, but one in particular is, she is genuine. This is something that many people are not. Being genuine is what people appreciate, it is this along with her passion that has made her such an extraordinary pianist that so many have come to love. She is so much fun to watch. Her gift will take her to the stars and beyond. It is strong inside her and her light shines brightly for all to see.


Frano at stars2come








The world we live in is full of extraordinary people whose talents whatever they may be, boggles the minds of those who experiences these people. In Croatia there lives one of these such talents, his name is, Frano Zivkovic. Frano is an eleven year old guitar player who is quickly gaining world fame. What Frano does when he picks up a guitar, is pure magic. His figures maneuvering up and down the neck of his guitar like a poetic dance. The magic that flows through him, transports the listener to another time and place, a happy place. Music is something that with great skill and imagination it will bring enjoyment and happiness to those who listen. Frano is such a skilled person to do this, and more. Often the word prodigy is used too loosely, but if there’s a person to fit the title, it would be, and is, Frano.

It is Frano’s parents the world needs to thank for the inspiration they gave to him. Since he was born his life has been filled with music. All day long their house was filled with classical music. Even at the age of two, his love of music was showing up. His mom plays the piano and she would learn some children’s music for him. Frano wanted to do whatever his mom was doing, so they gave him a little xylophone. As with most kids he also liked cartoons. He soon took interest in the music that was in these cartoons. “I was watching a lot of cartoons and the one I loved very much was Tom & Jerry in an episode where Tom is playing a double bass. That was totally mind-blowing” says Frano. At some point Frano discovered his father’s guitar and even though it was bigger than he was, he had to play it. “I had so much fun, I turned the guitar upside down and put it like a double bass” says Frano. Soon after playing his dad’s guitar like a double bass he began playing melodies from all kinds of cartoons. When his third birthday rolled around, he was given his very first guitar and just the right size to fit him.

When watching Frano play, it is easy to see that the guitar is actually an extension to his person. Frano feels the guitar has the most beautiful sound of all instruments. He also likes that the guitar allows the player to do some crazy tricks with it. “You can use it like a drum, violin, piano and so on. The guitar is one of the first instruments ever that is with me and I can’t last a day without her” says Frano. From the age of eight he has played the 3/4 classical and acoustic guitars.

At five years of age he made his first public solo appearance. He played in the Academy of Music in Rijeka for a solo recital. He has never stopped since this performance. He loves performing concerts and to date he has performed approximately 150 shows.

Frano at stars2come  One of Frano’s favorite performances came when he got to be on stage with his idol, Tommy Emmanuel. His parents took him to a Kings of Strings show and his idol Tommy invited him on stage to play a couple of songs with him. Now whenever he performs with Tommy, it always feels like his dream is coming true. They have played together in Linz, Trieste, and Munich. “My biggest wish is to have a tour with Tommy” says Frano.

Frano does School Tours, and he feels playing in front of the kids is amazing. Performing in his School Tour concerts has become a favorite for him. He looks forward to doing as many of these tours as possible.

Frano has recorded several CD’s singing children’s music. He was honored when the Faculty of Education chose him to sing in their educational music book. He has also had the honor of winning some competitions with guitar in Porec Croatia, Niksic Montenegro and national solfeggio contest in Dubrovnik which he won twice.

Music is who Frano is, it flows through his body and he loves every aspect of it. There are many artists and composers who inspire him musically and has much respect for.  Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and many others like these are inspiring to listen and play. Some of the guitarists he likes are, Villa Lobos, Paco de Lucia, Django Reinhardt, Andres Segovia, John Williams, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, all of these he has huge respect for. His mom has introduced him to some popular artists like The Beatles, Queen, Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner, and David Bowie. Even with all of these wonderful artists he still loves to listen and play music from Disney and other children soundtracks. Playing Tommy Emmanuel’s music is something he is growing up with. “His arrangements are stunning, full of surprises, his every concert is different, full of energy, love and joy. In my opinion he is one of the best artists ever” says Frano.

At an early age Frano also began composing his own music. He started writing when he was four after his dad installed Guitar Pro. “I already knew how to read notes, so I started to pick around the program. First composition I wrote was When Guitars Sings” says Frano. This was on a lazy Sunday afternoon when he was in his room playing with his mom writing some notes. He asked his mom to write the lyrics, she did and later that song found its way onto a kids music album.

When Frano composes he usually has his instrument in hand or in front of the software called, Sibelius. He starts to play some melodies from his head and slowly develops the composition from there. “Some compositions are a result from some resent happening in my life, it can be a walk in nature, a pet, a friend, or it can be the result of the homework” says Frano. The Swedish guitarist and composer Johannes Moller with whom Frano has lessons with occasionally, gave him an assignment to write a tango, and so, he is writing a tango.

Frano at stars2come  Frano has big dreams when it comes to what he would like to do in life. The School Tour projects that he does, he would like to perform in every country around the world that would allow him. And of course if Tommy is willing to take him places, he will go. If a day came and someone decided to do a movie of Jerry Reed, Frano would love to play him as a youngster or Chet Atkins or Bob Dylan. “Playing guitar in a movie would be such a cool thing to do. Some movies and music have a deep impact on me. It’s amazing it have influence in the direction of one’s life” says Frano.

Music is his favorite art, but he also likes other things as well. Some of the things Frano likes to do are: drawing, playing with imagination, some science and experimenting, read a book, watching movies and building with legos. He would also like to make best friends with who will be with him for the rest of his life.

Frano is inspired by many great artists, but he is also inspiring others with his own music. The accomplishments he has made and the skill level at which he performs exceeds many who are far older. What Frano does with a guitar is something very few people have been able to do. When he plays, you can see he is totally engulfed in the song he is playing, nothing outside of that song seems to exist. He is truly mesmerizing. Music in many ways is like medicine, it can heal inside and out. In dark days it can make it bright and if one is hurting, it can ease the pain. Frano brings joy and happiness with his music. Don’t miss out on anything he does visit him often at,  , ,

Samantha Gray

Samantha Gray at stars2come






There has been many great pianists like Elton John and Billy Joel, and now we have a brand new one on the rise, her name, Samantha Gray. Samantha now living in the Philippines is quickly becoming a legend world-wide with her piano covers of some of the biggest names in pop, country, classical and indie music. Everyone takes joy in listening to her play and keeps coming back for more.

Samantha started playing piano when she was seven years old and gained inspiration from her mother and sister. By the time she was thirteen she had many great artists she looked up to for inspiration. Some of these artists she gains inspiration from are Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Megan and Liz, Tiffany Alvord, Megan Nicole just to name a few. She started sharing her talent with others on August 6th 2011, alongside her sister Natasha it was for a pre-National Day in Singapore. It was also her sister that helped her past her stage fright.

Since her beginning she has performed many times and has gained a few favorites. One of her favorites was when she had the opportunity to open for Jason Chen and Clara C. at their concert in Singapore last July. She says it has been one of her dreams to open up for them because they are two of her favorite YouTube artists. The fact that they watched her and told her she did a good job meant a lot to Samantha. She also had the opportunity to hang out with one of her inspirations Tiffany Alvord and her family for a day last March. While they were walking around the mall Tiffany and Samantha spotted a piano and ended up doing two duets. Samantha said it was so much fun! She still can not believed it happened, it has been a dream of hers to do a duet with Tiffany.

Samantha’s skills as a pianist has gained her a few awards for her playing. She used to be the keyboardist for her old secondary school’s Co-Curricular Activities Praise Team and received an award for her contribution to the team. She has also received a few certificates for her individual piano examinations.

For Samantha playing the piano is like she is at a concert listening to her favorite artist or band. She also likes to challenge herself and with the piano she is able to do that like figuring out the notes herself. If she does need help playing she will refer to sheet music or chords. Depending on what mood she is in as to what she might play, country, pop, classic, or maybe indie. She says it is a good way to release stress and to express one’s self. Samantha is looking to expand her covers by adding a mixer to incorporate other instruments into her music. She is also thinking of maybe doing some piano tutorials and do more work on her original compositions.

Samantha like many others has a goal she is out to reach, and hers is to be a musician/pianist in the near future. She says she would love to do this as a career not just a hobby. She wants to glorify God’s name because it was him who gave her the gift. She also wants to spread God’s word and love through music as well as inspire and make people happy from around the world.

One thing is for sure Samantha is already a great inspiration to others, her hard work and dedication for the piano is drawing people to her worldwide. There is nothing that Samantha can’t play. She is a true champion with piano, when you listen it is amazing, her fingers flows across the keys as smooth as water never missing a beat. Samantha is amazing be sure and check her out often.


Lucy Gowen


 Lucy Gowen at stars2come

Lucy is an amazingly talented guitarist and at only eight years old; she is starting to make a big name for herself all around the South London area, and it is only a matter of time before her name is known world wide. She works very hard to be the best she can be, and all of her hard work is paying off very well. Although she plays guitar that is not where she started off. At five years old started playing the violin, but found it impossible to get nice sounds out of it. Her dad plays violin and guitar, so he asked her if she would like to try the guitar. She decided she would give it a try so Lucy got a half size nylon string classic guitar, and found it was so much easier than the violin.

Lucy’s dad Mark began teaching her the guitar and after a few months she began taking lessons from Mark Driscoll in Bromley, Kent. After Lucy had been taking guitar lessons for about 12 months and moved on to playing a half-size electric guitar she got to make her first public appearance in one of the shows that Mark set up for his students. She just had one song in this show, she played Guns n Roses version of Knockin on Heaven’s Door, this was in 2011.

Lucy is also now part of the band, The Riff Pygmies. This band is made up from her teachers students. She said most of them had been playing regular gigs together in South London and then in the summer of 2012 they started playing together as The Riff Pygmies. All of  them had seen videos of internet superstars like The Mini Band, and they wanted to see if they could do the same. She said they had been really lucky to have some of Mark’s older students play with them in some shows, but at the moment everyone is under eleven years old but one.

Since The Riff Pygmies have taken off, they have had some really great shows. Lucy said one of her most enjoyable shows so far was played at The Albany in Bexley, Kent last summer. They played lots of classic rock numbers, and the audience was amazing.

Lucy may well be a great rocker, but she still plays classic guitar in an ensemble, through Lewisham Music Service in South London. They had the opportunity to play at the O2 in London, and at the Jack Petchey Gateway to Music Festival. She said it was a much larger group performance than she had done with The Riff Pygmies, but it was amazing to play at such an awesome venue.

She really loves the guitar because it is cool and a fun instrument to play. She loves how you can make the guitar sound really different with different pedals and effects. She also loves the reaction from audiences and hearing them applaud and cheer. This past October her guitar playing earned her second place at the Brookhill Talent Show. As  result, the winner and Lucy have been asked to play at the inauguration of the new Mayor of Greenwich, London at the Painted Hall, on 22nd of May this year.

For Lucy she likes to play classic rock, heavy blues and modern rock as well. She likes anything from ACDC, Free, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day and Nickelback. Her favorite guitarist to cover is Paul Kossoff and Slash.

Lucy said she would like people to know she is a young guitarist and she feels really lucky to get a chance to learn and play with all the really good musicians that she has been playing with. She would like for anyone who likes her music to let her know about it on her Facebook page. 

She is doing really well playing guitar, but she also likes doing other things as well, like she is really into Minecraft, but she likes to draw, make things, ride bikes and roller blade. She is also a Cub Scout and loves going on trips and camps with her pack.

Lucy is just an all around great girl out having fun playing guitar and entertaining many people. She may feel that the Mini Band are superstars of the internet, but Lucy is climbing that stardom ladder herself very fast and will not be long when people will be saying they want to be just like Lucy Gowen. If Lucy can play this well at age eight, she will be unbeatable by age thirteen. There is one thing for sure, London has a great new superstar on the rise.


Zoe Thomson

Zoe Thomson




Zoe Thomson is one of UK’s best rock guitarist, this young lady has been amazing people with her playing since she was six years old. Now she is ten and she is setting the standard for all of the young guitarist coming up today. Zoe has inspired many people around the world to pick up the guitar and play. In these short four years she has become a legend on the internet and all around the UK.

Zoe picked up her first guitar at around five years old. Her mom played guitar and had them laying all around the house so it was only natural for Zoe to give it a try, and the music in her soul came through her tiny fingers and she took off playing as if she already knew the notes. By the age of six her little fingers were moving up and down the neck of the guitar just like an old pro playing some fairly complicated songs, at least for someone that young.  When watching her earlier videos it does not even seem she has to put any effort in her playing, it is already there in her fingers. Her mom had started out showing her a few things, then when she turned six she began lessons and now when ever people run across her, they are like, who is that little girl “she’s” amazing and that little girl is Zoe Thomson.

Zoe made her first public appearance when she was six years old playing with a local kids band. She just played one song with them. They played at a local playing field in a lorry trailer during a fun run at the park. She said it was a lovely hot day, and was not nervous at all. She couldn’t wait to get on stage.

In the summer of 2011 Zoe became a member of The Mini Band, they had all met at a local rock school. The band is made up of five boys and Zoe, she is lead guitarist.  Some of her favorite performances has been with the band. Her absolute favorite was at the Blissfields Festival last year. They played on the main stage with a very large crowd watching. The number of people at the festival was the most they had for years. She said it had a very friendly atmosphere, and the stage was really big and like a bouncy castle around the edges. Another favorite of her’s was with The Mini Band at Weyfest in the UK. This was another family friendly festival and the festival t-shirts had their band’s name on the back of them. She said that was so cool!

Zoe really loves playing the guitar and it is as if it is an extension of her body. It makes her really happy when she can play a song just like the original version. Playing the guitar for her is just fun.  She also loves being part of the band as well. She says it is much more fun playing with other musicians. She loves to play rock more than anything else, however she does play a little pop sometimes. Her favorite bands are Metallica and Foo Fighters. She loves to cover guitarist, Orianthi. She also likes Kirk Hammett, Slash, and John Mayer. She says they are awesome guitarists and hopes to play like them one day. She is certainly well on her way to playing like these great musicians.

Zoe has done very well in competitions as well. Her first award that she won was in a worldwide online music competition, she came in first and won $100.00. This was when she was about six years old. More recently The Mini Band got to the grand final of the Live And Unsigned competition in the UK. There were around 10,000 entrants. They got to play at Proud2 at the O2 Arena in London. They didn’t win, but she said it was awesome.

Zoe is only ten years old and has already inspired many people. Her guitar playing has earned her the endorsements of Daisy Rock Guitars, and Wampler Pedals. She wants to continue playing the guitar and keep getting better at it so that one day she can be the huge rock star she dreams of being. The guitar is not the only instrument she plays; she has also started learning the drums. She has just started working on grade 2. Her brother is at grade 5 and she would love to catch up to him. If there is anyone to catch him it will be Zoe. However she does like to do other things when she is not playing music. She likes hanging out with her friends, and she plays Minecrafton on X-Box with her brother. She also attends gymnastics and cub scouts.

Zoe as well as The Mini Band has become internet sensations. Zoe continues amazing everyone that sees her. As talented as she is, she will be as great as any guitarist today. Zoe is one of those people who just stands out from the rest and the world is taking notice. One day you might just see her playing on stage right along side Slash, and he will be there just scratching his head in amazement. Zoe Thomson ROCKS!

Please enjoy some of these videos from when she was six till now.

Alexey Poblete “The Next Greatest Drummer Of All Time”

Alexey Poblete at stars2come




Alexey Poblete, is only nine years old and can already play the drums better than most of the great legions out there today. This is talent at it’s very best. She keeps time, and never misses a beat. When you watch her it is very obvious that she is nothing but, “happy”, all the way through anything she plays. There is not a band out there that wouldn’t love to have her for their drummer. Alexey, is the coolest! drummer out there.

For someone that has been playing just over two years, she is remarkable to say the least. Alexey says, that she likes beating the drums, and it is cool being a female drummer. The drums are the only instrument she cares about. Since she started playing drums, she has played on stage with some amazing people. She played on stage with Patti LaBelle, “Lady Marmalade”. She also played Djembe on a song with Stevie Wonder. These are two of her favorites because there were a lot of people there watching. She does play yearly with the Next Generation Drummer All Star Band at the Long Beach Jazz Festival.

There are many great drummers she looks up to for inspiration some of these include, Eric Singer, Neil Peart, Dominic Howard, and of coarse her drum teacher, David White just to name a few. She would love to get to play with MUSE, and Kiss with Eric Singer. When she plays kiss she comes complete with make up and all. She does play drums for a couple of bands, AC Generation, and her brother and dad’s band.

For Alexey, her dream is to be the best female drummer, and to become a professional drummer. Well I think she has this covered. There are many great drummers young and old, but for a nine year old to play like this, Alexey just climbed to the top. She is in a position to where she could play with any band out there right now. She is sensational, and you are now looking at “The Next Greatest Drummer Of All Time”, Alexey Poblete!

Avery Johnston






 Avery Johnston at stars2come     Avery is one amazing guitarist, he can get in there and jam with the best of them. This young man will be big someday, and everyone will be wanting to be just like “him”. He picked up his first guitar when he was four, and has done nothing, but leave everyone in his wake. He got interested in the guitar from where his dad would play to him and his sister at night when camping. One day they visited a small town in Mexico and Avery saw a six string acoustic at a street vendor’s booth, and while he ate lunch his dad went back and got it for him. Avery could not put the guitar down. The first song he learned to play was Louie Louie. His dad worked with him and his sister on this song for weeks. They were going to join in with a group of other guitarist to attempt a world record of 1,000 guitars playing Louie Louie. They attended Louie fest the summer of 2007, and had a blast. They never did set the record, but he will not forget the new Line 6 amp he won in the raffle. He also played this song with his dad, and sister at his school’s talent show, this was the first time he played a guitar solo. It was just something he made up , but it was a real awesome experience for him being in front of all those people.

Since all this began he has had the pleasure to perform with several adult bands around the Puget Sound area. One of these performances was at a charity event in November 2010. He was invited to play with Nashville recording artist, Aces Up. This was to raise money to save a local business hit by the economy. He loved doing this they played for about three hours, and they even gave him some lead and solo parts. His latest performance was at the Western Washington Fair. This is the fourth largest fair in the country. He became a member of the Puget Sound Music for Youth Association, and was a walk on guitarist with a group of other youth musicians with in the group that did not have a band. They call their selves Birds of a Feather and came up with a fourteen song set list of electric and acoustic songs. They learned the songs in six weeks and performed  thirteen shows on stage on the fairs grounds. This has led to many opportunities for him and the band. The band is eleven members strong, and they continue to practice weekly. This group has now been together for about five months now.

For Avery, Jimi Hendrix is one person he would pick for inspiration. It was his style and sound that captured his ear at a very early age. He also looks up to Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Randy Rhodes. He loves Blues the most, but he says he will always have ties to classic rock. He credits his parents for this, it was their music style and genre when they were younger, and he latched on to that. The guitar will always be his passion. He certainly has a love for the guitar, and can play anything as if he had been playing for thirty years. He is a very amazing young man with a very bright future ahead of him. He has a lot of class and style in his performances, and he is someone you can listen to for hours, and be amazed all the way through.