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The Toy Shoppe

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come

The Toy Shoppe is the hottest new show to hit Branson Missouri, starring Billy Dean and Chloe Channell from America’s Got Talent. While there are many great shows in Branson, The Toy Shoppe held at the Starlite Theater is quickly becoming a favorite to all who stop in and see the show. After watching this great show it is easy  to see why it is growing and becoming everyone’s favorite. This show really has it all, it has comedy, music, toys that come to life and a great cast that makes it all happen. The Toy Shoppe is truly a wholesome show for the whole family, it will make you laugh, wonder and cry, it is a heartwarming show that will stick with you for a longtime to come.

The Toy Shoppe was created by Kenny Rogers and has been seen on Broadway and has spent several years on the road and has now made its way to Branson. For all those years Hank Longley had been played by Kenny Rogers, but now the role has been passed on to Billy Dean. Billy is amazing playing Hank. Hank is the owner of the Toy Shoppe which has been passed down through the family and is facing a takeover by a ruthless business man. The shop is often visited by children and once they learn of the possible takeover they do their best to try and keep Hank’s spirits up and believe things can happen. Some amazing things do happen at the shop once everyone leaves. After everyone has gone, the magic begins and the toys come to life. These are very talented toys too, singing and dancing, and even one monkey that flies through the air, but the toys too worry about what is happening to the shop.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2comeThe Toy Shoppe is a big success and much of this comes from the amazing cast. They are all extremely talented, but after spending some time with members of the cast talking and observing it is like they are all just one big family. They laugh,  joke and  share stories with each other, they truly do care about one another and it is this bond they have that brings this story to life. Its the caring nature they have off stage that ends up warming your heart so much on stage. Even though they may be actors, some things cannot be hidden and the joy you see on stage is not acting, the same joy is  found off stage as well.

While there I had the great pleasure of talking with a couple of the cast member’s and one of these was Madeline Grace Popovich. Madeline plays Rosemary and no matter if she is Rosemary or Madeline she is a pure joy to be around, she is always happy and smiling. No matter if you are just sitting her personality makes it fun, and it shows on stage. Madeline was kind enough to talk a little about her part and the show. Rosemary is one of the 6 kids that come into the Toy Shoppe daily to hear all the great stories about the toys from Hank. Madeline says some of the things in the show she likes are where she sings Silent Night and when Hank gives her a toy called Hero which he thinks should not be in a box. Madeline was asked why she thought the show was such a good thing, she said, ” Because it is a fun story with toys in it and they interact with the audience, like when they are throwing plastic balls out into the audience and there are also times when it is really sentimental and talks about how one of the characters is an angel”. Madeline has been in about 30 shows now so far and she really liked the opening show the best, because Kenny Rogers was there to watch them. The story means a lot to Madeline and she says it tells her that you can put the phone down sometimes and spend time with family. She also says that since the show started the people she talked with after each show all loved it.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come Another amazing character that I got to speak with was Chloe Channell who sings some amazing songs in the show. One of the songs she sings is at the opening just before the story begins called “Where’s The Line To See Jesus” and her delivery of this song will touch your heart every-time she sings it, winning over everyone in the audience. Chloe won the hearts of many on America’s Got Talent and now she is winning them on stage as Katie. Chloe says what she likes most about the story is it talks about putting away the electronics and take in all the successful things we have in life besides electronics, looking back to more simpler times. She loves a lot of things about being in the show, like the singing and dancing, but it is mostly the singing and the people, she loves to see people smile. Chloe also loves singing with Billy Dean and because she was already familiar with his music, it made it that much better. Being from Florida she thought it would be tough without her friends, but she has made many new friends that she enjoys being with every day. For her the show is a lot of work, but at the same time it is fun. After the show during the meet and greets she says she gets so many great compliments and that everyone just loves the show, and how it steals their hearts and minds.

Chloe and Madeline along with the rest of the amazing cast do work very hard, but they all love it and it shows in every performance. It is the great chemistry of the cast members and the well written story that keeps winning the hearts of every person who sees it. I was there for 2 shows and both received standing ovations, and this has been the case for each show since it began. Once you see this for yourself you will fall in love with the it. The characters will touch your heart, and you will want to see it again and again. Make your plans today to go see The Toy Shoppe it will be one of the best decisions you have made. The Toy Shoppe at the Starlite Theater in Branson Mo.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come“The Toy Shoppe” Don’t Miss It!

Workshop With The Pros

stars2come pcg

 Workshop With The Pros was presented by Stars2come and PCG Nashville, and  the X-Factor would be hard pressed to beat the talent at this workshop. Artists came from all around the country and Canada, and they were phenomenal! The workshop was held October 19th and it was a smash hit!

The panel at the workshop was top-notch, it included Britton Cameron who has had songs cut by Lonestar, Steel Magnolia, Jack Ingram, and Don Williams. Also we had Judy Rodman, she is an award-winning vocal coach and has written hit songs for people like LeAnn Rimes, and then we had FORD which is one of the country’s top producers recording for pretty much every label, and has produced for people like Duran Duran, Mick Jagger, plus many more, it was an honor to have him on board.

The artists at the workshop kept the place rocking with one amazing song after another and the panel giving out several Wows along the day. One of the very first wows was given to a very amazing little girl, Genesis Nava. Genesis was joined by her dad on guitar and when she cut loose with that big voice of hers you could see the panels eyes open and a big grin come across their faces, you knew she had really hit a spot with them. Once she finished her songs the first thing from the panel was, Wow!

All of the artists and audience had a great time and from what the artist say, very helpful. Genesis says it was extremely helpful and was an awesome experience for growth. Heather Wigley the mother of Beamer Wigley (10 yr old) said that it was professional and found the critiques to be very helpful to everyone, not just the person being critiqued. Beamer really enjoyed the interaction with the other performers. This was seen often throughout the workshop, as artists were being critiqued the others were listening just as hard and using that information when it came their turn on stage.

There were many great artists at the workshop like Karoline Rhett, Michelle Willis, Jordyn Pepper plus many more. These were all amazing talents each lending something unique to the workshop. It was a pleasure listening to them all.

This workshop was designed to help educate the artist and parents about what could be done better with their performances and other happenings inside the industry. Everyone was very pleased with how well everything was run and the information that they had received. Stars2come and PCG is dedicated in helping the artist be the best he or she can be and give honest information so that they may make wise decisions in this unforgiving business.

Teen Nation Tour 2013

Teen Nation Tour 2013

Teen Nation Tour 2013  is going to be an outstanding tour with seven great artists. This tour is slated to be even bigger and better than the Country, Pop, Rock Tour, and it was amazing! Teen Nation Tour will make its first stop on 04/19/2013 in Milford Delaware featuring, Drew Logan, Karoline Rhett, Beamer Wigley, Maria Diebolt, and Matthew Pinkham, with two great headliners, Riley Roth and Tristan Blaine. Riley and Tristan got their feet wet with the CPR Tour, and were a smash in every town.

The Teen Nation Tour like the CPR Tour is made up of a group of kids that are out to help bring an end to bullying, and to let others know that they are “NOT” alone. TNT will stop at many schools, along with several red carpet events to bring hope and encouragement at every stop.  All seven of these great artists has been a victim of bullying and as hurtful as that is they have all gained the strength and courage to over come the hate.  They have all discovered that it is ok to be “YOU” and that is who you should always be. Everyone is special in his or her own way; for some it may be dancing, music, or even collecting leaves, or just a small person; no one should try to change who you are, and you do not have to face these challenges alone. For these artists they have found a great outlet to help themselves deal with bullying and that is music.

Teen Nation Tour 2013 at stars2comeOn this tour you can expect some great pop and country music. The concerts on this tour is very high energy and will keep the crowd roaring all the way through. They are currently booked for 24 schools and red carpet events. At each stop they will perform at schools in the morning hours, with the red carpet events in the evenings. At each school they will perform and talk about bullying, and it is encouraged that the students share their experiences with the artists. At the red carpet events the kids can get their photos taken with the stars on the red carpet. Once the concert starts the kids will be highly entertained from beginning to end, and so will the adults. The shows these artists put on are some of the best you will ever attend anywhere. After the show there will autograph signing, and more photos with the artists.  Speaking from personal experience, these concerts are a blast.

There are five new faces to these tours and they are all very excited to be heading out very soon and a few wanted to share their views about the up coming tour and their experiences with bullying. One thing they are looking forward to the most is being able to meet and hang out with other kids who loves music. These three artists Matthew, Beamer, and Karoline were all asked the same questions, what the tour means to you and how you feel about it; and what experience have you had with bullying. They will tell you in their own words.

Matthew Pinkham:  . I’m PUMPED to be going on this tour! I wish I was home-schooled so I could do it more often! There are two things that I am most excited about by doing this tour… first of all, getting to build a bigger fan base and show 23 schools full of other kids who I am and that whether you have an illness as I did or if you are the shortest kid your age, LIFE goes on and you have to make the best of it! I am also so pumped because I get to spend 3 weeks with kids on the tour that understand and “get” music. I don’t really have any friends that do anything like this so to spend so much time together, sharing the stage and sharing our talent is going to be AWESOME!

Yes, I have been bullied! I get picked on all of the time because I am so small. When I say small, I am meaning that I am only in the 1.7% in the NATION when it comes to height. I’ll do the math for you… That means that 98.3 people out of 100 are taller than me my age. Out of 1,000 kids my age, there are 983 that are taller than me. I love sports and I am BY FAR always THE shortest player on the court at all times. I have gobs of friends but I guess it’s always funny to pick on the small kid!?! Believe it or not, I also get made fun of because I play music, and my skinny jeans! But hey, I’m totally comfortable with who I am and what I do! I want to tell kids…both the bullies and the bullied that first of all, NEVER judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge someone until you walk in their shoes (which is probably NEVER going to happen)! I have chosen Taylor Swift’s MEAN to perform because it’s like an anthem to me. I live this “Hannah Montana” life where I am just Matthew at school and on the weekends, I get to perform…and they can pick at me all they want but usually the kids picking at me have some kind of security issues and hopefully like Taylor Swift, “SOME DAY I’LL BE…LIVING IN A BIG OL CITY…AND ALL YOU ARE EVER GONNA BE IS MEAN”… Yea…

Beamer Wigley: On this tour, I’m really looking forward to interacting with the other musicians and making people smile!

Yes, I have been bullied. It’s one of the reasons I am home schooled now. I even wrote some songs about it and one is called My Calvary which got a lot of attention here locally in the newspaper. I’ve recorded it several times. What I have to say about bullying is it is really often the bullies who probably were bullied themselves and they should think about how they felt and how they are making others feel. Then maybe they would stop. It hurts so many kids and I would like to see it stop. Hopefully this tour will help kids who are being bullied and make the bullies think about what they are doing. But I am very excited to do this tour. It will be a great experience and a lot of fun.

Karoline Rhett: I am looking forward to going out everyday and doing what I love most and that is to sing and perform. I am really excited about touring with Tristan, Riley, Maria, Beamer, Drew and Matthew.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of artist to tour with.  This tour is gonna ROCK!

I really love the message behind this tour and that is to STOP bullying.  I have been bullied myself and know how it feels.  I am very passionate about this subject and am honored to be able to go out and spread the word.

This was only three of the artists going on this tour, but they have all experienced bullying and unfortunately many continue to be. Bullying needs to come to an end, and these seven artists are doing their part to help stop it.  Never be afraid to ask for help, and you can always reach out to any of these artists, they will be there for you. These shows will run from 04/19/2013 to 05/03/2013 stopping in Delaware, Maryland and South Carolina. If you live anywhere close to these stops be sure and take your kids out to see them, enjoy one of the best concerts ever and help bring an end to bullying.

                                                                                       Dates and cities:

Teen Nation Tour at stars2come

Jennifer Smart “Show Your Character”

Jennifer Smart at stars2come





Jennifer is a beautiful girl that has built herself to be a major celebrity. She is widely known throughout the entertainment industry for her radio interviews. She has been on radio since she was six years old, and she found her way onto the Red Carpet by the age of eight. She said the Red Carpet gave something extra that their listeners could enjoy. Jennifer has had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest stars out there like, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez which she spoke to prior to their shows airing. Other big names include Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Robin Williams. Jennifer has her own format which plays online and on a few radio stations around the country, you can hear it all at The radio plays age appropriate music, like the clean versions of the top 40 hits, and Disney and Nickelodeon TV hits  She also has her own music video countdown show and you can find out more about it at

Jennifer is a wonderful radio personality, but she not being selfish with her good fortune, she is a person who likes to give back. She founded the Jennifer Smart Foundation’s Find Your Voice Program. This is a program which helps increase communication skills and self-esteem in sick, healthy and disadvantaged kids by letting them put together their own radio show. She is working now to expand to LA to make it bigger and better.  She has put together a fundraiser called, “Show Your Character” this is her first major fundraising event in LA. She hopes to also bring awareness to the Find Your Voice Program. Jennifer chose to put together this fundraiser instead of a Sweet Sixteen. It is great having people like Jennifer putting others first. With it being so close to Halloween she decided to make this a costume party where you dress up as your favorite character from a TV show, book or movie. Jennifer will be going as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ. This event will be held October 27th from 1-5 pm in Van Nuys. They are expecting a lot of celebrities. The host for the event will be Ryan Ochoa from Pair of Kings, he will also be performing with his brothers, the Ochoa Boyz. You will also find Tim Urban from American Idol there as well. Jennifer says this is going to be a real fun event. Jennifer is out to encourage kids that you are  never too young to make a difference. By going to the event you will have a great time and help a good cause at the same time. She wants to show that charity work is not hard or boring, it can be fun and anyone can help out. This is open to anyone as long as you buy your ticket online, there will not be any sold at the door. To purchase your ticket to help this great cause and have some fun go to,

Find Your Voice was first tested in Albuquerque, but the LA center is going to be bigger and better, with a video element for the kids that want to be in front of the camera. In the future she would love to expand it to other parts of the country.  Jennifer is doing so much to help other kids, she feels it is really important to give back. Her motto is, “You’re never too young, or old, to make a difference”! Jennifer is a person that makes a great role model, she has shown if you have an idea and it is something you enjoy, you too can be successful, and can help others too.

Country Pop Rock Tour

country pop rock tour at stars2come

 Country Pop Rock Tour is made up of some amazing talent, they are taking on eight cities in eleven days. This wonderful group of young artists are putting their talents together in a big way to help stomp out bullying. The group is made up of, Dalton Cyr, Tristan Blaine, Riley Roth, Branden Mendoza and his band, Tyler Layne, and Celeste Kellogg. They each have a special talent that they bring to this concert and their performances are phenomenal.

 After taking in one of their concerts in Pineville Ky. the best description to give for it is WOW! This was exciting from beginning to end and the crowd was just as amazing. At the Red Carpet event they were all greeted by a swarm of kids waiting to see them and get their photos with them. When they hit the red carpet everyone on this tour presented themselves with great professionalism and character.  The girls were as beautiful as ever, the boys were very cool, and the girls in the crowd couldn’t get enough of the boys on the red carpet and during the show. Once the red carpet event was over there was a short time between it and the concert and the excitement in the crowd was growing during this down time. Soon the announcement came that Branden was on his way to the stage, the roar from the kids drowned out everything, it was deafening! This roar was the same for every performer to come out, and all throughout the show.

The performers and the crowd was full of energy making for a very fun filled night. Branden and his band was the first to perform, and they rocked the house throughout their performance. The kids loved it when he threw out tee shirts. Dalton was next on stage and the fog machine made for a great atmosphere and added excitement on his entrance. He came out blazing with guitar in hand and the kids in the audience went wild, at times they were so load you could not hear the music or the singing. During his performance he showed off some great guitar skills, and in one of his performances he brought a girl up from the audience and sang to her. This was a great thing for Dalton to do, he truly made one girl very happy.  Riley was up next performing a combination of covers and originals, and she delivered them all with great precision as always from Riley. She is a true star and she proved it at the show. Tristan came out and showed what he was truly made of. He not only cut loose with some great vocals, but some awesome dance moves as well. The girls loved this, every dance move he made, the loader they got. Tyler was just as exciting, he and his background dancers put on an amazing show with Tyler throwing in a few moves himself. Up last was Celeste, she put on an exciting show as well, she worked the stage from one end to the other with several great songs. She also came complete with dancers, and Celeste showed off her dancing skills right along with them. After the show there were kids crowding all around them to get their autographs, more photos CD’s and tee shirts it seemed they could not get enough of these great performers. Once things started to calm down some of these great artists gave their opinion of the show and about bullying.

This whole group was outstanding! They all came with great energy and there was not one inch of the stage untouched by the performers. This is a must see show, it is highly recommended to go see, no matter what your age you will love it. Not only did the performers do a great job, but the tour itself was organized very well and made for an awesome production. Their remaining shows are: 8/13/12 in Somerville, Tn. at 9:30 AM at the Central Elementary school, also 5:30 PM the Red Carpet event and show at the Fair Theater, 8/14/12 also in Somerville, 9:30 Am at East Junior High School, 8/15/12 Grenada, Ms. 9:00 Am at Grenada Middle School, and 1:30 PM at Grenada Upper Middle School, 8/16/12 Winona, Ms. 9:00 AM at Winona Christian School, 8/17/12 also in Winona 9:30 Am at Winona Elementary and 5:30 PM Red Carpet event and show at Montgomery County Coliseum, 8/18/12 Hattisburg, Ms 6:00 PM at Bottling Company, and 8/19/12 Slidell, LA. 6:00 PM at Speckled T’s.  If you are anywhere near these places go, it is entertainment at it’s best. Please check out the red carpet event, after event clips and some of the performances.

Nashville Spotlight

 Nashville Spotlight at stars2come

  Nashville Spotlight is a wonderful TV show , shown on  Comcast Channel #19 Nashville, TN. to this date there has been 101 shows taped.  The show`s creator and producer Mike Jennings came up with a brilliant idea to help and promote young artists. This is more than just a TV show.  The show does give kids the opportunity to appear on TV , but does more for those who stick with Spotlight. Spotlight is run by kids , for kids.

 Currently the president is Brandi Nicole sixteen years old. She also performs , but she is also learning how a TV show works , learning how to run a business and much more. There are kids that get experience with acting by doing public service announcements. Some kids here are hosts and MC`s that introduce the performers. There is a lot of valuable experience that many gain while being apart of Spotlight. Some of that is self confidence and stage presence. Not all   of this comes from the TV show , but through showcases held by Spotlight. Nashville Spotlight puts on showcases various times through out the year , where the kids get a chance to perform on stage in pubic ( for many , this is their first time in public ). This also helps with their stage presence and just as important learn how to interact with the audience . This all prepares them for the real thing for the ones lucky enough to make it.  On the show,  there are some who has the honor of having their own half hour show and this is a big thrill for those who do. Nashville Spotlight is open to all types of music and kids can come from anywhere. I have seen kids come as far as Canada to be a part of  Spotlight. Some of the kids I talked with at the last showcase , told me that Spotlight has been a great experience for them and they had really learned a lot from being a part of it and that they appreciate all that Mike does for them.

 Mike don`t just help these kids , but he truly cares about them and their future.  He is a great mentor for them and the kids loves him for all he does. From my own experience Mike is not just a producer or a mentor he is a friend to all these people and it shows greatly when they are together. The kids really do look up to Mike.  I am happy to say that Mike is a good friend of mine as well.

 There can be good things happen with some , who stick with Spotlight , I have seen this for my self. Many of these kids that are a part of Spotlight will now be featured here at stars2come bringing you more insight about who they are and where they are heading. For the ones who have not yet been apart of Spotlight , I highly recommend getting involved and sticking with it. Remember if you are a kid and you can sing , well the Spotlight,_ is on you….Nashville Spotlight   Below you will find some videos from one of the showcases held at the Nashville Palace .