Meg Kelley

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Meg is a fantastic person, and exceptionally talented in music and acting. This wonderful young lady is not only beautiful outside, but she also brings a beautiful voice to the songs she sings.  She puts that great voice of her’s to work very well in one of her new originals, “You Stole My Heart”. This song in a sense lets her share a few feelings regarding someone she use to be into. She says, she gets pretty guarded, but there has been a couple of times when she found herself saying, “wow, he really gets me”. Meg has a great talent for bringing out the message in a song, and making people believe the story. Another great example of her talents with singing, is her other original,  “Don’t Look Down”. This song is about when you have a very special thing going on with someone, and you literally feel ten feet off the ground. You don’t want to look down and freak yourself out.  Like most people Meg gets her ideas for songs through everyday life, and a boy friend here and there. That is always the best way to come up with ideas for songs, if they are from true experiences, then people listening canconnect and live the story. This art is what makes a great artist, and Meg is one of these people that carries this talent.

It takes time and training to become a great artist, and Meg started off with training early in life giving her an edge over many others. Even though Meg started taking vocal classes when she was eight, she actually started sing much earlier, and this has all added to her artistry today.  She had her first performance when she was in the sixth grade at her school festival, she sang “Good Morning Baltimore” from Hairspray. Since this beginning she has moved on to bigger shows. Here recently she performed at Witzend in LA. She had a friend play the guitar, and while she was singing another musician came up and started playing the cojon. She says, they really rocked the song!  Meg had her first full set at Room 5 in LA. She sang about eight songs and felt very comfortable with the audience. Meg has also incorporated guitar into her performances. She started playing guitar at age twelve, and Taylor Swift was a big influence on her playing.  She really likes Taylor a lot. Meg is impressed with how her lyrics has great stories in them and how she writes from simple things in life.

Meg is an outstanding artist, but she is also a great actress. She spent six weeks in Atlanta, and a week in Korea filming the movie, “Papa”. The movie is about how you do not need to try so hard to find a place to belong and people to love. In this movie she had to learn to play the drums for the role and she got to sing a song during a touching moment in the movie. Meg played the role of Maya. She is a pretty “emo”, but under her dark makeup and careless attitude, all her emotions were just waiting to spill out. Meg really enjoyed playing Maya, because she is so different than who Meg really is.

Music is part of everyday life for Meg, and she hopes to be able to do this from now on, along with doing some acting as well. Right now she wants to keep meeting amazing musicians and write and sing, this is what she enjoys most.  Meg has proven herself to be a great artist and actress. You can be sure there will be many more wonderful songs and movies to come from Meg Kelley.